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  1. Can anyone tell me what I should expect on a cold engine, at starter motor cranking speed? THANKS.
  2. Love the way someone has run amok with red paint.
  3. Take the outer wing off - unscrews very easily. Repair of the rusted inner wing then much easier to work on.
  4. You are dead right Alan. If going for a body off restoration it would be worth an expert casting an eye. My doors don't fit well - but in my case it's seriously worn door hinges - just the odd drop of oil over the years might have saved them. Because it's such a long doot even the smallest wear is exaggerated at the closing end.
  5. Yes, sump will drop with engine in place. You have a lift? Wow! I dream about having a lift!
  6. NO! Diesel in sump not a good idea if you were considering cranking over. It will find its way into all sorts of places you do not want it to go. Flushing oil also not a good idea - will probably try and squeeze through crankshaft seal. I would suggest dropping the sump and give it a good clean (diesel fine for this - or a 50-50 mix of diesel/petrol). Inside the crankcase - scrub with this mix, using an old toothbrush or two and make sure it drys out fully. Change oil filter, fill with cheap 20/50 and change filter and oil a few times. If head is off why not fit new valve guides (specialist job - but in UK about £90), and fit new valves, springs etc, head rebuild kit not too expensive.
  7. Looks good! Welcome to the forum - font of all knowledge for sure!
  8. Thanks everyone for the comments, it's obviously not a clear cut case. I feel keen on a catch tank addition of some sort - and might even put the brake servo on hold, or try an experimental split feed first. Cheers, Roger.
  9. Good projects, maybe no oil showing is a sign that your engine is in excellent condition.
  10. What am I afraid of? Um, trickey.... Spiders? No - quite like them actually, Heights? .........no, not really - love flying including aerobatics, Drowning - sure...but I enjoy scuba diving. Dratts! only thing I can think of is Roller Coasters - just hate them ...... because I am not at the helm!!!
  11. Hi Pete, thanks that is very interesting, and wow - what an engine bay in JB's car! I Really like the in line catch tank idea.
  12. I get that - but what I'm looking for is an improvement to the standard PCV set up + installing a remote brake servo.
  13. I'm getting the notion that the 'vacuum / pulling' effect of the connection of the standard TR4A breathing system to the the inlet manifold is of no value whatsoever?
  14. If course I realise that a catch tank is mandatory for track racing, but as I am considering losing the standard PCV arrangement in preference of a brake servo take off, I thought it might be worth fitting a catch tank to my road car rather than just a pipe dropping down onto the road. Also - it would be helpful to know what's actually coming out of the engine as a kind of diagnostic tool? I've found suitable catch tanks between £30 - £60, some even have a gauge to advise when full.
  15. Good suggestion. No, didn't think of this, have already fitted a new TR4A Master Cylinder and have bought an after market remote servo. But that's a good tip for others.
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