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  1. Ten days old eyes are just beginning to open going to be a busy Xmas so tr rebuild on hold. merry Christmas to all
  2. Hi nikals I have a set of 4 wheels they need refurbishment but I think they look okay wood benefit from a sandblast and repaint I think the rims are off a TR2/3 if their of interest Pm me you’ll have to arrange collection or by Currier if you get over to England in the near future I’m happy to hang onto it for you
  3. John h

    Cylinder head

    Hi so I Took the head to a machine shop they said it was too far gone to just machine they recommended a engineering machine tooling workshop at Havant near Portsmouth called EMP tooling there they showed me round the workshop and the stuff they were doing there was amazing repairing cast iron blocks with holes in them and aluminium cylinder heads being drilled out re-bushed they also do something called laser welding which I’m told is very accurate they were on about cutting a section out of the head replacing it re-welding it in and then it could be machined the cost was approximately 450 - 500 pounds then the faces would have to be machined and prepared as normal so with regards to the cost for me as this is just a spare I think I will just wrap it in oily rag and put it on the shelf for later date if anyone has problems with broken parts that need welding don’t just throw it away because I think the welding technology has moved on so much in recent years he also told me that the welding they did doesn’t generate the heat so you don’t get The distortion that ordinary welding does .I’m sure these people aren’t the only ones that do this in the country so always worth Enquiring before it goes in the bin Kind regards John
  4. John h

    Nylon nuts

    Yes you’re right Peter they are huge I looked on rimmers and it looks like they supply the same smaller nut thanks again John
  5. John h

    Nylon nuts

    Ok thanks Roger I’ll swap the studs nuts and go with the new hub nuts thanks again John
  6. John h

    Nylon nuts

    Hi all i have to replace the nyloc nuts on the rear hubs due to them getting dipped in acid just the nut not the hub any way i bought some new ones 5/8 unf but the socket size is 15/16 where as the original is over an inch socket I think about inch and 1/8 will this matter .Also while I have your attention when I bolted the hubs onto the trailing arms I used a spring washer and nut should that have been nyloc nuts.By the way I did the studs in the trailing arms used 5/16 unf helicoils as was suggested seams to have worked out ok regards john
  7. Hi all I’ve just done the test suggested by Roger starts starting to strip so it’s gonna have to be helicoils many thanks for reply’s will let you know how I get on . John
  8. Thanks roger the length of the helicoil is it 1.5 d and thanks for the offer of a jig i managed to pick one up a little while ago many thanks John
  9. Hi all been reading a lot about the trailing arm studs/helicoils unf vs unc A lot of the posts were from seven or eight years ago what is the best solution i’m thinking UNC and using Loctite to hold them in am I on the right track or should I just go with 5/16 UNF and use existing studs I’ve even had one suggestion to leave them alone basically if it’s not broke don’t fix it is it a mod that should be done many thanks John
  10. Hi Tim just had mine reconditioned by BP Autos in gosport Hampshire Steve 07772383530 or Ian 07912500075 had new bearings and seals checked gears cleaned and painted cost £250 but that was through a friend of a friend might be worth a call
  11. John h

    Cylinder head

    Hi mick thanks for your reply the more I look at the corrosion on the manifold face the more I think it’s too far gone will take it to a machine shop and get it assessed
  12. Hi to all I have recently managed to get a engine for my project so I’m looking to sale this head that came with the car only it’s a bit pitted/rusty on the cylinder side and on the manifold side my question is how much can be skimmed off. Kind regards John and happy new year
  13. John h


    Thanks for reply’s guys regards John
  14. John h


    Hi David thanks for your reply wasn’t sure if there were different quilty grease makes sense to use a higher grade everywhere many thanks John
  15. John h


    Hi to all can anyone recommend which types of Grease to use in the Front hubs trunnions and steering rack please or should I just go for a multipurpose grease kind regards John
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