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  1. Hi harry looks great keep the photos coming is there any chance of a close up of the overdrive/chassis mount setup got to sort something out for mine don’t really want to spend out on a conversion mount if I can help it regards john
  2. Hi to all just thought I’d put some pictures on of what I’ve been doing in the garage as you can see a post and the b post and sills are back in place been putting wings and door on and off making sure happy with gaps think it looks okay I’m pleased with the outcome got a little bit more grinding up to do going to make a rotisserie to make some of the welding easier to get at.managed during lockdown to buy a second hand front wheel arch nearside inner wing foot well panels and a post complete just wondering whether I should fit it as one unit or separate it and do it a bit at a time any
  3. John h


    Sorry Graham didn’t read it back
  4. John h


    Thanks Grant that’s a great help Regards John
  5. John h


    Tr shop London also supplied me with a good second hand A post regards John
  6. John h


    Hi to all hope everyone is well and staying safe can someone help me with some sizes please trying to fit the sill but with no lower inner rear wing and no bottom foot well bulkhead area all I’m doing when I try and lineup the bottom edge is push the upper flange in board if that makes sense what I need is a size between the two seals passenger-side driver-side so that I can then put some timber between gearbox flange and The Tunnel across the car also I’ve lined up the wings and on the very top edge of both wings at the door position I have a size of 888mm The door skin measure
  7. I’m going stick with the jenolite and bondarust
  8. Hi all had a shop around and found wilko was half the price of eBay £10 for 500ml only bought one should have got a few more at that price anyway not sure if wilko is a national store ? But is popular down south coast. Have used phosphoric acid before soaking some of the running gear and worked really well.didnt give it a thought to use it on the body.kind regards John
  9. Thanks Stuart this is better than having you on speed dial many thanks for your quick response regards john
  10. Hi to all hope everybody is well Just finished scraping the undershild off the inside of the wings as you can see from the photo some rust some areas still in primer . should I treat it with a rust converter then primer if so which products is best I saw a post the other day and Stuart commented on using bonda rust does that go on to the rusted areas first .Also I’ve seen a couple of shells (under side) and inside wing areas coated in a black stuff that looks like under shield is there a modern equivalent? If so what do you use? Kind regards John
  11. John h

    Rear wing

    Hi To all well I’ve had a go don’t think it’s turned out to bad quite pleased with it top leading edge a bit of heat distortion but nothing that can’t be sorted am I right in thinking that the 4 A Doesn’t have the indicator on the lower part of the wing if so I’ll have to weld it up wanted to just check before I started welding
  12. John h

    Rear wing

    Yeah my car is like triggers broom i bought a incomplete project.big mistake. All four wings are off a tr 5 this one is the worst so if I can patch this one up I’ll be happy to have a go at the others kind regards John
  13. John h

    Rear wing

    Ok thanks Stuart I’ll have a go at cutting out sections and replacing will let you know how it goes done the valance area on the same wing and that looks okay but the face of the wing was in better shape
  14. John h

    Rear wing

    Hi to all hope you’re all well and safe little advice please as you can see from the photos the top edge of the rear wing the lip is completely shot so the face of the wing is very thin and it’s gone in holes in some places confident I can replace the lip but what to do about the holes on the face top edge rear wing any suggestions welcome I’m thinking I can spot weld a small strip on the underside and then try and weld up the face or cut sections and replace metal accordingly or should I forget that idea and go for lead work kind regards John.
  15. John h

    B post

    Found the other post.some neat work going on think I’ve got to raise my game once I start replacing panels will post pics kind regards John
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