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  1. Hi malbaby yes sills have been replaced as have the backs of B posts A posts one of the inner front wings wheel arch and foot well. I’ve had the wings and doors on and off many times .All seams to line up okay in fact I did the outer sills twice because i was not happy with the lines .Been on the project about 4 years now got a little bogged down on the body work but feel like the end is in sight now. Thanks again for your input. John
  2. Good pictures Stuart i think I will have to do a little back tracking many thanks John
  3. Thanks for your reply malbaby body is now on chassis but not bolted on yet looks like i got a lot of work to do before I can get these bits back in place will keep posting with progress thanks again John
  4. Hi everyone first post of the year so happy new year to everybody I’ve got to replace the headlamp and front valance panels headlamp panel is the original Valance panel is new does the panels fit inside the inner wings or the outside should they be welded in place or left just bolted in . I’m thinking that the start position should be to fix the headlamp surround at the top onto the inner wings and then work from there is this a good place to start when I took it apart it was all welded in place you could not tell which was winging which was panel any help would be quite be appreciated
  5. Thanks John that’s exactly what I wanted to see
  6. Hi to all couple of questions I’ve got a J type overdrive off I think according to the numbers a 2.5 saloon So the Speedo drive has got 17 teeth and the tr6 has got 20 teeth is it just a straight swap one for the other also is there anyone out there you can post me a picture of the thrust bearing carrier because I’m not sure if I’ve got the proper one and the cross bar set up I think some of you have used roll pins as well as Wire also take this opportunity to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and happy New Year regards John
  7. Hi all got the bush off cut it in the end found out where the broken tooth came from That’s on the magnetic drain plug right down in the bottom of the gearbox on the lay shaft Fortunately a little while ago I bought a tr six box That was dismantled and there is a spare one in there so happy days start to look round for rebuild kit now any suggestions welcome I noticed that the moss second gear Bush is out of stock hopefully they get that in shortly if so i’ll get one thanks for your help and suggestions let you know How I get on regards John
  8. Hi Ralph vary hard to see because it’s not a clean brake it must have ceased and pulled itself apart
  9. Okay Chris I’ll have a go just wasn’t sure if there was a pin or something to my mind it should just slide off
  10. Hi to all haven’t posted for awhile got a bit bogged down on the bodywork but it’s starting to come good now I’ve got a saloon box with a J type overdrive which I’ve started stripping I’ve got the dreaded circuit off but I’m having trouble with the brass bush what am I doing wrong I tried heating it up and it will not come off as you can see from the picture the flange that she shared off any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I’ll see if I can stick a few extra pictures as well kind regards Jon
  11. Hi harry looks great keep the photos coming is there any chance of a close up of the overdrive/chassis mount setup got to sort something out for mine don’t really want to spend out on a conversion mount if I can help it regards john
  12. Hi to all just thought I’d put some pictures on of what I’ve been doing in the garage as you can see a post and the b post and sills are back in place been putting wings and door on and off making sure happy with gaps think it looks okay I’m pleased with the outcome got a little bit more grinding up to do going to make a rotisserie to make some of the welding easier to get at.managed during lockdown to buy a second hand front wheel arch nearside inner wing foot well panels and a post complete just wondering whether I should fit it as one unit or separate it and do it a bit at a time any
  13. John h


    Sorry Graham didn’t read it back
  14. John h


    Thanks Grant that’s a great help Regards John
  15. John h


    Tr shop London also supplied me with a good second hand A post regards John
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