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  1. Peter supplied me with one of these a while ago and it was excellent. This is a good opportunity, stick one in the cupboard for a rainy day. RobG
  2. Nope, not dangerous, I had multiple backups all the way. Even axle stands had a backup. Used some tips from the Egyptian pyramids, the block was rolled out on metal tubes, easy peasy.
  3. Hi all, Just thought I would mention here for others who may get stuck with no engine hoist, tight garage and getting on a bit age wise. Lost all my oil pressure so a crankshaft regrind became necessary. Car in small garage and no access to a hoist. You can get your engine out on your own with no hoist. I know it is easier to take the whole lot out with a hoist but I did not have that luxury or the room. I stripped it down in situ, gearbox back, front plate off, car up on very sturdy stands and dropped the block out the bottom of the car. Got crank reground, all new shells
  4. I need a used dashtop pad as mine is missing. Happy to recover one as I have the vinyl so if anyone has one sitting around please PM with a suggested cost. Thanks RobG
  5. Hi, Deleted. I was thinking it was the first tube, sorry.
  6. MichaelH, Yes agreed, I realise now they are interchangeable, and end float may be a knackered bearing. Please refer to the other thread now, more details there, look for Live Axles, What the Heck is going on ... RobG
  7. Peter, For me to find out if the M86 would split it would be great. Let's wait and see what I get back from machine shop. In the meantime have a think how much you want for it and add on a courier cost as Pinner is a long slog M25 nightmare for me from Sussex. Thanks RobG
  8. Andy303, Thanks for the pictures. In the first one I can see clearly the thin joint between the bearing housing and the hub flange. On mine that is a really big gap with a wobbly housing. I am now more sure my problem is the knackered bearing causing the whole shaft to wobble and let oil pass the seal. I have never been able to road test, let alone accelerate hard to see what other issues there, but won't be long, hopefully. Thanks, RobG
  9. Peter, Do you know if it is useable as it is ? Or would I need to get it taken apart ? RobG
  10. The shaft is now at the machine shop but from what I can remember there were less threads showing than on the other side, so good point. Also, I could wobble the bearing housing so again good point, I bet the old bearing is really knackered. Depending what I get back from the machine shop, I will let the thread know. This mess/bodge all came with the car in pieces so I have no history but this whole saga makes me think there was a catastrophic failure on this wheel and a US shaft was fitted and bodged and leaked like a sieve so the car was Barn Stored until I purchased the deceased remains bac
  11. Stuart, Sorry slightly misled you all there. The 3/16" gap is with the half shaft out and moving the bearing housing up and down the shaft, should that gap open up that much between bearing housing and the hub ? When the shaft is fitted and nuts done up around the housing there is no end float at all, it is hard up against the float, luckily I have not been driving much like this !! Peter W, will do that test when I get the shaft back from machine shop, but sounds like this shaft could be reused if not squashed in the process. I think my main problem is that the hub is not
  12. Update on this then, speedi seal fitted, still leaks but alarmingly seems to be 3/16" end float, should be 4 to 6 thou, Oops. Ouch. Out comes half shaft and it has a shoulder on it, please see other thread Live Axles What the heck ? Must be a US spec axle fitted. Hub not fitted on properly. Confused.com
  13. I have had diff tube leak which I cannot stop and pulling my half shaft today I find I have a 'shoulder' type in there with 3/16" end float. No wonder it leaks. Mine is a UK car and I reckon original Diff so in the past I suspect the half shaft broke and a PO fitted a US Live Axle half shaft, as in John's photo. Does anyone know (espec Stuart) if they can be a straight swop into a UK Diff ? It appears that the hub has not gone all the way on hence the end float. It is currently at a machine shop to try and salvage the hub and carrier. Any help greatly appreciated on this o
  14. Hi Russell, Just seen PM and back home now so will reply via PM. I will include an email and phone number to make life easier. RobG
  15. Stuart, So as I used the also supplied new front inner wings, they maybe TR5, how do they differ ? See attached photos of front and rear inner wings. Thanks for the info, RobG
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