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  1. Your welcome Robin. I think I saw an arrangement similar to yours in another bump sub thread in this forum...
  2. Hi Robin, Pls see attached my car's (1966 UK car CTC/68568-O) dimensions for sharing. I have no idea which is the "correct" arrangement .... other "chats" have indicated the single Al cylinder spacer very common. Rgds, Jim 210312 TR4A 1966 Rear Upper Bump Stop dimensions.pdf
  3. Hi Rich, I noted corrosion between my 1966 TR4A IRS bump stop and spacer ... Also the bump stop (Metalastic Brand ... original ? car had 19,000 miles when restoration started in Dec 2000 .. currently at 26,000) was starting to part.... and went fettling to get it sorted. The spacer was fused to the bump stop. A Stanley knife blade, and WD40, managed to ease through the corrosion with minimum loss of aluminum. The spacer is very roughly cast. The bump stop from Rimmers (part number 149240) had the correct length threads. To belay the galvanic corrosion highlighted by others... I
  4. Hi Guys, I went looking for crowsfoot spanners.. and got little confused as to the best type... meanwhile had a brain f**t to go at the RH side from car center line... SUCCESS. For right side ... First release the flexible line from swinging arm. Then with an open spanner release the hard line (the one upstream to the flexible line) lock nut ... approaching from car center line. Then with a open spanner stood vertically in the narrow space on the hex of the flexible line, I could back off the half lock nut behind the bracket with a regular socket. The installation
  5. Many Thanks Harry and Mike, Your responses are very helpful. I will go buy some crow foot spanners and get on with the job. Cheers, Jim
  6. Hi Forum Brothers/Sisters ... I am part way through changing to Goodridge brake hoses on my 1966 IRS TR4A. The fronts where straight forward .... although I found the threaded section of the G hoses are shorter than the old (+/ 2008) rubber hoses, and the G lock nuts are thicker than the old ones. Could be challenging if the hard line nut had longer engagement. Now to the rears tucked in between tub and rear suspension.. I have Googlde and found a good thread explaining to remove the 3 way block to get the LH side hoses removed/installed. As for the RH nestled back in
  7. jhk

    What is it?

    Many thanks for the swift reply Alan !! I will keep the blob for posterity.
  8. jhk

    What is it?

    Hi TR Folks, We had to remove a lump weight from my TR4A IRS gear box to facilitate twin exhaust pipe installation. Looks like some kind of mass for vibration balancing. It is circular and approx 7 inches in length including the circular clamp. The mass is approx 3" in diameter, and 2-1/2" high. There is a bolt connecting the mass to the circular clamp. The circular clamp has a single nut and bolt to tighten it. Sorry I cannot attach a picture put I have not enough "global quota" left. I cannot find it in the parts book. Any body got the back ground on it, and are there any concerns wit
  9. Hi, Picture of installed Abarths for others future reference. The fit was very good as Stuart advised, and the sound is not excessive. Can't tell of any performance improvement. Best Regards
  10. Thank you Stuart for sharing that. I will close the post with a picture of them in place for future reference. BRgds Jim
  11. Hi fellow TR folks, Has any body experience of the Abarth twin exhaust system (picture below). My Tr4A was made with the twin system. I am wandering if... 1. The twin pipes leaving from the rear of the front Abarth box will follow the same route as the single original pipe? That is between the chassis rails and and above the plate (pls see picture attached of my current set up). 2. Are these systems too loud for town driving or long trips? 3. How have people found their quality, fit, and longevity? Many Thanks for any advice ... Best Regards, Jim TR4A IRS CTC68*** rear undersi
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