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  1. Anyone know what has happened to the Triumph Auction Watch site ? Cheers Lee
  2. Thanks Nigel and everyone who replied I understand a lot more now but still a bit confused Cheers Lee
  3. Thanks Efuentes, will check out your suggestions and see what happens Cheers Lee
  4. Been trying to set up the carbs (SU) on my 4a, seems to be running rich (whatever I do ) checked the needles it is fitted with BAE, so I changed them to standard TW wouldn't run at all so put the BAE's back I noticed the BAE needles are at least 10mm longer than the standard TW why? Any suggestions on leaner needles to use please? Best regards Lee
  5. Looks to me in Tim's pictures one has the duradot going through the rubber strip and one doesn't does this make a difference? Cheers Lee
  6. Yes that rubber strip is what I have on the old one and it seems to be sewn in, this part doesn't appear in the Moss catalogue. Question is do I need it? what purpose does it serve? Cheers Lee
  7. Thanks Roger, that's what I thought, I also have the problem with sorting the front fitting out as it has what looks like a TR6 hood front bar fitted With the two chrome handles, but the frame is a problem fitting to the screen header rail with the hood type front rail getting in the way. I am sure this topic has been covered on here so I will be doing a search. Many thanks look forward to your positive answer. Lee
  8. I hope someone can advise me, I am currently fitting a new soft top to the surrey top on my 4a. My question is, should there be rubber seal between the metal rear bar which fixes using the two thumbscrews and the top of the surrey top? The old cover I am removing does have a T shaped plastic part sewn in but it doesn't look right, and I cannot see one in the Moss catalogue. Many thanks Lee
  9. Hi Roger, thanks for the quick reply I am using the Accuspark system (which was recommended,) seems ok so far, with NGK BP6HS plugs. Cheers Lee
  10. Hi all just a quick question, if you have electronic ignition fitted to your distributor should the plug gap be increased? Cheers Lee
  11. The door handles on my 664a are pitted and really beyond repair, I am considering Moss replacements about £160 a pair But before I do , has anyone any experience of these or are there any other choices. Best regards to all Lee
  12. Hi I had a set of chrome wires on my 4a, they looked great but could never get them balanced 100%. cleaning was a nightmare. Now I have replaced them with minilites best change ever, and they rarely need topping up with air. regards Lee
  13. HI all, I have been having some trouble tuning the carbs on my 4a, it only seems to run OK if the mixture is rich. I would like to have light brown plugs but they always end up black ! The engine is standard now but it did have a high lift cam fitted at one stage, so I am suspicious that the needles may have been changed. How can I tell what needles are fitted? what are the part number for standard needles? Many thanks for any help Best regards Lee
  14. Thanks Stuart, All makes sense now, much appreciated very best regards Lee
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