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  1. Thanks Tim, all interesting stuff I think my hinge that broke was in fact on the wrong side. When I took the boot lid off I also found that the tubular support was loose which didn't help matters all fixed now with lock nuts on every thing. Cheers Lee
  2. Stuart, thank you so much for your prompt and detailed description, very much appreciated, I will go and fit them now Cheers Lee
  3. Hi all, not sure why, but one of my chrome boot hinges has broken in half, but anyway just received a shiny new pair(I didn't realise they were handed) for an eyewatering amount so want to be care full with them. Now my question is, how do I know which hinge fits to which side, they have a hinge pin with a smooth side and a side where the pin is visible my current ones has the exposed part of the pin pointing outwards. Advice greatly appreciated Cheers Lee
  4. Hi all I have been reading this thread with great interest, and it now worries me that I have an intermittent squeak coming from the rear area. I thought it was the exhaust but after thorough investigating I cannot identify where it is coming from. If it is from the rear hubs I would not hesitate to renew the complete asy. with new shafts and hubs from Racetorations as suggested. Question is it a straightforward job old unit out new unit in with no mods needed as I would like to attempt it myself . The cv units from them at about £600 each seem a lot but what does £1200 qui
  5. Hi all, I have a pair of round Land rover engine mounts suggested by Roger that I have been meaning to fit to my 4a for a year or so, now is the time to do it !! Any tips or advice gratefully received Cheers Lee
  6. I looked at the 'new' ones and decided to get mine refurbished new more efficient cores, complete pressure testing, no problems for five years or so. I just was not convinced by the 'quality' of the Chinese ones, also members comments with regard to alloy rads. put me off them as well. Cheers Lee
  7. Thanks to all for your help / advise it proved to be just a build up of crud not allowing the bendix to return, All working well now, might not be a bad idea to have a small hole in the flywheel casing so if it sticks again some dismantling fluid could be injected in. Thanks Peter for the offer of spares I know where to come to in future if needed. Cheers to all Lee
  8. Cheers Roger so very true made me laugh
  9. Thanks Roger and Keith, I got underneath to remove the SM, I was surprised just how little dirt on the bendix guide will stop it from returning. I will leave all alone and replace it as soon as I can. May look at an inspection/access hole , did this on the side of the gearbox housing so now changing and re filling g/b oil a lot easier. As time goes on its getting harder to climb about under the car. Best regards Lee
  10. Got the starter motor off this afternoon and as advised the bendix was sticking so cleaned it up with meths. Couple of questions, can I take the bendix unit apart by removing the split pin at the end of the very large spring or would I end up in outer space? The top rear bolt was so hard to get to had to tape a spanner onto a long screwdriver to stop it turning must be an easier way, Why is the return spring such a weak one ? as soon as there is a build up of crud on the spindle the bendix sticks. Cheers for any advise Regards Lee
  11. Hi Ralph and Keith, thank you so much for the info, and the video was once again so informative. I will be under the car tomorrow, and will let you know how I get on Once again thank you both so very much Cheers Lee
  12. Hi happy new year to everyone, and most of all lets hope its a healthy one. Just tried to move the 4a out of the garage and the starter motor Bendix is not engaging just get the the whirring sound. Have tried putting car in gear and rocking it, no good. Put a booster on the battery still no luck. I had the starter motor, a standard original refurbished 5 or so years ago no problem since. I remember when I took it off I turned the engine and inspected the teeth on the flywheel which all looked good. I guess I will have to start by removing the S/M and inspecting it.
  13. Thanks so much Keith, everyone should watch the last video it will surprise a lot of people. I will attempt to fit the sender unit without draining the tank ...no point really. I will fit a fuel cut off tap however as will be useful in future. And will never hoover the boot or anywhere near fuel vapour. A really interesting and informative post, thank you Very best regards Lee
  14. Keith thanks for the info on the TR6 site how to calibrate the unit, ingenious. Also thanks to all for your advise. PS best way to drain the tank? cheers Lee
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