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  1. The steering in my TR3A had become slightly vague, 1/8 turn each way to keep it in a straight line. It has a r+p conversion from around 18years ago fitted. The column looks like a modified tr3 and tr4, the shaft has a join in the middle, the upper diameter is 22mm and the lower is 19mm. I found that the lower bush and nylon insert were worn. The chance of getting the bush before the new year was slim so I thought I would improvise. I had some BX bushes in stock, 20mm I.d which I could modify to 19mm. I turned an adapter bush that I pressed into the lower column tube
  2. They will be cast steel rather than cast iron. They will have a slight bit of flex to them but not much. Once a yoke is damaged in anyway i would replace it (I work on agricultural and construction equipment). You’ll struggle to align it correctly and it will wear the bearings and prove difficult to reassemble.
  3. I replaced the large cork gasket with a suitable rubber o-ring when rebuilding my carbs. The cork gasket had dried out and was leaking fuel. As long as you apply a small amount of lube to the o-ring it will seat well and seal.
  4. After months of waiting I was finally able to drive my late fathers TR3A! I had a little errand to run, only an 8 mile round trip but it felt so good to be behind the wheel. A big thank you to the register for helping, Len and Graham, for completing the necessary paperwork to bring this tr home. (Please excuse the WIP driveway!)
  5. Hello all, I would like to find the whereabouts of my late fathers TR6, registration as in the title. I’ve recently inherited his TR3a and thought it would be a nice touch to find out any history on his TR6. There is so much history with that car! Thank you.
  6. Brilliant, thank you! Just had a google and you are right.
  7. Thank you George. I would like to keep the original mounting position as removing them would leave unwanted holes in the doors.
  8. Hello all. I’m hoping someone can identify the wing mirrors and arms on my 3a. They are looking a little tired and I’d like to replace the plastic boss on the arms and replace the mirrors with a round convex type. The current mirror glass is flat which limits visibility!
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