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  1. Ok. I will look tomorrow when I’m back in the workshop.
  2. 12v LED Amber strobe lights, selectable flash patterns. 4x5w each, 3 per side, 6 in total. wiring comprises of 12v +, negative, synchronise, flash pattern select. So 4 wires total.
  3. To the electrical wizards out there! Please could you help me figure out how I can: Alternate the flashing sequence between left and right strobe lights on my van. The strobes have an extra wire for linking strobes together so they flash together. Is there a way of delaying each side, once linked, to flash at 1 second intervals? I appreciate any help, thank you
  4. Oh, these seem to be missing, probably rotted off many years ago!
  5. In between coats I replaced the prop shaft u.j as it was causing some vibration at certain speeds. I get so fed up with having to have inspector gadget arms to remove and refit the tunnel so I added m6 riv nuts to the floor panels to make life 100% easier!
  6. Primered both panels, the last was a guide coat and a final flat back. Stone chip applied to the inside surfaces, then 2 top coats and a final top coat after flatting off with 2000 grit.
  7. The metal work was finished last summer but work and house stuff got it the way and that’s how it stayed until April this year. The radiator was removed to access the steering rack so I could rebuild it to remove play in the pinion bearings. I replaced the standard radiator with a new aluminium unit whilst the front was off. The next stage was of paint prep, filling, sanding, more filler, more sanding an so it went on… hence I only have these 2 pictures! Most of the filler is fairly skinny, only the last application of the fine fill
  8. Yes I have managed to get it back fairly well.
  9. Luckily the TR was being stored in my workshop so the odd bit of spare time I had was spent stripping the damaged parts off and making a shopping list! The wing and front panel were salvageable, once all the filler was removed so I could see what I was working with! Some parts required rust repairs which I wouldn’t have noticed.
  10. After repatriating and recommissioning my late father’s TR from French back in 2021, I used the car on and off. It was stored whilst we had building works carried out at home during 2022. During that year I had a track day booked at Goodwood in October. The day started out very wet and unfortunately I lost the rear end of the TR around St Mary’s. The n/s front corner came into contact with the outside barrier. I was surprised how much was damaged but also what wasn’t. Let the rebuild commence!
  11. Yes it should do, maybe a little more fiddly but do-able!
  12. I had removed the front end to replace the radiator and to carry out some work on the o/s wing and front panel. I still had to pull it out through one side.
  13. Just as a reply to my post, the steering rack was worn and I successfully rebuilt it around a year ago. I used off the shelf bearings and seal for the pinion, which I had to modify slightly to accept the new bearings. Unfortunately, I can only find this one picture!
  14. The steering in my TR3A had become slightly vague, 1/8 turn each way to keep it in a straight line. It has a r+p conversion from around 18years ago fitted. The column looks like a modified tr3 and tr4, the shaft has a join in the middle, the upper diameter is 22mm and the lower is 19mm. I found that the lower bush and nylon insert were worn. The chance of getting the bush before the new year was slim so I thought I would improvise. I had some BX bushes in stock, 20mm I.d which I could modify to 19mm. I turned an adapter bush that I pressed into the lower column tube
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