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  1. Hi all I am fitting a vw header tank which has two exit pipes the lower one will go to the thermostat housing which will have a pipe exiting it for the said pipe, then the radiator overflow pipe will go to the top of the header tank, anyone else done a closed system please advise. regards Nick
  2. had17462


    Dealer most probably got it on SOR as the owners wants say £45k ,no risk to the dealer only costs would be cleaning &advertising,many dealers do this ,nothing wrong with it though ,if it doesn't sell then maybe a deal will be done between themselves. Nick
  3. Best to fit the Nissan conversion , hope you get it sorted. Nick
  4. Hi, you might not be a policeman but from what you have gleaned from driving behind that tr ,you should apply . Nick
  5. Great looking car ,absolutely lovely. Nick
  6. 24-36 months anything can happen in that time maybe ask the question nearer the time ,maybe 12 mths in advance so you can book it in etc,there's a lot of very good engine builders which charge a lot less than the TR speacilists. Good luck with it though. regards Nick
  7. I've found my old original radiator so I will fit this and report back ,thanks again. Nick
  8. Thanks guys ,I thought I had air in the system but I drove 20 plus miles and the hoses wasn't pressurised but will again Nick
  9. Pete I think Steve means the holes if you look carefully they are slightly slotted , they go as the picture suggests I believe. Nick
  10. Hi all ,took the tr6 out and noticed the bottom of the rad was cold after 50 miles ,electric fan cutting in fine no boiling over but while in traffic the temp does rise quickly, what's the best way to check if the pump is working . Ali radiator thermo switch in bottom of the rad, heater gets hot. Nick
  11. T make sure you update the coil to match the 123 dizzy. N
  12. Anyone who would like to see this car send me your email address . Nick
  13. Tom contact number sent, will post some pics for the register later. Nick
  14. Hi all just a heads up if anyone is looking for a Tr3 LHD ,a friend of mine in the states has one come in stock ,totally original, overdrive car ,red never been painted as new, complete with tools manuals etc just under $40k any more info let me know and I will put you in touch. sorry I couldn't post in buy sell section. Nick
  15. Used the bracket twice now with no problems. Nick
  16. Try Carlow engineering in south Benfleet Essex. Gordon. Nick
  17. Marco ,hope this works for you ,I have had a leak from the some place without any success of repairing it, if it does work I would like to purchase the said seals if you decide to make any more. regards Nick.
  18. Wish someone would tell us ,my engine was freshly rebuilt with new heater rad as well . Nick
  19. Hi all ,this is what happened on my car ,I've since flushed it out seems ok on a run but doesn't like sitting in traffic. Nick.
  20. had17462


    Ron what alternator have you bought ,I am only asking as I bought one of the little Japanese ones for another car and it was doing what yours is doing and couldn't be used . Nick
  21. Graham when the man can build light weight e types out of sheets of alliminium painting isn't a problem ,but unfortunately he's now retiring ,he did a lot of work for one of the big boys in Essex and I was lucky to have met him. Nick
  22. The last one I had painted inside and out with me fitting the glass dash etc was £5k no vat ,the trouble is when they strip the paint off you are going to find the previous bodges etc that's why most places don't give a definite price, if you have the space and can use some basic tools take it apart ,i am sure the Essex boys would be willing to help . another option get it rubbed down repaired where needed ,masked up and have a fresh coat of paint it will look great . Nick
  23. I had the tunnel off so it was easy ,u should be able to do from underneath. Nick
  24. I thought it wasn't to bad when you think how old it is. but cracking job well done. Nick
  25. The air vents are a different shape ,but if you have all the bits I can't see it being a problem, I actually put a tr6 dash in my 4a as that's what I had in the spares bin., no ashtray in the top dash pod though. Nick
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