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  1. + 1 I love em, brilliant tyre. So much quieter and a much better ride. I paid £54.50 per tyre/fitted and balanced with Richard Harris who advertises in the TR mag. He uses proper lead weights and knows his stuff. I had these fitted to wire wheels and it transformed the ride. Well worth it Bill
  2. Hi Richard I too bought the CTM brackets and their spec Konis. These are different from most other supplier bracket/shock absorber combinations. I queried this at the time, but was assured they are right and others are wrong. So taking them at their word, I fitted these to a TR5 and set the Konis to the softest setting. The ride was not good. It was far to hard and seemed to be harder on the bounce back, rather than the downward stroke. In comparison I have a different supplier set up on my 6. Probably from the TR shop. They have been on that car for years. No issues whatsoever. Anyway,
  3. I used those clips that are used for holding table cloths to the table. Screw into the back near the front and they then just clip onto the back of the H frame. Holds them in in place and you can't see them.
  4. Not sure if this helps, but have found recently that after using 2 tanks of Shell V power made mine run rough. I guess it's the Ethanol content being increased ??. Started using Esso 97 and slowly all came back to running nice again best Bill
  5. I have the CCD drive shafts and I've done this several times. The easiest way as mentioned is to simply disconnect the shock absorber. Support the trailing arm with a small trolley jack to keep it horizontal. Then undo the 4 nuts at the diff end. then gently drop until resting on the chassis. I suspect you will have to take the rear of the exhaust off to get to one side. Depends on your exhaust set up. That should allow you to just get the spring out. Depends on the spring length and the thickness of your spring collars. On one of my changes when changing springs around, I had to use a small s
  6. Hi Paul I've tried all the rubbers from Moss Rimmers etc. The only one that fits (in my experience) is the rubber from TR shop. Even that is a struggle. My method was to put the rubber onto the frame, tape it in with masking tape if necc and leave it for a few days to take shape. Hopefully in a warm environment. Then the usual, use a small diameter rope, insert into the rubber, insert the screen and work from top downwards slowly and carefully. Then just leave it for another few days, before applying the windscreen sealant. Wipe off excess with paraffin. best Bill
  7. For what it's worth. After 4-500 miles. I have to say. These tyres are brilliant. the ride has transformed my 6. Here's a review. http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Vredestein/Quatrac-5.htm best Bill
  8. Hi John During a TR5 re-build I've bought the Moss 1 pce plastic. Doesn't fit very well, but you can make this fit. Then the SC parts / plastic split - cheap, but awful fit around the front arch. Then the racetorations/fibre glass split - a better fit, but not brilliant. These also come with a round hole above the propshaft, but you can't get a rubber grommet to fit properly as the curve is to sharp and the sides foul the overdrive solenoid. Gave up up with all 3 in the end and repaired / refurbed the original cardboard one with fiberglass patches, as this was luckily in fa
  9. Hi Roy Yes, your'e right, but this was a + 1 to Paul's post. i.e strip back yourself and get painted. That's the choice and I guess the choice between £8k and £15k. I've just re-confirmed this £8k cost as a benchmark. best Bill
  10. + 1 for Paul's comments. Every car is different, but as a bench mark, I paid £7,500 for this last year. Expoxy 1st coat , all panels inside / out and underneath, stone chip , then 2 pack + clear coat on top. Well pleased with the finish. Excellent. This was done by "Paint Shop Pros" http://www.thepaintshoppros.co.uk/ho-to-find-contact-us/ I hope that helps Best Bill
  11. I've put one on the inside right hand side wall of the glove box. A female / double USB port. You can get these almost anywhere https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/blue-sea-systems-twin-fast-charge-usb-power-socket-5v-48a.html https://www.amazon.co.uk/CHGeek-Socket-Charger-Waterproof-motorcycle/dp/B07C96SP75/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1540725284&sr=8-3&keywords=usb+12v+sockets Then I ran a power line/fused to the socket and an earth to a suitable earth point. Then you can plug in the Sat nav behind the dash and up through the ash tray and plug the phone in and leave inside th
  12. If your'e Ok with 195x65x15's - have a look at Vredestein Quatrac 5's.. I've just fitted them to my 6 and oh what a difference. A lovely ride and plenty of grip. Much much better than the Vredestein classics 185x70x15's, that they replaced. Plus very reasonable price.
  13. Send it to Hardy Engineering, Leatherhead. I've had 2 done there recently. £750 each with new CWP etc etc. (their own) Well pleased. Fit and forget. No connection, just happy at the service. best Bill
  14. Since my original post way back in 2007. I've just used Brembo standard discs with Mintex pads. Thousands of miles done. No issues. best Bill
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