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  1. Stopped at the Dunkirk memorial on the way back from Laon - on 6th June, so an appropriate date as well. Very sobering....
  2. Moss horns are fine - I fitted them in 2015.
  3. Thanks guys - don't think I'll be changing the camshaft Tim! But I will definitely add the rest to my list. Steve
  4. I have had to take out my radiator for some TLC and just wondered if there are any jobs/checks I should do around the front while it is out and I have easy access? I already plan the following: Tidy up the horn and headlight wiring Sand & paint the radiator support bars De-rust and paint the front of the chassis, the cross bar and radiator shield Check the ARB fixings Remake the earth connector on the steering rack TIA Steve
  5. OK - sorry I didn't see your post earler.
  6. Hi Andy - I might have some if you're still looking. Let me know. Cheers Steve
  7. Thanks guys - apologies for the delayed reply, but for some reason I've not been getting notifications on this. Roger Ferris has also been very helpful and I see he's also put a note in the latest edition of TR Action. I'm going to see if I can dig out any more photos next time up up at the mother-in-law, hopefully showing the full number plate! Cheers Steve
  8. Hi all I have dropped a note to Roger Ferris but thought I would also try here - I recently discovered that my father-in-law (now deceased) used to own a TR5 and I was wondering if it was still around and in the register. I was going through some old slides from 1971 with my wife and there were pictures of a white TR5, registration ??H 910G (unfortunately the first part of the plate is obscured by my 6 year old wife and her brother!). If it is still on the road I’m more than happy to send on scans of the slides if the current owner is interested. Cheers Steve
  9. I've always found Andy & Richard at Rees Bros very helpful and they will happily advise you on key things to check if this is your first TR6.
  10. Hi Stuart - I think we are talking about different things. I agree the Gates hose in the link is good for use on a PI system. When I said "R14" I was talking about hose to SAE J30 R14, which is a 50 psi rated hose. Steve
  11. Just be aware that R14 is not a high pressure fuel hose, so not suitable for the high pressure side of a PI system - but definitely ok for a low pressure filler connection! David - I’m not that far from you (Weybridge) so happy to help once lockdown eases. As others have said, it sounds like your first check is is the filler connections, easily accessed by removing the boot trim. I can recommend Rees Bros in Aldershot if you need a decent TR garage close by. You also have Crown Classics up in Twickenham. Welcome to TR6 ownership! Steve
  12. Hi Phil Wheel arch protectors are on my lockdown list too. Where did you get yours from? Thanks Steve
  13. Hi Ken - my wire is about 5-1/4". Cheers Steve
  14. That's a useful link - I hadn't heard of Fred Millturn parts before, but I think I may treat myself to a set of those original spec. CP throttle link rods...
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