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  1. Hi Steve I've just put my rods back after a similar rattle fixing session - I used heat-shrink tubing to do exactly the same as Ed on the middle and end sections of the rods. Cheers Steve
  2. Hi Peter - as Ian says, maker sure you get the right size seal - hopefully the attached picture and this previous topic should help: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/13470-position-of-door-seal-rubber/ Cheers Steve
  3. Well I've tried meths & talcum powder, also Autoglym vinyl & rubber cleaner - no success, so I've refitted the old seal! Will see if the new ones harden up sitting on the shelf, or maybe try the NOS ones Revington sell at some point. Thanks Steve
  4. Hi Waldi Slightly off-topic but how & where did you install the AFR sensor? Thanks Steve
  5. Hi Andy Mine is 72 car and I know the UK cars did not have hazard warning switches - however, a lot of people replace the gauge lights rheostat with an after-market hazard warning unit, which doesn't look out of place (note my ammeter and fuel gauges are the wrong way round - something I plan to fix one day...) Cheers Steve
  6. Hi Chris - I see Stuart has beaten me to it, but here is the interior of my lock anyway, in slightly more "used" condition than the one above! Cheers Steve
  7. Hi Colin I have my door trim off at the moment (but not doing anything with the lock) - would it hep if I took a photo of the lock from the inside for you? Cheers Steve
  8. Hi all I've just replaced the window channels and the inner & outer weatherstrips/seals on my driver's side door. Both seals went on & fitted OK first time (thanks to all the helpful advice I found in previous forum posts on the subject), but the rubber external one is much more flexible than the one I replaced - initially I thought this would help with sealing against the window, but it is so flexible that it just curls in when I lower the window! Hopefully the pictures make it clear what is happening. Has anyone else experienced this and got any suggestions to fix it, or suggestions of a source of better/stiffer new external seals - or do they all come from the same place nowadays? The new seals came from Moss and I will go in to see them at some point to see what they think as well. Thanks in advance. Steve
  9. Chris https://www.rewiresecurity.co.uk/db2-self-install-diy-gps-tracker I have the DB-1 lite tracker from these guys in my 6 and find it works very well and their support team very helpful on the phone and on email. I use their app on my phone. Cheers Steve
  10. SteveB21

    TR6 Radio

    Hi Sean Yes - it fits into the original H frame holes, just like the original radio. The aerial is a magnetic DAB aerial with SMB connector, like the one in attached link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DAB-Car-Aerial-SMB-Adapter-Magnetic-Mount-Antenna-with-5M-16-4ft-Cable/312734225435?hash=item48d069941b:g:LFoAAOSwNkxdV4fA I ran the cable under the carpet into the boot and it is thin enough to fit past the boot seal when in use. The aerial is about 30cm tall. Best to check the SMB connector is still the right one for the radio. I found Classic Car Stereo very helpful over the phone. Hope the attached pictures help. Cheers Steve
  11. SteveB21

    TR6 Radio

    I installed the Classic 200 from Classic Car Stereo a couple of years ago and I've been very pleased with it - DAB, Bluetooth, etc. The only advice I would give is to install an external aerial - the screen mounted one that comes with the radio isn't up to much. I use a magnetic one mounted on the boot, so I didn't have to make any holes in the bodywork and can hide it away when not in use. https://www.classiccarstereo.co.uk/classic-car-stereos/autosound-classic-car-stereo/ccs-spindle-mount-dab-radio/ Cheers Steve
  12. Hi Andy Pan head screws. See attached photo. 3/16” unf x 5/8”. Cheers Steve
  13. SteveB21

    Wiper blades

    +1 for PIAA blades fitted to my 6 - got mine from Revington. Hopefully won't be needed for the IWE this weekend.... Cheers Steve
  14. Hi KOB I have fitted LED stop/tail lights to replace my standard bulbs, plus fitted an LED bar to my roll cage using stick-on velcro pads and others have commented on how effective the set up is for both day & night use. The LED bar on the roll cage does show through the rear window with the hood up and I get very little internal dazzle off the window. The LED bar was from car builder solutions - I trimmed the plastic lugs off with a Stanley knife: https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/28-led-high-level-brake-light-235mm I tucked the wiring under the roll bar vinyl and took a feed off the brake light wire in the boot. Hope that helps. Cheers Steve
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