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  1. Hi John Here's a picture of mine, which is pretty standard, with about 1/2" visible below the rear valance. I'm sure this can vary if work has been done on the car, especially as the rear valance is a common rust victim... There is no substitute for checking out any purchase on a ramp, or at least having it jacked up so you can see underneath, but I realise this is not always possible. Cheers Steve
  2. SteveB21

    Door Card

    Hi Richard As well as the suggestions above, make sure you sure you use new clips when you put the card back, don't try and re-use the old ones - they will have lost their "spring" (if that's the right term). Cheers Steve
  3. Hi Dan - I also enjoyed the article. It all looks very impressive - are you planning to get it to the IWE next year? It would be great to see it in the flesh one day! Cheers Steve
  4. SteveB21

    New tyres

    +1 one of the best “upgrades” I’ve made to my 6!
  5. Hi Nick A bit delayed, but here are some pics of my setup that may help. The driver's side stay has some extra foam to push the cowl down a little further and take pressure off the overflow hose. Cheers Steve
  6. Hi Nick it pushed the top of the cowl down by a couple of millimetres - not much at all. Re-reading your post it looks like you will need much more adjustment. Unfortunately every TR is different! Cheers Steve
  7. Hi Nick Mine had the same issue. I just put a thin piece of self-adhesive foam under each stay bar where it touched the cowl and bolted everything down! cheers Steve
  8. Hi Anna - the car belongs to a member of the London group - I will PM with you his details. Cheers Steve
  9. Hi Geoffrey - PM sent (you can access it by clicking on the envelope at the top right of the forum page). Cheers Steve
  10. Hi Geoffrey I don't know of a TR6 available for hire around London, but once lockdown is lifted you are more than welcome to come along to one of the London Group meetings (we tend to alternate between Richmond and Malden Rushett (near Leatherhead) and our members have a selection of TR6s (including myself), so we can tell you all you may want to know about a 6 (and much that you probably don't want to know as well!). One word of caution though about hiring - I have driven a number of 6's and they can vary considerably in their setup and feel, so do bear that in mind if you do find one t
  11. Hi Phil & Ian - thanks for the info and Ian thanks for the prompt dispatch of the steering lock - I'm now back up & running with Ian's steering lock and an unmolested crash pad. The PO had used standard bolts rather than shear-bolts to refit my steering lock at some point, which made it easy to remove and then fit the new one. If anyone needs to know in future, the threads are 5/16" UNC and 1" bolts do the trick. Cheers Steve
  12. Thanks Phil - that's useful as I hadn't appreciated there was also a metal plate to deal with in the pad. Will see where I get to with my investigations next weekend on the steering lock. Cheers Steve
  13. Hi Phil It looks like I now have a similar problem - did you end up modifying the crash pad and making up a square mounting clip for the new steering lock? Thanks Steve
  14. Hi Mark Hopefully these pictures help. The top of the badge is about 17mm below the boot lip and it is about 4mm to the right of the red lens line - on my car anyway! Cheers Steve
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