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  1. I had my original Lucas pump overhauled and reconditioned by Neil Ferguson. Runs much quieter!! Steve
  2. Hi Chris, had a similar problem with my CR car last year. Would idle and accelerate smoothly until about 1600 rpm then become “lumpy”, clearing at 2000 rpm. Checked the points, condenser, rotor arm, distributor cap, ht leads, coil and all ok. Checked the fuel pressure (106 psi), throttle body butterflies, checked all the injectors were spraying correctly. All ok. Eventually bit the bullet and sent the metering unit off to Neil Ferguson for recalibration and set up. (Great service by the way) Refitted the overhauled metering unit, problem solved!! Steve
  3. I could be wrong but info below from Rimmers paint chart shows that Damson was a colour for cars between 1969 and 1972. Magenta for cars between 1973 and 1974, a real 70’s colour. (Errors and omissions accepted to codes etc!). Maybe Derek, saffrontr can clarify? Personally am a big fan of originality and Magenta cars! Triumph TR6 Year Model Colour Colour Code(s) 1967-76 Triumph TR6 Black 11 1969-71 Triumph TR6 Signal Red 32 1972-76 Triumph TR6 Pimento Red 72 1973-75 Triumph TR6 Carmine 82 1969-72 Triumph TR6 Damson 17 1971-73 Triumph TR6 S
  4. Any one bought these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Quality-Triumph-TR6-Front-Bumper-Assembly-Stainless-Steel-Part-no-822530-/403395860602?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  5. Footwell illumination on/off on CR cars.
  6. Hi, Kelly, have sent you a pm regarding the bumper. Steve
  7. Had a similar clicking noise. Found a small crack on the diff bridge, once welded no further clicking. Worth checking the bridge as well as the mounting pins.
  8. Just had my gearbox, overdrive and differential rebuilt by Pete Cox. Reasonable price and great service. Highly recommended.
  9. Thanks Stuart, have got the Brown book, couldn’t find the info. Reckon on some more bedtime reading! Steve
  10. Thanks Stuart. Do you know the correct diameters for the various lines, brake, clutch, fuel (105 psi), fuel return? Thanks
  11. Am in the process of a body off restoration of my 1973 CR series car and trying to retain as much originality as possible. I would like to replace the fuel pipes, brake pipes and clutch pipes with the original steel type. (Not a fan of seeing copper pipes in the engine compartment or along the chassis. Can anyone advise on a firm that can supply preformed pipes in steel or supply the correct dimensioned pipe with fittings? Thanks and keep safe Steve
  12. Greetings Mick, I have discussed this very point when the lift was assembled earlier in the year. I needed to move the lift to get a bit more room in the garage before lifting off the body. Bearing in mind the weight of the stripped body shell and the height it needed to be raised, I had no concerns for this exercise, of using it not bolted down. Cheers Steve
  13. Hi Hamish, thanks for the good wishes. The ramp is designed by the manufacturers to be moved on wheels (which are removable) when required. The lift is not in its normal location in the garage at the moment so the bolts are not fitted. Normally it is bolted down. The car is a basket case! It has been in a big collision at some time in the distant pass. Will be replacing the chassis and the majority of the panels forward of the B pillars! Got to keep these Magenta cars on the road! Steve
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