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  1. Had a similar clicking noise. Found a small crack on the diff bridge, once welded no further clicking. Worth checking the bridge as well as the mounting pins.
  2. Just had my gearbox, overdrive and differential rebuilt by Pete Cox. Reasonable price and great service. Highly recommended.
  3. Thanks Stuart, have got the Brown book, couldn’t find the info. Reckon on some more bedtime reading! Steve
  4. Thanks Stuart. Do you know the correct diameters for the various lines, brake, clutch, fuel (105 psi), fuel return? Thanks
  5. Am in the process of a body off restoration of my 1973 CR series car and trying to retain as much originality as possible. I would like to replace the fuel pipes, brake pipes and clutch pipes with the original steel type. (Not a fan of seeing copper pipes in the engine compartment or along the chassis. Can anyone advise on a firm that can supply preformed pipes in steel or supply the correct dimensioned pipe with fittings? Thanks and keep safe Steve
  6. Greetings Mick, I have discussed this very point when the lift was assembled earlier in the year. I needed to move the lift to get a bit more room in the garage before lifting off the body. Bearing in mind the weight of the stripped body shell and the height it needed to be raised, I had no concerns for this exercise, of using it not bolted down. Cheers Steve
  7. Hi Hamish, thanks for the good wishes. The ramp is designed by the manufacturers to be moved on wheels (which are removable) when required. The lift is not in its normal location in the garage at the moment so the bolts are not fitted. Normally it is bolted down. The car is a basket case! It has been in a big collision at some time in the distant pass. Will be replacing the chassis and the majority of the panels forward of the B pillars! Got to keep these Magenta cars on the road! Steve
  8. Finally got the shell off! Restoration well under way.
  9. Glad to help. Body is off the chassis now, just starting a full resto! Must be mad. Steve
  10. Hi Guy, have attached a photo showing the location of the tool strap in the boot on my car. Not sure of the jack position though. Steve
  11. Hi, my first 1973 CR car had a Radiomobile 1080 push button radio fitted. The single speaker was fitted on the rear back panel between the two seats. The picture shows the housing and speaker that was fitted.The antenna was fitted on the front offside wing in front of the windscreen. (Access under the wing by removing the baffle plate). I believe this was the dealer/factory option, am sure there is an official BL publication for the fitting somewhere.
  12. Hi Darren, the plates were on the car when I bought it. A quick trawl on the internet came up with these guys. Seems they do the raised digits. Plate style 7. https://www.classicplatesonline.co.uk/plates.asp Cheers Steve
  13. Hi Geoff, the car is registered as a historic vehicle with the DVLA. At present on SORN. Going for the full body off resto. Intend to try and keep as original as possible. It is a matching numbers car, always was and always will be Magenta! Is there any other colour? lol. Steve
  14. Hi, just to throw a spanner in the works! Photo is of my other 1973 car. (Just about to start restoring). When I bought this it was fitted with the black and silver plates. I don’t have any documentation referencing an application to the DVLA. Does anyone have written approval? Steve
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