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  1. Greetings all, I have a steady oil leak on my J Type overdrive rear casing. It appears to be coming out of the threaded hole above the solenoid. Looking at various photographs and exploded diagrams I can't find any reference to this hole or its purpose. There is an identical hole symmetrically opposite which is dry. I presume they should be blind holes? The oil is topped up to the correct level in the gearbox is correct. It leaks even after a week of being parked, so appears not to be just an issue with pressure etc. I assume they are there for the mounting of a support bracket if required for other vehicles. Can anyone advise on their purpose and what thread they are. If the casting has become porous I hope to cure the leak with a bolt and a copper washer/dowty seal. Thanks. Steve
  2. Hi John, John, The requirements were for 300mm depth of concrete. The garage extension was only part of a building project so there was plenty of readymix available!! The wheels shown in the photos are normally removed. They are simply held on with pins and R clips. They are forced into contact with the floor when the ramp is fully lowered. They lift the posts by about 5mm. I went for a four post lift as I want to park two cars in the garage. One on the raised ramp and one underneath. It has dual mechanical safety locks on each post so no chance of the upper car creeping down. Wasn't keen on fitting a two post lift and leaving a car raised for any amount of time without the suspension etc being loaded. Regards Steve
  3. Hi Phil, The lift is from Automotech Services Ltd. Model AS-4T36S As Waldi says it is probably made in China. That said I must admit to being impressed by the construction and materials used. Was relatively easy to put together but you need an engine crane as some of the parts are too heavy to lift comfortably by two persons. Everything you need is provided ( including the floor bolts), but not the hydraulic oil. It comes on a rack that weighs about 750 kg! The floor was laid as per the instructions. Concrete grade C25 (25N/mm2, 28 day strength) depth of approximately 350 mm. Just to be on the safe side we laid in a steel mesh reinforcement as well. Steve
  4. Hi John, it is designed to be moveable without a vehicle on it, the wheels are removed before putting a vehicle on it. Have to determine the final working position and will secure with the floor fixings then. I had the floor laid to the correct specification when the garage extension was built so no worries there! Steve
  5. Finally finished putting together my new four post ramp. No more crawling on the floor at last! Now to get to those oil leaks!! Steve
  6. Hi Peter, email sent, hope it comes through ok. steve
  7. Hi Peter, if you can pm me your email address I can email you a copy of the of the original Triumph fitting instructions. Regards Steve
  8. +1 totally agree Roger

  9. Hi, these are on EBay! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F292987836073
  10. Have a look at these guys. Seems they stock all types. You may get lucky. http://www.fwthornton.co.uk/ Cheers Steve
  11. Hi Stuart, sent you a pm. Steve
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