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Prop Shaft Recommendations, please

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I've been asked for a decent source for a 7V8 propshaft - as in decent calibre, but without costing a couple of useful appendages.


The ones I've seen from the usual suspects in recent years haven't exactly impressed me, shall we say . . . . .


There's a specialist prop outfit in West London, and another in Berkshire I've come across in the past, and I can't recall the name of either.


Someone out there must remember, please !


Any suggestions ?


Cheers, and thanks,



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I had a propshaft custom made with 2x SAE 1300 flanges

if I remember correctly, to fit the V8 in my TR6.


Just a simple shaft, costs 280 Euro and runs properly since 6 Years now.

Universal joints have the normal TR6 size.

Tube size is 70mm but not needed to be that big.


No need to look for something special.

Many truck repair companies can do so.

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There is one i have just used in the east london/essex area .Old school guy who can it seems make anything or in my case shorten shafts to your requirements.

Will search out name if of interest to you ?



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Thanks guys, much appreciated.


It's the Feltham company I couldn't remember, Propshaft Services.


I've passed on the link to this thread to my enquirer, so hopefully that's another TR man duly assisted !



Hi Roy,


if you do get a chance to turn up your man, it wouldn't do any harm - another useful contact for others referring to this in the future . . . . ta muchly





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