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  1. For the benefit of others :
  2. Hi Parky, PM sent with attachments Cheers Ian
  3. I can find a set of fitting instructions for the original tonneau when I get back home this evening if this helps.
  4. Thanks for posting this Ian, what excellent news and well done the SDF , Drivers club and all concerned. I shall be purchasing one of these panels to keep in case of a problem with my own. Regards Ian
  5. You see a few of these on building sites, allows the builders to store and charge phones and drills etc.
  6. And a very happy birthday from this Ian too!
  7. Many thanks all, Sadly missed your messages as I was away up t north walking around the Lake District. Cheers
  8. TR8IAN

    Car Films

    Brilliant, thanks would like to see more. Cheers Ian
  9. I have bled TR7/8 brakes manually and with a vacuum system - it appears not to make any difference if you remove the warning light valve thingy! Cheers
  10. I need those boots, sadly size 8 is far too small - perhaps I need anti gravity boots with extra anti gravity! Get well soon! Cheers Ian
  11. Hi Propshaft, The bumpers would have originally been just plastic finish, so if they have been painted since new then the choice is down to you - a number of people have gone with the body colour and that doesn't look bad. The back panel should be satin black. Cheers Ian
  12. Hi Alfie, If you are happy that you have power to the light switch I would start at the other end of the system. All the connectors are likely to be corroded and giving resistance to the electrical flow. Start by disconnecting the battery and then going through all the connectors and giving them a good clean (you can buy tools on eBay for stripping down the multi wire connectors for 2 or three pounds). It is also worth making sure the headlamp lift pods are working freely by giving them a spray with some sort of lubricant (word of warning do not do this with the battery power on as o
  13. Depending whether you have a roll over bar fitted you could win some slack by undoing the bolts at either side and moving the hood down slightly. This would obviously make the top a bit less taught in the summer - what is the hood made from is it vinyl or a cloth one? cheers Ian
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