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  1. Hi Alfie, If you are happy that you have power to the light switch I would start at the other end of the system. All the connectors are likely to be corroded and giving resistance to the electrical flow. Start by disconnecting the battery and then going through all the connectors and giving them a good clean (you can buy tools on eBay for stripping down the multi wire connectors for 2 or three pounds). It is also worth making sure the headlamp lift pods are working freely by giving them a spray with some sort of lubricant (word of warning do not do this with the battery power on as once the system starts to cycle you cannot stop it and it will have your fingers off!). hope this helps a little cheers Ian
  2. Depending whether you have a roll over bar fitted you could win some slack by undoing the bolts at either side and moving the hood down slightly. This would obviously make the top a bit less taught in the summer - what is the hood made from is it vinyl or a cloth one? cheers Ian
  3. Alfie, have you tried talking to either Robsport or SS who both deal with TR7 second hand parts and restoration and servicing of TR7 specifically? Regards Ian
  4. TR8IAN

    chassis holes

    There are all sorts of holes under the front end of the TR7/8 bodyshell - the TR8 radiator bolts up differently to the TR7, other than that some are likely to be for drainage or used for transport during the factor manufacturing processes. Hope this helps. Ian
  5. Robsport have several advertised on eBay at the moment with new keys. Cheers Ian
  6. Certainly been in good hands! I look forward to seeing your new instalments of progress again. Cheers Ian
  7. TR8IAN

    front inner wings

    Try Robsport, Simon's panels normally fit reasonably well. Cheers Ian
  8. Indeed yes, Better to do it with the hood down, but once the screws are out they should just pull out. Cheers
  9. Interesting use of an old Essex County Council Library van! Cheers Ian
  10. Hi Ulster, All the trim pieces are held in by small black self tapper type screws, the two buckets by the hood mechanism are held in by four screws at the bottom edge and one more right at the top of the B post - take care they are easy to break. The big flat board is held down by the rear bulkhead panel at the front and then all three of the trim panels that sit at the bottom of the hood, again with self tapping screws through the hardboard panels - these may just pull off. ( I have remade all of mine with flexible plastic panelling which will be weather proof. Hope this helps Cheers ian
  11. Hi Christian, I will see if I can come along to this one. Just remind me of the date. Cheers Ian
  12. Agree with Al, The anti burst catch becomes lazy when it gets grubby and will stick. As with most things it may need to be serviced and cleaned, a little squirt of WD 40 might work wonders! Cheers Ian
  13. This is a much easier way if you are intending on pulling off all the suspension and everything. It would have been how they were fitted in the first place anyway. Cheers Ian
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