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  1. Hi Jerry, This is quite common, normally brought about because the foam covering of the flaps within the heater unit has worn off, he only real way to fix this is to disassemble the unit and replace the foams. Sadly this means taking out the dashboard - not a hard job but a fair few hours of work. Cheers
  2. Have a great day, hope the lunch goes well!
  3. Excellent as usual, a must see! cheers
  4. And a happy birthday from this Ian too!
  5. Hi Jerry, The shaped plate UKC2209 helps stop the rubber bush move around too much so worth having and all of the parts should be readily available from someone like Robsport second hand at reasonable cost. The round spacer is about an inch tall from memory. I've never had any problem with the bolt and falling out or working loose as it bolts all the way through and up into the underside of the back of the gearbox - but a wire for security will never be a bad thing. hope this helps Ian
  6. The cills as far as I am aware were only ever painted in satin paint from the factory - textures finishes such as schultz are likely to be applied at a later date. The Ford paint should suffice. Cheers Ian
  7. Looks great Tom, happy driving!
  8. That looks good and will probably do a better job that the original! Cheers Ian
  9. Typically Triumph the drain is around the outside of the filler pipe- sadly as yours has they fill up with detritus. If you undo the three large crosshead screws (The nuts on the other side should be welded in place) you can pull out the plastic surround and clean around the pipe. Hope this helps.
  10. Here we go: https://www.knfilters.co.uk/air-filters/triumph/tr8 they are quite expensive though, you might be able to get them cheaper elsewhere. Will your ones not wash out? Cheers Ian
  11. Hi Mike, I think I would look at the light switch first of all. are both sides not working? Regards Ian
  12. Hi Al, are you looking for K&N filters which fit in the original TR8 air boxes? - if so I'll look at mine and come back to you. regards Ian
  13. Mine has landed this afternoon in Essex :-) Cheers Ian
  14. Certainly has potential - looks like a good job too! Cheers
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