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  1. TriumphV8

    Strombergs - throttle spindle bushes

    Manifold in lathe to drill for the bearing ready to accept the bearing and bearing in place my homemade tool
  2. TriumphV8

    TR6 megasquirt system on ebay

    Hi Ray you should invite us to visit the Blue Mointains than the EFI can be set right with the experts at your side! MS1, 2 or 3 can do the job. MS1 is for the price and with the old board below 200 USD MS2 with 3,0 board allows triggering with VR sensor from the crank and has an automotive CPU MS3 has some gimmicks we might not need but USB connection and logging with store chip on board. It is MS2 with an additional board. No need for more injection channels and crazy things. Look at DIY autotune for the MS and stim and water temp and air temp sender. If you go for MS2 add the com to usb converter to avoid trouble. And do not forget to keep us informed about the progress!
  3. TriumphV8

    Upgrading the TR250 Engine

    Oh yes, some heads are different and the ignition advance is different....
  4. TriumphV8

    Upgrading the TR250 Engine

    Hi Dave, first the engine must be in perfect good condition to invisage such a tuning. The difference between TR250 ans TR5PI is the cam from 256 degrees to 280 a different exhaust manifold from 1 branch to 2 branch and a higher CR and a different inlet manifold with fuel injection. All can be swapped quite easily but what remains is the fuel supply in the trunk and a high pressure fuel line to the front. Complete sets with metering unit, pipes, manifold and collector and air filter together with pressure regulator, filter and pump in the trunk became quite expensive during the last years. To avoid trouble I would buy a remanfactured set from people like Neil Ferguson.
  5. TriumphV8

    Front brake options...

    Very interesting! I had the last set. We prepared that set for a friend and it did not fit. Maybe there are some different parts availiable. Some modern wheel flanges are about 3mm more to the outside. Limora in Germany offered them. Maybe that is the difference, It was not much, but brake caliber interfered with the steel wheel from a post 1973 carb TR6 on both sides.
  6. TriumphV8

    TR 6 valve oil seals

    Just another head prepared and as my name was mentioned before here is a short video to show a proper cut valve seat. Sometimes the seats are not centric, a reason can be that new valve guides are fitted. But often quickly cut seats are also not perfect because the people push the cutter to one side. In the video first picture the seat cutters and some tools can be seen, than there is the valve falling back on the non centric seat, it sticks because the valve is pushed towards a side of the guide. Next a seat can be seen after I cut the seat. The pilot is in the guide to center the tool. Most of the cut off material is at one side. This shows that it was bad before. At last a happy valve is jumping from the seat because its nicely in the middle and centric.
  7. TriumphV8

    Vertical link/Trunnion. Whats acceptable?

    There is much scrap in the market, especially the ball joints are terrible. Often those in the steering do not have the cutouts to allow the full travel of the suspension, when the car is lifted. The steering will become heavy and bends when turned. Any play in the vertical link will makes noise. If there is no corrosion in most cases the brass item ist the culprit. The Cheap Charlys in China learned to print Stanpart on the brass to sell it better! A first test is to fit the limiter to the top of the brass and turn the axle fully to left and right. Wheels must be on the ground. When the trunnion hits the limiter the brass may show its play by moving a bit away from the trunnion! I fitted a new rack and pinion that was set far to strong making steering heavy. Had to loosen the big nut that it turns easier. The steering should go back after cornering just by itself and do that quickly. Otherwise there is a problem in the front axle that should be found and not tolerated.
  8. TriumphV8

    Front brake options...

    EBC made a set with 20mm or 22mm vented discs and spacers in the original caliper. It seems the set is no longer availiable. They are the smallest vented ones I know and they already need spacers for steel wheels. They have dimples and slots. To avoid that a Ford disc must be used what is 4mm wider. EBC offers a dimpled and slotted disc not vented and road legal with German TÜV approval. It is the GD199.
  9. TriumphV8

    TR 6 valve oil seals

    There are many ways to solve the problem but first you should make sure that the problem is play in the valve guide and not too much that making them new is the recommended solution. If guides are worn the engine will blow oil when driving with high revs and lift the pedal. Especially if you apply gas again the exhaust will fume white. Remedy: 1.) You can use the rubber rings on the stem, cheap and not very good. 2.) With single springs there is Mitsubishi cap that fits direct on the guide. 3.) The cap from the VW Golf1 fits and needs turning down the top of the guide to 10.2mm 4.) The cap from Citoen fits that is the one Goodparts offers and needs turning down to 10.2mm. Turning down the top can be done with guide in place but head must be removed. It is done by a cutter that fits into the valve guide. Advantage is that seats need no regrind. Springs can be removed with head on the engine but than only 1.) can be used and 2.) if a swap to another spring makes sense. I would choose 3 or 4 and make the guides new, they cost only 2 GBP. The only disadvantage of a removed guide is that it is necessary to recut the valve seat. All in all it should be around 1000 GBP with caps & new guides & seats cut & seats regrind
  10. TriumphV8

    TR6 pistons and rods

    Oh yes, I know about these problems. The local dealers have their supply partners and if you want to go a different route they offer crazy prices. Maybe the high price comes from the reason they are German products and you asked the the price in GB. Anyway often it is better to investigate a little bit and maybe find another supplier. https://www.ebay.de/itm/382649413042 This is around 60GBP including the tax what in my opinion is a fair price. When I swapped to the VW pistons some crazy people also offered them for crazy prices beyond 100GBP. Normally I get 4 of them for that price! Anyway as I said, County must not be bad because if you open a damaged engine you often do not know, why the piston failed. Also broken piston rings may also have their reason in wrong ignition setting or wrong mixture or compression or a mix of all.
  11. TriumphV8

    Clutch Release Bearing

    We are right now working on that project. Will fit three TR6 with these system. Expect less pedal forces due to less friction and do not see leaking problems. All modern cars use that and they last more than ten years.
  12. TriumphV8

    TR6 pistons and rods

    I would go for the Nüral pistons. Why? It is a lot of work to bore the block and fit new pistons. No space for some undefined quality and as I did see meanwhile a lot of broken pistons I take the best I can get and the Nüral hopefully have good pistong rings, too. Do not want to say others are bad, because often you do not see the reason why things went wrong, but I simply rely on the Nüral quality. Maxrods are of good quality, fairly priced and light. Balance is really good.
  13. TriumphV8

    TR6 after market con rods

    Can not be much because I always combined them with the VW pistons and they never touched the bore. Bore than is 76.5 or 77mm.
  14. TriumphV8

    Weber carburettor clicking sound

    Another idea is the venturi and fuel mixer behind. should not make noise at idle but who knows... They are both fixed with screws from the bottom that get loose from time to time...
  15. TriumphV8

    Weber carburettor clicking sound

    Some play in the bearing, throttle shaft or linkage. Put your finger at both sides of the throttle shaft and feel the pulses. Apply some force and hear if the sound changes.

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