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  1. Hi Roger - I took a quick look at the workshop manual. If I got the dimensions right, then the bridge is showing slightly high. The manual doesn't really show any measurements to the body mount plates on top of the cross-member. One thing - is that the body-mount plates show level in the manual, and mine are inclined which isn't right. The challenge here is that it may have to be adjusted multidimensionally. The top may have to be changed and then the overall height reduced. However, this may also change the angle of the mounting pins. It would be interesting to know what the distance be
  2. Hi Rich - Yes - the rubber mountings are upside down. The bridge is the main concern at present and measurements from a 4 A would greatly assist. Thanks, Martin.
  3. Evening All - I have the body bolted on the chassis, and have a potential concern regarding the rear chassis cross-member height and differential angle. The rear cross-member and uprights were replaced by the previous owner before I took on the project. Does anyone know what the correct dimensions are for the points shown in the photo below? In addition what is the dimension from the front differential mounting plate where the pin protrudes to chassis. The body is rubbing against the rear edge of the cross member in the inner wheel arch area. The angle of the differential looks strange a
  4. Colin is going to start remanufacturing the chassis from his place in France. I went to see him back in October 2019 before he moved out of his premises. The chassis is a very nice product and you won't go wrong. I am still debating on ordering a new one and emailed him two weeks ago. He stated he will be setting up the tooling etc shortly and will be producing in the not too distant future. You will though need to provide him the front turrets of your existing chassis. Thanks, M.
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