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  1. The hub nut gets torqued to 215 lbf ft. On CDD shafts its not a nyloc, but the nut has a collar on the nut that is peened in three places to grip the exposed threads on the shaft so its effectively a metal locking nut; see rubbish sketch! I had to remove the OS shaft so ended up refusing the locknut - may not be best practice but I re-peened the original three lock marks and there was good resistance on refitting so happy that it locks. I'll check re-torque everything next week (about 100 mile since fit) and I don't anticipate any movement. 2C621CCD-669D-4CBB-853C-5AFBE0528D01.heic
  2. Brackets on my Six are one notch "up" innner and two notches "up" outer. I understand that later cars may be three notches "up" inner and one notch "up" outer. That said, you can have multiple options of notches and brackets fitted "up" or "down" to play with camber. Re tracking shims, mine had two under each bracket. Changed Off Side(OS) to correct previous toe-out to 2 shims inner and 1 shim outer, and changed Near Side(NS) to correct previous toe-in to 2 shims inner and 3 shims outer. I still need to get alignment and camber garage checked, but string and iPhone with Mk1 eye-b
  3. Having spent several days over-hauling the rear suspension and replacing the drive shafts of my 1970 Six, I thought I’d write down a few notes of lessons learned. Had I thought about writing this before I started work on the back end then I would have had some pictures to illustrate it. Sadly, I didn’t have such foresight! Trailing Arms: These had probably been untouched since they were fitted to the new chassis in the early 90’s when the car was restored. After removing springs and drive shafts I was surprised how much effort was needed to make them pivot around the mounting b
  4. For general degreasing try Screwfix NONSENSE HEAVY DUTY DEGREASER which come in a 5ltr container. Can be diluted or used neat; spray or brush on then hose/pressure wash off. It works really well and reminds me of the stuff we used to clean the oily crud off aircraft with.
  5. Any feedback Steve? Assuming you've had time to fit and drive.
  6. Talking about clogged injectors, yesterday I had a post lockdown run in my Six of 276 mile to Brecon and back to see my boy and his children On the way home slowing from 70mph I noticed a cough and backfire. Pulled over, left the engine running and felt the injector hoses for the Lucas pulse of life. #2 was not playing. Pulled the injector out of the manifold and then tried tapping injector with a spanner while holding it vertically which is what I have done previously to bleed it. No joy, so then still with the engine running I exercised the needle at the end of the injector with a pair
  7. Put the choke in as soon as the car starts; like immediately ;-) When I bought my 6 from TRGB about 6 years ago that was one thing that Gary kept reminding me - minimum choke and as soon as its fired push it in. I've stopped starting mine in the internal garage as Mrs S is pissed with the smell; so now I push it out first. To me the smell is wonderful - but each to their own. My 6 is very sooty also on start, but then I also burn oil at rate of 1Lt/1200 miles because I have a ring issue on #5 (Comp is 20 psi down versus #4 and # 6). One day I'll get around to fixing that - but it's not ur
  8. I've just had my gearbox and OD rebuilt, and before I refitted it I replaced the clutch cover and drive plate even though the original was only 4 years old.
  9. No knowledge about Limora - but fitted a PowerLite Starter from Rimmers to my Six several years ago because the Bomb type was struggling to turn the engine over. The original failed within a matter of days but Rimmers replaced with no quibble. I like these over the Bomb type because they are smaller and lighter, and if it does have to be removed again I can do it without removing the extractor manifold. Note; I needed a shim with mine and thats an option with the Rimmers parts listing.
  10. Have it overhauled by ORS Sheffield. Just had my GB and Type A overhauled by them and the service is first class. Very happy with the end result. Didn't want to go the exchange route; better the devil you know and ORS will talk you through what needs doing to your box.
  11. Had meant too - but no rattle from the rebuilt GB - so no need.
  12. My solution would be to get it's value appraised properly. Speak to someone in your TR Group to see if they know of some specialist local to you. Re the OD, it can be wiring or loose solenoid linkage (relatively simple and cheap), low oil or clogged filter (a bit more complicated but not expensive), or an OD unit overhaul (a lot more complicated and potential for a few hundreds of pounds) Good luck Adrian
  13. Thx Andy. Planning to check the pressure. Re filter, its clear and the wiring was replaced 5 years ago when I fitted the new Bosch setup from Malcom at Prestige. Now all I need to figure out his how to keep peas frozen in the boot!
  14. A little late to this topic, but having just experienced a Bosch pump overheat issue (it was 32C yesterday so probably much hotter in the boot) I just wanted to confirm that the Birds-Eye (other brands are available) frozen pea trick still works. Car stuttered to a halt and refused to start and the wailing from the boot was reminiscent of having previously experienced a blocked filter. Slackened the inlet to the pump, gush of fuel came out so not the filter. Let it cool for 30 minutes, started it and managed 3 miles to the village of Waddeson before it conked again. Post Office &am
  15. I have this week just fitted the overhauled box and O/D (type A) back in my Six and got a chance yesterday to take it out for some sun. Sooooooo pleased with the smoothness of the change and how quiet it is without the moaning layshaft. If you're looking for a quality overhaul for gearbox and/or O/D, then I can highly recommend Overdrive Repair Services in Sheffield. Tel 0114 2482632
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