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  1. Bergen offer a range of decent quality budget testers, otherwise step up to Sykes Pickavant -anything in between is just marketing . . . . Cheers Alec
  2. suggest you re-post this in the sidescreen forum . . . Cheers Alec
  3. If you try the search facility, top right of the screen, you'll find endless discussion re the rear axle . . . . . All that could be said has been said, time and again, life's too short to keep on repeating the same old flannel ! Cheers Alec
  4. Hi Jim, one prop that has negligible spline wear and good UJs both ends, probably better overall than a new one recently fitted to a friend's TR6. As far as I can see, it must go back to a low miles TR4 dismantled back in the 1980s, pukka Stanpart of course. All it needs is cleaning, which I wouldn't do here for fear of hydrocarbons upsetting airport sniffers ! Carriage to NZ, weight 8-9kgs, insured, via Interparcel's Landmark Global service should be just about £50 packed bombproof. Never used Landmark, they're a slow (7-10 day) economy service, but if Interparcel use them there shouldn't be a problem. Cheers Alec
  5. Never heard of Google ? https://www.google.co.uk/search?source=hp&ei=SuTFWpLqH8ehUdGVndgM&q=the+roadster+factory&oq=the+roadster+factory&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0l2j0i22i30k1l5.1865.7964.0.8434. Cheers Alec
  6. Indeed it is the Tucker machine . . . . . which I've known since before Phil rebuilt it in the 1990s. It's a superlative piece of kit, the best an indulgent father (and a very fine engineer at that) could achieve for his daughter. It would be very difficult to find a better 4A that's actually all-round road useable, as opposed to an out-and -out trailer queen. I was, incidentally, intending helping my son to purchase this car last year . . . . . but for an unexpected addition to his family now on the way, so he's staying with his old TR7 rather than moving on to a 4A. New babies come expensive ! The only down side is the colour, which is a love or hate for sure, but if this was painted BRG or Signal Red it's a £30K car. Cheers Alec
  7. Yes agreed, but reconditioned traditional copper/brass rads tend to be rather more long lasting, at least in my experience. Cheers, Alec
  8. Hi Mick, old story I'm afraid, tools lack the bling factor, except for fancy cabinets . . . . . folks will pay loadsamoney for the shiny roll cabs and boxes, and then fill them with budget tools which will never do a proper job. I prefer to spend the money on decent tools, and they live in old steel and wood drawers recycled from office or hospital cast-offs - cheap storage, even if it is totally lacking in bling factor ! Same goes for manuals and parts books . . . . . . why on earth start working on the car without all the relevant data to hand ? That suggests the factory workshop manual and parts book for starters, the Haynes manual as an occasionally useful supplement, and one or both of the Williams' books for the relevant model, not to mention the Moss printed catalogue of course . . . . and the other proprietary manuals of the 60s and 70s don't go amiss either, if you can find them, an alternative viewpoint often helps clear uncertainty. A couple of hundred quid spent on all the decent books is a damn sight better investment than a £200 top box . . . . . Incidentally, my £30 LIDL 240v impact driver goes to 250lbs and is a darn sight kinder easing off a high torque than a ruddy great scaffold pole with a rock ape bouncing on the other end . . . . . . . Cheers Alec
  9. Yes of course some prove fine, but too many don't unfortunately - TRs and other classics alike. Cheers Alec
  10. Alec Pringle


    Agreed, you build the engine to suit a specific Weber installation, or an SU, or an Amal, or whatever . . . . . don't just start chopping and changing carbs, it doesn't work like that. Cheers Alec
  11. There is no good reason to utilise an aluminium / alloy radiator in a TR except for competition - as in weight reduction. That is a simple principle, quite apart from the fact that many of the ally rads on offer are total cr*p. How often does it need to be repeated ? Cheers Alec
  12. " some of the drawers are only 25mm deep, OK for sheets of paper but can't think of what other use they would be ? " Storing tools perhaps ? I must have well over a dozen 25mm drawers amongst my tool storage cupboards, and they're all full and in use . . . . . OK, I probably have a more comprehensive tool collection than some contributors, but not that large - it would all go in a trio of those Kinchrome units, albeit a brace would be a tad crammed. Cheers Alec
  14. It's the Woodpecker Special . . . . . . Cheers Alec
  15. Hi Viv, the Doretti wasn't a later production, it was designed and developed pretty much in tandem with the TR2 . . . . . and Helliwell's had become part of TI back in 1950, long before either sports car had been conceived. The Walsall factory could turn its hand to small scale manufacture of just about any darn thing, and as such provided a useful facility for Ken Richardson when he wished to develop or experiment without the powers-that-be at Standard Triumph knowing what he was up to. Alloy hardtops being an example ! Cheers Alec
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