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  1. I visited Macy's Garage last month and saw the supercharger kit Mark Macy is putting on his own TR3A. He's excited about it and mentioned that he would be happy to offer this to customers, but it appeared that Moss has discontinued their supercharger kit for the TR four-cylinder engine. Is that right? Anybody on your side of the water know differently, or know of alternative suppliers? @Peter Cobbold? @BlueTR3A-5EKT?
  2. That's my original photo, Andrew. Mike Hado, a TR3B owner in Texas drew the original and was kind enough to send me a copy. I laminated it and it's on my garage wall, just as it was shown in that photo from years ago. I don't believe Mike ever put a digital version out for public use.
  3. Ugh. I feel for ya, Andrew. I'd probably do as Stuart suggests, too, and replace the loom. But I'd kinda dread tackling it -- especially behind the dash.
  4. It's beautiful, Tom. Well done Louise!
  5. Nice photo, @Dick. Do you have a date for it?
  6. The item illustrated in 948s's eBay listing is exactly the TRF part, down to the item number sticker. Only about a 1£ premium to TRF's price, so as good a value as we'd get over here. https://trf.zeni.net/TR2-TR3GB/index.php?page=249
  7. It's *perfectly* reasonable to expect a supplier to check quality on an item like this. The profit margins on a £19 selling price on something with probably less than £2 production costs are enormous. Over here one could buy a road tire for about twice the price of that little gaiter. It has probably twenty times as much rubber in it, plus the steel and synthetic reinforcement. It will last (over here) for about 50,000 miles of driving with *seriously* high quality. No need to make excuses for poor work.
  8. I have the original gear lever boot from my TR3B, and after some good cleaning it really isn't too bad. My options when I replace the split one will be (1) putting the original back (always my preference) or (2) cutting back the very top part of the new boot by just a little bit to open the diameter and reduce the hoop stress on the rubber.
  9. Yeah, hoop stress is sometimes a tricky one to engineer for in polymers.
  10. My car got a gear lever boot from TRF ten years or so ago, and it split where the rubber gaiter meets the chrome shift lever about six years ago. The grass may be a little greener over here, but not a lot. I'd be shocked if this were made in the US. TRF has had a longstanding relationship with a Mister Geppetto workshop in Taiwan to make rubber bits. I've had another bought from TRF on the shelf for three years or so, waiting for a chance to put it on.
  11. Well spotted, John! It's gotta be from a Lada. Your pix and others online are unmistakeable. Lada, expecting people would be doing their own work on their simple cars, put in a fairly complete tool kit, so the size and cheap-ish construction of my tool roll make sense. Funny thing is that Lada never distributed cars in the US, as far as I know. Canada did get Ladas for a time in the 1980s and 1990s -- I can remember seeing Nivas once in a while in the northeast of the US and in Atlantic Canada back then. Somehow this tool roll made it to the midwestern US...
  12. A friend who's been involved with TRs for over fifty years gave me this from his mostly-junk stash a year or two ago. He was pretty sure it's British and thought it might have originally been from Jaguar, but those are just guesses. It's unmarked and doesn't quite look like any tool roll I've run into. Does it look familiar to anyone?
  13. Yes, those might work, Bob. I like that they're 3000K and not 6000K color temperature. What did you do for sealing the bulb to the reflector? With the large heat sinks on so many LED conversions it seems like the rubber boot commonly used to prevent dust and water from getting inside the headlamp can't be used. Is that right?
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