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  1. Don H.

    3VC for Sale

    I had a chance to take a bunch of pix pf 3VC at the 2015 Goodwood Revival when Tony was showing me the car. Here's a slideshow of about 45 images for those interested. (It's an unedited collection, so there are a number almost-identical images in my raw gallery.)
  2. Me too, Peter. The omega 3 due to my discussion with my colleague in the mid 2000s, and aspirin for much longer than that -- probably before its common use for heart/stroke were promoted. My body seems to really like aspirin. I don't always use low dose (80mg) either -- often it's a regular 325mg tablet, to my doctors' frustration. But I know how I feel.
  3. My regular Dr (an internal medicine specialist) recommended D3 supplements to me years ago due to a family history of osteoporosis and my test results. The stuff around coronavirus is very nice to know, but isn't why I started on D3. I think the link between D3 and calcium uptake is well proven. One of my former colleagues, a research fellow in what might be the leading company making soy protein isolates, was quite convinced after his extensive study of the literature that Omega fish oils had a beneficial effect on inflammation. He was unambiguous in his conclusions that they were wor
  4. Haven't heard a peep about D3 in the public press here, Peter. It's a long way from breaking into public consciousness in the USA, I'd say. With all the BS running wild in the run up to our election, there's probably no chance for Facui's supplement program to make it through the din. Plus with all the misinformation about other magical treatments (read hydroxychloroquine and certain science-denying people in government and press), it's going to be hard to get Americans to believe in anything right now. That said, I'm at 6000 IU/day D3, too.
  5. Happy birthday, Graeme.
  6. A scratch INSIDE the pump housing and you're worried about cosmetics? Sheesh... I'd say the 62 people who passed were being nice. Seriously -- I'd smooth the finish to remove sharp edges and not give it another thought. Be sure to get the new valves in the right positions. But -- Dave Davies is the best. I've had two pumps done by him, and I live 4000 miles away from Manchester!
  7. Thanks for the update, Paul and Tom. I'll be with you guys in spirit. Diane would have appreciated this, I'm sure.
  8. Sending my love to Diane, Tom. You guys are in my thoughts. Alec & Diane (and Tyson) at Avebury, May 2015
  9. It's fun to see the Triumphs back at Mid-Ohio, even if virtually. That circuit is my "home track", about 90 minutes from my small Ohio hometown, and where I've probably watched more races than anywhere else. One of the earliest races I went to there in the 1970s had Paul Newman racing a TR6, an ex-Group 44 car I believe.
  10. 39 years in August. Before/after pix in my signature.
  11. I'm not sure I agree with myself, Dan, let alone looking for general consensus. But it's an experiment worth running, IMO. Especially at the rate my car is (not) driven.
  12. Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys. All good here in mid-America. I've missed three or four international trips since this business started, and like a lot of you my garden is in better shape than normal. Would have liked to have done the Goodwood Members Meeting, though. The TR is going in for a bit of paintwork (brake fluid damage) as I work on cooling system modifications and DOT5 conversion. I hope to be driving in by the end of summer. Stay safe, everyone.
  13. Happy birthday, Edwin.
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