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  1. Pretty harsh, dontcha think, John? Exactly who are you calling a know-nothing quack? My small engines have run better with pure gas and a stabilizer (whether that's STA-BIL, Seafoam, Lucas Oil fuel stabilizer, or who knows what). That's empirical data. And correlation is of course not causation. is a fuel stabilizer transformative? Nope. Have I run experiments well-designed enough to separate the different factors? Nope. Have I had a no-start season-kickoff situation or the need to rebuild a carb since I started using that combo five or six years ago? Another nope. And BTW,
  2. In the US, one can often find ethanol-free petrol (at a big premium, alas) where it's sold for boats. Those guys recognize leaving fuel in tanks for extended periods is better without ethanol. So try a local marina. Aviation fuel is another option, but that's kind of a crazy excess and often brings other issues (like tetraethyl lead) in some regions.
  3. I've tried carb cleaner, and it can indeed help. I've had the best results by never getting into varnishing problems. Ethanol-free, use of a fuel stabilizer (I'm currently using one over here called Seafoam), and completely draining carb (and often tank) at the end of the season. That leads to a one- or two-pull start in the springtime.
  4. We've been using E10 throughout the US for years now, and in my area I can't even buy E0 fuel due to air quality regulations. In a motor vehicle made within the last 25 years or so -- no issues. In a TR that's had rubber in the fuel system replaced with ethanol-compatible grades -- no issues. I drove about a thousand miles using ethanol free in the US southwest a year or so ago (where that fuel grade was available) and I saw no change in economy over about 4000 miles total comparing E10/15 to E0, so even the theoretical heat capacity differences can't be seen. Where ethanol-free
  5. Our long time forum friend Menno in the Netherlands is leaving the TR fold, having put his TR3A up for sale at a well-respected (and large) classics dealer near his place in Holland. LIke a number of us, Menno hasn't spent much time on the forum since the great unpleasantness a few years ago. He's kept his TR up nicely, but with a beeyootiful Saab 95 joining his fleet a couple of years ago the TR3A is being used less and less. He sends his old friends here his regards.
  6. Hi Vicky -- Happy birthday! ...or is it better said happy birdday?
  7. The three TRchaeology events were spearheaded by our much-missed friend Alec Pringle. Julian was happy to help, as TR3A owner for forty five years (I've only had my TR3B for forty one), and a mate of Alec's. It was really quite a bit of work for Julian and Sue to "host" everyone, and Julian called in some favors to make them the most interesting events he could. Julian sorta thinks the main attractions in the greater Stonehenge area have been played out for the group. I've said return visits would still be quite interesting. But there's nothing even remotely being thought about, and i
  8. How often are you having to top up the brake fluid? If you're consuming brake fluid, something else is wrong someplace, IMO.
  9. I had a chance to go to the British Museum "Age of Stonehenge" exhibition with Julian this April, after we spent the weekend at the Goodwood Members Meeting. Not quite TRchaeology, but a hoot nontheless! Those *were* fun times, weren't they, Roger? (Graham, I had a TR250 as my first-ever car, and back then in the rust belt of the US midwest a ten year old TR was a basket case. The lower edges of my car's wings were flapping in the breeze. They could have used anything to attach to, let alone a brazed reinforcing strip. I'm guessing your strip is a later mod.)
  10. Thanks, guys! All good here. My TR3B went in to a local classics shop (whose owner is a TR fan, owning several) for a bit of paintwork repair. Then it goes into the queue for Macy's Garage for some mechanical work (including installation -- finally -- of that Andy Wiltshire fuel tank, Ian). With luck I'll be driving in the autumn. My birthday gift to myself was to finally get the clearance of my parents' former house done, and ready the house for sale. That really is a gift. It's been a long slow-motion project to get this far. I don't recommend owning houses 500 miles away fro
  11. I do exactly this too. A plain black battery looks inconspicuous enough, and although I've never needed the labels to do anything with a Costco battery over here, I do play it safe by keeping them.
  12. Tom is one of the founders of what's now the Triumph Register of America, having posted a card on his local TR dealer's parts department bulletin board reading "Anyone want to start a car club?" around 1970. He got the idea when he looked out at his TR shipping out in the US Navy from Jacksonville and thought how cool it would be to see an entire carpark full of TRs. Tom is my longest TR friend -- I met him in 1979 when we both worked at the same research institute and I had my first TR, a TR250. Over the decades he's been more than generous with his knowledge and parts for my TR3B -- w
  13. Mark Macy of Macy's Garage here in the US midwest does a T7 heater and fitting kit, too. Part number MCY403. US$270 as of this writing. The issue for this group is that after an number of difficult experiences, Mark doesn't ship internationally. But if you're over here on holiday, I guess... https://macysgarage.com/parts-accessories.htm
  14. The Automobile Club of Monaco and Goodwood both hosted the coverage on their respective websites, too. It's good to see those two organizations getting closer -- they're two of my favorite circuits (and I'm a member of both clubs!)
  15. @John Carver, I too heard a physical threat to you in his comments about knowing where you live. Why not call the police about his harassment? Over here it would likely be easy to get a court order preventing him from further contact with you.
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