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  1. The original 1954-1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL had a truly interesting tilting wheel to make ingress/egress easier. Something like that might be easier to fab for a TR than other options.
  2. Feel free to use the photo at will -- that's why I posted it. The reference to my car and photo archive was for those who are yet to read this thread and may want more information (like, for example, how I carpeted over the mod.) Foot room is no doubt tighter than leg room. I can't for example, wear my steel-toed boots and safely drive the TR. I'll bet LHD is better -- it's been a long time since I've driven RHD, so I've lot track of the comparison. Yes, definitely a bit of wind in my hair!
  3. This is my photo, and my car. The seat rails were mounted rearward to take advantage of this body tub mod. I'm 6' 6" and have more legroom in my TR3B than any car I own.
  4. Well done, Tom and all! What a fantastic first outing. And it IS a beautiful car!
  5. A new concept of brake lock-up then, eh, Roger?
  6. Glycol based, yes, as a broad chemical class. Not strictly ethylene glycol, however. {Don't put antifreeze concentrate in your braking system!)
  7. ...and how about through F1 directly? https://tickets.formula1.com/en/3190-spain-fom/
  8. Have you asked the question of the official Circuit de Catalunya website when / if F1 tickets will be made available directly through them? https://www.circuitcat.com/en/contact/
  9. Glad to see the car's still drawing stares, Glynn.
  10. Don H.

    New MOT

    What was the word that other bunch used a few years ago, Roger? "Disgraceful"? Tell them to stuff it. Again.
  11. Here's SHP 520 at the 2013 Goodwood Revival:
  12. Ken -- your post here reminded me of a message from you that came while I was on the road and dropped below the fold before I remembered to reply. I never met Ed, but I bought a Saab 900 Turbo from his son Steve in 1990. Steve stayed on as a salesman for a time at the family dealership after the family sold it to Mallory. It had been DeBrecht Saab on Watson Road here in Saint Louis for many years, and then Mallory Saab for a few years before closing. Ed attended the Ambassador Hotel event hosted by Dorothy Deen to launch TR and Doretti, as you probably know. He was a founding member of the SCCA, too, as I recall. I think our local club may have published a nice obituary on his passing, which I'll see if I can locate. Ed gave quite a bit of his TR ephemera to our mutual Doretti friend for collection or private sale ten or more years ago. He many still have some of that, but I know he's also sold some. I tried to reach out to Steve DeBrecht, who I believe is still in the area, five years or so ago so I could transfer some of the monies owed him, but never got a call back. I'm sure Steve would have a ton of recollections if you could hook up with him. I'll see if I have contact info as a starting point. I have this badge from the DeBrecht ephemera in my collection. This was Badfrog's old Triumph dealer in Paris.
  13. Hi Paul —Congrats! What’s the commission number? (Or at least, what’s the production series — TSF or TCF?
  14. I bought the bumpers for my TR3B direct from Harrington. Couldn't have been easier, and the bumpers fit up absolutely perfectly -- maybe better than OE. Had I been able to pop in someplace and buy them firsthand, I'd have probably done that. But if you go mail order, don't worry about it.
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