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  1. You only need 2 per car, so the two you have a set already
  2. https://www.isaydingdong.co.uk/ourshop/prod_6694494-Triumph-others-Rocker-Box-Oil-Cap-Sticker-45mm-or-55mm-diameter.html this supplier reproduced one from photos of my original cap for a Tr2 owner in France cheers Edwin
  3. Curious to see pictures of the blue one ! i have a blue one too. on the last Dutch National Triumph Day here in the Netherlands I surprised Hans Kooi by pulling mine out of the boot! we took pictures of both together, almost identical, little difference in the hinges.
  4. Here’s a picture of the original plug from colin briscoe’s tr2. have been able to source 2 For My tr2, But they are hard to find.
  5. Bob, could be Doug wants the same setup as you made For My and Niklas’ TR2 as i told him about My setup. Center light/brake and triple function side lights.
  6. In my search of a jack i looked at different pictures and jacks confirmed by owners to be original to their car. There seem to be used 4 different kind of jacks. The two i have differ the most as they have different threads. The other ones are variations with other cups/feet. The one on the VTR site has a different foot than mine and the one in the instruction booklet. So not easy to say which one is the correct one.. Here's the one from Colin Briscoe with his lovely tr2 (and inspiration for my rebuild) which is used in one of the books of Bill P.
  7. Hi, i have 2 versions of the jacks, both different and both confirmed original. One with a stanpart tag on it.. so which one ?
  8. Hi thanks! will keep eye open.. perhaps creating them is the only way to go..
  9. Hi Dan, we had Nice chat last week, unfortuntaly no ;)
  10. I already of a nice collection of images, But would prefer a Nice set to work from! so, open for suggestions!
  11. Hi shane, currently discussing the details with my welder!
  12. I known its a Very Very loooong shot... But keep asking youll never know... And because most of the tr-owners dislike them : is there Anyone with a set or knows someone willing to part ? Even 1 would be helpful as template.
  13. Looks great ! For me, i am a spats man.. esp when i saw it on Mvc575. so if theres someone with a pair willing to depart, let me know !!
  14. Heres the ad of the most recent sale http://www.houtkamp.nl/mille-miglia-triumph-tr3/
  15. ah.. i missed the subject in the member Chat, continue there...
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