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  1. The 2020 Kastner Cup will be held at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, in Lexington, Ohio. This is my "home" track, the one where I used to watch sportscar racing as a kid. The track hosted the big TRA 40th anniversary of the TR2 in 1992. It's a terrific circuit, set in the rolling countryside of north-central Ohio. I'll be there! PS: Here's a badge from the 1992 event at Mid-Ohio in pre-Kastner-Cup days:
  2. I'll be there. It will be good to see you guys (and the car) again. Here are Josh and Tom beaming proudly at the 2019 Revival, where the Sebring TR4 punched way above its weight.
  3. Here's a wheel like yours, Dan. There can't be too many of these out there! For those who can't see the detail in Dan's original image, note the nifty DORETTI stamp Cal-Sales used on these. (In this context, the name referred to more than the car; it was sort of a house brand for Dorothy Deen.)
  4. I have yet to see a powder coat that matches (or comes close) to the warm silver metallic paint of the orignals. For a solid color there are probably decent options. Paint for me, not powder coat, for all the reasons noted earlier in the thread, plus the appropriate color match to original. Here's my spare wheel, a 48-spoke 4-inch wire to fit better in the wheel well on my TR3B, rattle-can sprayed and clear coated. Shown next to the reproduction MWS wheels on the car. I don't have any images of the wheel prior to sandblasting, but the finish was rusted pretty good. It looks near new now with paint + clearcoat. The paint I used, Eastwood Detail Sliver, is a great match for the original wheel silver and sadly seems to be discontinued as a product.
  5. That’s the Triumph literature collection on the Google Drive account of Randall Young, a long-term owner of TR3As and Stags in Southern California. Randall’s active on a number of forums (and a rare visitor here) who regularly shares info on a wide range of technicsl subjects.
  6. It's exactly as Stan states. Note that the spire nuts may be underneath any new dash capping, as in these images of my car during restoration. One can seen the indentations for the spire nuts here. IIRC, the screws are a little unusual -- almost an Acme thread.
  7. Here are Josh Files and Tom Boyd looking very happy next to the TR4 after putting it on the pole for its race.
  8. I'm sure Richard will follow up when he has a chance, but my friend Tom Householder in the US (a nut for al things Doretti for many decades) reports that Doretti is Clyde Robbins at Road America (Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, USA) in 1955. Robbins was a dealer in Peoria, Illinois, USA who sold two Doretti cars. The chassis in this image is 1080, and the car still exists in the US. 1060 was the other car he sold.
  9. Exactly which Moss catalog, Richard? THIS one has no cars on either pages A54 or 54.
  10. I was in Angoulême a couple of years ago just a few days before the races, Alan, but alas couldn't stay to see more than an empty circuit. It remains on my list -- what a terrific venue for vintage racing! They have a nice tour through the countryside, too -- have you done that in your TR?
  11. Probably best that you dismiss each other then, John.
  12. As a bloody foreigner at Goodwood, although one who's gone for a number of years and is a GRRC member, it seems kind of arrogant, John, to invite yourself to the Revival and get honked off when turned down. That's just not how Goodwood works, IMO. And as the Revival is what might be the single best "car" event in the world (IMHO) I can't really argue with the way the Goodwood Competitions Department make their selections. As Tom says, if you're serious in wanting to compete there, stay with it and take a different, possibly more humble, approach.
  13. Rich, one of the things I've learned about high-dollar items at shows from my extensive experience (with a much smaller item) is that the big shows really don't pay for many of the dealers based on walk-up sales. They treat the time in the stand as a way to meet new contacts and strike up what they hope will be a relationship. And they try to pre-sell as MUCH as they can, so the things they bother to haul to a show are already spoken for. Means less has to come home, too. So my advice would be to gin up as much interest / commitment / pre-sales as you can, and then enjoy shooting the breeze (with a purpose) during the rest of your show.
  14. A mod often done over here is to use a copper 3/4" pipe cap with a 3/16" hole drilled in the center. It's pushed into the water pump end of the bypass hose and reconnected as normal. Lotta folks report very good results with this. 'Course, our plumbing is still inch-based, so it's a piece of cake to get the right diameter plug. About a £1 modification. https://www.lowes.com/pd/NIBCO-3-4-in-Copper-Slip-Cap-Fittings/3680874
  15. Thanks, Mike! That's the company I was trying to think of. I'll be happy to hear of more, but your reference is right on.
  16. Didn't we talk some time ago on here about some good olde English craftsmen who rebuild TR2-3B (and other, of course) water pumps? Can anyone remind me of the names of recommended suppliers? I have at least one spare pump here that I'd like to get rebuilt by someone who knows what they're doing and has the right seals. I use my Goodwood visits to courier stuff -- more birds with fewer stones that way.
  17. I've got a list of things to do when I finally visit my final two states. I think seeing a long door TR2 on the beach at Waikiki just got added to the HI list, Dan!
  18. TR3As were only silver-painted wire wheels from stock, or on special exception to make a sale, chrome wheels were allowed to be specified by the selling dealer (they weren't a standard offering). There are folks who like the look of body-colored wires (or another color, I guess) to remind them of the first few years when TR wheels *were* body colored or to remind them of a different era. Julian Richards, gearhead neolithic archaeologist, for example, runs BRG wires on his BRG TR3A 'cause it reminds him of the 1930s. To each his own. Don't let "correct" stop you from doing what you want, unless of course concours is what you want. Julian's car in front of Wilton House, May 2017:
  19. For reference, here are the other pages of that September 1956 TR3 accessories brochure as a slideshow. https://4xdog.smugmug.com/frame/slideshow?key=5KHMZw&autoStart=1&captions=0&navigation=0&playButton=0&randomize=0&speed=3&transition=fade&transitionSpeed=2&clickable=1
  20. Hah! Pre-decimal currency has never made sense to me, Stan! The idea of 1 pound and 1 shilling as a unit of measure is stranger than anything we do over here, and that's saying something. Perhaps guineas were still used for pretentious stuff like bespoke luggage, too.
  21. The fitted suitcase was a tenner in 1956. That's the equivalent of £250 today based on inflation alone.
  22. Here's how the fitted suitcase was presented in the September 1956 TR3 accessories brochure, Stan:
  23. Well done then, Martin! (I could have imagined you painted your V8 all red, Chris, but it didn't make sense that you'd have a British trailer.)
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