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  1. Sending my love to Diane, Tom. You guys are in my thoughts. Alec & Diane (and Tyson) at Avebury, May 2015
  2. It's fun to see the Triumphs back at Mid-Ohio, even if virtually. That circuit is my "home track", about 90 minutes from my small Ohio hometown, and where I've probably watched more races than anywhere else. One of the earliest races I went to there in the 1970s had Paul Newman racing a TR6, an ex-Group 44 car I believe.
  3. 39 years in August. Before/after pix in my signature.
  4. I'm not sure I agree with myself, Dan, let alone looking for general consensus. But it's an experiment worth running, IMO. Especially at the rate my car is (not) driven.
  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys. All good here in mid-America. I've missed three or four international trips since this business started, and like a lot of you my garden is in better shape than normal. Would have liked to have done the Goodwood Members Meeting, though. The TR is going in for a bit of paintwork (brake fluid damage) as I work on cooling system modifications and DOT5 conversion. I hope to be driving in by the end of summer. Stay safe, everyone.
  6. Happy birthday, Edwin.
  7. That looks quite nice, Peter. A buddy of mine has one of the original backlit dealership signs in his garage (possibly courtesy of Dorothy Dean and Cal-Sales). The triumphworks.co.uk version isn't quite that authentic but it's very good.
  8. Hah! It is indeed! Nothing to see here... move along. The TR4 frame seems like an odd mod for a high value classic. It's not like TR3 frames aren't available, either good used or even newly made.
  9. https://bringatrailer.com/2017/02/03/restored-w-tr4-chassis-upgrade-1961-triumph-italia/ On eBay in the San Francisco Bay area with no reserve and $90k opening bid, apparently.
  10. Another useful article from the NYT with a good explanation of what a virus is, how it hijacks our cells for replication, and especially, why soap and water work to kill them. The detergency of a soap or cleanser during handwashing breaks the lipid droplet enclosing the viral RNA. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/03/11/science/how-coronavirus-hijacks-your-cells.html The advice we're being given here is hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds, multiple times per day. And to avoid touching ones face.
  11. My Dr (an internal medicine specialist) put me on 2000 IU/day vitamin D3 three or more years ago. Now that I'm in my early 60s I'm thinking I should up that to 4000 IU/day.
  12. Here are photos of the backside of my TR3B's dash panel prior to restoration. Note that the holes on the driver side (LHD) were used for heater rheostat and windscreen washer pump. They're now used for rheostat and overdrive switch. It's not uncommon to use a rubber panel plug to blank off an unused hole. Depending on where your holes are and what future plans you may have for them, Roy, that may be an option over welding them closed.
  13. If the car left the UK -- especially if it came to the USA, although that's unlikely for RHD -- the original registration number won't mean much. Do you have the car's commission number, gracep?
  14. The New York Times had an article on 10 March discussing how one can boost one's immune system. Vitamin D is discussed along the lines of Peter's original post (with slightly more qualification about uncertainty.) https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/10/well/live/can-i-boost-my-immune-system.html (The NYT has suspended their paywall for coronavirus information -- I'm counting on that to make the link active for those who follow it.)
  15. OK by me -- I'm not planning to use these for more than garage art anyway!
  16. Good question, Stan. I haven't checked in detail, but my guess is "yes, probably". Here's the summary of YOM plates from our state's website: Year of Manufacture License Plates The owner of any historic vehicle or trailer possessing a license plate issued by the state of Missouri that is over 25 years old in which the year of issuance of such plate is consistent with the model year of the vehicle or trailer may register such plate as a Year of Manufacture historic license plate as set forth in section 301.131, RSMo, provided the plate configuration does not conflict with the current numbering system. If you already have an old Missouri license plate (or set), Ask Motor Vehicle! to verify if it is available as a Year of Manufacture registration.
  17. Most US states offer a "year of manufacture" option for collector cars, allowing one to officially display an old number plate of the type used when the car was made. Here's a set of plates I bought on eBay for about £35 a couple of years ago. If I were to register my car in this state (the site of my primary residence) I could have these on my TR. Easy-peasy. As it is, I'm keeping the registration in another state where I own property, 'cause I like that historical plate better and that state requires *nothing* ever again once it's registered. Those plates, also from eBay, were even cheaper -- something like £20. By pure coincidence, the colors for the two states' plates were the same -- that's not normal. The kind of thing one can do in America. These registration numbers likely woulda been quite a bit more in Britain...
  18. Hah! Multitasking... I probably sent Pete to the other guy!
  19. Yikes! I have in my Toyota pickup a similar (and possibly the same OEM as in your link, Pete) and it cost me about 5X less than in the UK! https://www.zoro.com/amerex-fire-extinguisher-halotron-abc-2bc-b385ts/i/G3980146/
  20. We've talked about this several times over the years. Here's a thread showing what I've done in my car. Note that my H3R Halguard extinguisher uses HCFC-123, an extinguishing agent with *extremely* low (although not zero) ODC and GWP. Given the small quantity, the unlikely discharge, and the compact size of the extinguisher, it's an acceptable choice for me.
  21. True! We're often spoiled for choice over here.
  22. Some of the discussion on these cars in the US is slightly cynical, thinking the price is kind of high for condition and the California Central Valley provenance isn't assured (and therefore freedom from rust needs to be confirmed).
  23. The 2020 Kastner Cup will be held at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, in Lexington, Ohio. This is my "home" track, the one where I used to watch sportscar racing as a kid. The track hosted the big TRA 40th anniversary of the TR2 in 1992. It's a terrific circuit, set in the rolling countryside of north-central Ohio. I'll be there! PS: Here's a badge from the 1992 event at Mid-Ohio in pre-Kastner-Cup days:
  24. I'll be there. It will be good to see you guys (and the car) again. Here are Josh and Tom beaming proudly at the 2019 Revival, where the Sebring TR4 punched way above its weight.
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