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  1. May I suggest you get in touch with 'Lebro', ace fuel gauge fixer? Rod
  2. Three things quite likely to be a piece of cake to you learned gents: 1) I use my TR2 very little these days and only in the summer but I need a couple of reasonably priced 165/80 R15 tyres. They will be on wire wheels and need inner tubes. Do you have recommendations - Vredestein or Maxxis? Are they ok with inner tubes? 2) The high beam warning light doesn't! I've cleaned up the earth contacts. If I take it out of the speedometer and earth it anywhere it lights appropriately. The bulbs that illuminate the speedo light at the pull of the switch so presumably the speedo is earthed ok.
  3. Hi Ade, nothing to do with springs but when I saw your TR was RDU 204 I couldn't resist saying that my first TR was RDU 917 that I bought in 1962 for £60. It came with aluminium wings, doors, bonnet, and boot lid and steel hard top and wire wheels - alas gone long ago. Rod
  4. Thanks Bob, the deed is done! Rod
  5. Thanks Tom, just looking for a good buy. Euro Car Parts (I have a branch 10 mins drive away) unfortunately don't when I asked have any headlamps with sidelights incorporated. But I bought the Nightbreakers and I'll look for a suitable relay. Rod
  6. Slightly off subject do you have any recommendations for TR2 that incorporate side lights? My sidelights are converted to amber indicators. Thanks Rod
  7. In my early 20s I and my mates all bought TR2s for a song (mine was £60). A lad who ran a garage just out of town raced a TR2 and let us use all his garage tools and equipment freely. He also used to knock out glass fibre 3A front aprons and we all bought one to make our cars look newer and I preferred that look. Reliving my youth, I bought a TR2 in my 50s that came with a steel 3A apron that I'm now (in my 70s) not so sure about but it's ok and anyway I couldn't afford a genuine 2 apron. New ones are knocked out with bits and pieces welded together and would never fit. I've never had any
  8. Excellent Hamish, thanks for posting it. Rod
  9. Thank you so much chaps. As always on this forum timely, invaluable help and advice and though I've been a TR owner on and off for 50 years I couldn't manage without you. At this point I can never resist saying that the 3A at Gaydon 643 HYX was mine in the 70s! Thanks again Rod
  10. Folks, having had to complete a few domestic tasks I am now back with my brakes and I have a couple of queries: 1) One of the slave cylinders was scored so I bought a new pair (as recommended by Moss). Are they ready to fit or should I take them apart and swill them with brake fluid? 2) Any tips on how to refit the long springs? They are very strong and I'm less so than I used to be. Is it essential that these springs are between the shoes and the backplate, which to my unpractised eye seems pretty well impossible! Many thanks Rod
  11. Thanks very much Edwin and Ewan. It is original so I removed the collar and all is revealed! Maybe I am totally gaga after all. Cheers Rod
  12. My 2 has wire wheels. I think I have a leaking near side rear slave cylinder so need to remove the brake drum. I removed the wheel but no setscrews holding the drum were visible! It looks like I need to remove the castellated nut which I assume attaches the wire wheel extension to the axle. I searched the forum to no avail. Can you knowledgeable chaps tell me how to proceed in words of one syllable? I am getting on a bit but didn't think I was totally gaga. Many thanks Rod
  13. I went down to Carpetright and bought a metre of black fluffy man-made fibre carpet and made my own. Not too difficult and, of course, the fit was perfect! Rod
  14. Thanks Dave, of course I know of TR Bitz, just didn't register that they are relatively close. Very timely nudge much appreciated. Rod
  15. Do any of you knowledgeable gentlemen know of a tyre dealer in the Wirral/Liverpool region who can correctly handle wire wheels? I'm a newcomer to the area. Thanks Rod
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