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  1. The set screws that hold the end plate on tend to come loose on these high torque starters and need loctite to keep them together. Graham
  2. It sounds encouraging I hope it stays good for you Stan Graham
  3. Stan, I thought the same thing and after about 3000 miles I started getting pressure in the radiator and finished up pulling the head and doing the copper wire trick on a new gasket re-torqued after two warmups and now all is good again. I had some rattles in the top end and thought it was little ends but that has now got away as well. Graham
  4. Is it oil smoke or steam did you re torque the head? you may be getting a small amount of water in a cylinder. Graham
  5. I just use contact cement on the cover to glue the gasket on with nothing on the head. You may need to check the plug in the oil gallery at the rear of the head to make sure it is good and tight and not leaking. Graham
  6. I think you have got yourself a little confused, the spring holds the clutch release bearing away from the forks and pushes the piston back into the slave cylinder. The piston starts it's stroke from the bottom and pushes the shaft out to release the clutch . The fluid will push the piston out to the circlip when it is not connected to the clutch leaver so to set it up you need to push it all the way back in. Graham
  7. I fitted the Bastuck stainless sport system, expensive but fits like a glove and a very pleasant sound. Graham
  8. You should be able to get some idea of what it looks like from these photos
  9. Is it pumping large amounts of water out the overflow, could be a blown head gasket , I would do the re torque first and see if that fixes the problem. Graham
  10. Looks like it may have been a lefthand drive conversion the wiper arms park on the wrong side of the screen? Graham
  11. I agree with Stuart you have a good one there, have fun Graham
  12. Also your power cable should come out under the fuel tank cover and then under the carpet, there should be tags welded to the boot floor to clip the cable down. Graham
  13. You may find the drop of oil is coming from the filler plug, the oil wicks up the thread unless you use plumbers tape or liquid thread sealer. Just a thought Graham
  14. That's the one Stuart, from memory it is a special size to fit inside the tube. Graham
  15. I can't get it to work it was only the brake section from the workshop manual. Graham
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