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  1. I got my system from Bastuck and it went together without any problems. Graham
  2. Hears another view, thanks for the comments, the radio works quite well even better when you are parked? Graham
  3. This is my SS front bumper and it still looks the same after 7 years. Graham
  4. Check your engine mounts? Graham
  5. I can't think of any nut and bolt combination on a TR3 that used an Allen key? Graham
  6. The attachment screws are self tappers which could have sheared off if that is the case you will have a problem drilling new holes? Graham
  7. This wiring diagram may help. Graham
  8. I use contact cement to glue the gasket to the cover and nothing on the head side and it has never leaked a drop. Graham
  9. These photos may give you some idea of how I did it, seam seal every joint.
  10. I don't think you will be able to operate the leaver by hand there is too much pressure, you could use multi grips or similar but be careful not to go too far, better to check the adjustment by the manual and it should work through the solinoid. Graham
  11. I have just replaced the fluid in my 3A and used a self bleeder I made out of a 2lt milk bottle which worked fine with just a small amount of air in the brakes so I did the bit of wood trick and the next day, firm pedal first time every time. Graham
  12. It has been reported that new distributors can be assembled with the driving dog 180o out, pull the dizi and have look, easy to fix. Graham
  13. After reading this thread again I see you replaced the master cylinders, I did the same and found the same problem with the clutch I just could not get the air out. My fix was to get the original master cylinders sleeved and rebuilt and haven't had any issues since. Graham
  14. Sorry, Stuart, you beat me to it Graham
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