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  1. I agree with Stuart you have a good one there, have fun Graham
  2. Also your power cable should come out under the fuel tank cover and then under the carpet, there should be tags welded to the boot floor to clip the cable down. Graham
  3. You may find the drop of oil is coming from the filler plug, the oil wicks up the thread unless you use plumbers tape or liquid thread sealer. Just a thought Graham
  4. That's the one Stuart, from memory it is a special size to fit inside the tube. Graham
  5. I can't get it to work it was only the brake section from the workshop manual. Graham
  6. will try again. Graham‎tr4a.weebly.com-uploads-2-1-9-8-21980360-triumph_tr2_tr3_tr3a_factory_service_manual_part5.pdf.webloc Safari Bookmarks.html
  7. will try again. Graham‎tr4a.weebly.com-uploads-2-1-9-8-21980360-triumph_tr2_tr3_tr3a_factory_service_manual_part5.pdf.webloc
  8. This view of the brakes shows the washer for the hand brake. Graham‎tr4a.weebly.com-uploads-2-1-9-8-21980360-triumph_tr2_tr3_tr3a_factory_service_manual_part5.pdf.webloc
  9. The steel locating pin in your Vanguard side plate can be pulled out and should fit in your TR plate in any event you should have the locating dowel fitted to keep the springs in place. It may have fallen out and be sitting inside the spring or on top of the accumulator piston, have you looked? Graham
  10. There should be a washer that is the right size to sit on the spring and stop it from coming out the tube, it's a vital part. Graham
  11. have you checked the timing?
  12. I made up a lifting arm with a piece of 1 inch square tube and a couple of brackets, one screwed to the firewall. You just walk the box back on the chain with a block of wood to support under the OD drain plug, the box comes out on the passenger side the hardest part is lifting it out onto a milk crate. putting it back in I had to shorten the chain to get it high enough to clear the clutch fork. This lifting bracket has made it doable for a 78 year old. I took the rear mount and bracket out to get more forward and back movement and wire the clutch leaver to the bell housing as soon as you get the box back about 1/2 an inch. Graham
  13. I found this article most helpful especially the part about using air pressure to engage the inner splines of the OD, it works a treat and saves a lot of frustration and the use of profanity. Graham A-Type Overdrive Overhauling - Part 8 - Preliminary test and mating with the transmission - YouTube.webloc
  14. You will find you can push the rod back into the cylinder with the spring removed and there could be plenty of free play left to adjust , yes have another go at it. Graham
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