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  1. Hallo Oliver, there's a very good radiator service at Lörrach: http://www.british-classic-cars.de/kuehlerbau.htm Kühlerbau Lörrach Salvatore Battaglia Ob der Gass 25 Schlachthofstraße 79540 Lörrach Tel. 07621/915 900 oder 89514 Fax 07621/915 901 oder 84299 Sig. Battaglia has done two radiators for my cars (Alfa Spider and MGB), both of high quality. Not cheap but worth every €.
  2. Wouldn't it be easier to buy papers (title, customs declaration) of a scrapped car in the States? Be aware of the pre-60000 and after-60000 differences of the bodies, so the VIN in the papers should match body type, because any mismatch here can be seen on first sight...
  3. Very helpfull link! Thank you very much, Peter!
  4. When I was looking for these original rubber mats I found them here: The Roadster Factory, item 701237-8T23 FLOOR MAT SET,O.E.TYPE https://trf.zeni.net/sitesearch_results.php?ul=TR2-TR3Handbook&q=701237-8 Difference to the AMCO style mats is that the OE mats cover the front wall and are fixed by the two metall clips there... BTW: They have these clips, too: item 561162T24 CLIP,FLOOR MAT
  5. "Blowenfusen" is very nice! It was one of the favourite obsessions of my MGB GT when I bought it 10 years ago Take you yes in eight! (German: Nimm Dich ja in acht! - Take serious care!)
  6. I live in Freiburg im Breisgau Wasserschloss Glatt sounds interesting. It's on the other side of the Black Forest (info for the Non-Schwarzwälder)...
  7. Hello Iain, hello Peter, thank you very much for this hint! I think that's it. As both bolts show the same damage this must have been a weak point (and Moss recommends the TR4-Version of this fixing)...
  8. Short update: When dismantling the upper bolt I saw that it is damaged. I remember having found a similar bolt with a similar damage (and a similar small sleeve) when dismantling my car. I found it near the frame cross / handbrake in the oil mud. It's an AUTO bolt, too. So it's original - but function is still unknown...
  9. Yes Roger, one of the very best things we have here in Germany! And you know: Quality of the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte depends on the amount of Kirsch-Schnaps!
  10. As the upper one is an AUTO bolt (with the correct 50ies marking) I'd say it's original TR3A. The lower one is too corroded to say. So perhaps it comes from another car. Inner wishbone bolt is a good idea! Thank you very much! PS: I will put the two bolts in the acid and post a picture next week...
  11. Yes, we have this in Germany, too. We call it April-Scherz. But to be serious: The lower one is too damaged, but for the upper bolt it depends on how it comes out of the acid. About two third of the screws, bolts and nuts turn out in nice (and usable) condition and after the galvanic bath have a finish like new. The bolts in the pic came out of the acid after 5 days. IMHO it's better to use original bolts of perfect fit than to use "Made in Somewhere" bolts of "seems to fit" length or mediocre "I don't know" quality. But it takes time and it's more expensive than buying new
  12. A Happy Easter to you all! As an pre-Easter action I bought a joblot of nuts and bolts, packed in an old American coffee tin can (which looks a bit like an Easter egg, actually). As far as I can see all bolts are original TR3A (AUTO, BAX, BEES, NEWTON etc.). There are two bolts which I don't know; don't have them from my car. Does somebody know where they are from? Hand brake, exhaust perhaps? Both have one or two sleeves on it, the upper bolt has one metal and one rubber washer. (Lift the Dot gives the size) Thank you very much for your help! Regards from th
  13. In my opinion they adjusted the position of the b-post / striker plate or - on the long run - the position of the front / bulkhead to the rear of the car with this gap. In this area it's possible to vary about half an inch... Or am I wrong with this?
  14. My approach uses a modified second pedal box and the original blanking plate. Body is for RHD or LHD. It allows to install 6 relays and 18 fuses (hanging down behind the glove box) and provides a switch (with key removable in on and off position) to cut (positive) earth. Covered with the blanking plate the modification is unvisible.
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