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  1. +1 for Halfords. Had a battery breakdown in the Cotswolds in 2014 ('76 MGB GT). Halfords changed it (thank you very much for the Service!) and the Halfords HB063 is still going strong! Much better reliability than Bosch Silver.
  2. Hi John, here come some pics taken when I dismantled my 58 LHD car. Wiring was unchanged during the car's history. Hope this helps Happy Motoring! Christian
  3. Don, here you can find a complete collection of the TSOA Newsletter: https://vintagetriumphregister.org/tsoa-archive/
  4. Hello Leonardo, thank you very much for this article which gives us a lot of information and pictures! There was published a short article in ESQUIRE, Feb. 1959, on the Rally of Europe 1958, with some nice pics: https://classic.esquire.com/article/1959/02/01/the-great-european-driveaway You will know it
  5. Thank you all! OK, seems to be a bigger prob than I imagined I will think over that. Three alternatives: Putting the the internal parts of another C39 in the correctly stamped C39 housing or use the (incorrect) C40 and benefit from 5 amps more or looking for a C40 with date 58 (and go the racing dep. way), which seems a bit like looking for the Pink Panther diamond Iain, do you perhaps know if there are C40 with screwed connectors on the back? Rob, thank you for the two links; very helpfull!
  6. Hello all, I have a question: What are the differences between Lucas dynamo C39 and C40? I can get a C39 housing stamped with the correct date for my TR3A (11 58) and I have a good C40 on the bench. Would it be possible to put the internal parts of the C40 into the C39 housing? Thank you very much!
  7. Hello Ade, nice papers! I have a TSOA handbook from the U.S.A., from 1960 or 1961. It gives very usefull informations! BTW: It states "TR-3A", like the Olyslager book. Perhaps interesting: It has hand written information of TS67242L: engine TS67426(?), EB 65462, Comm. 107298
  8. Just found this lot in ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/384480403381?hash=item5984d15fb5:g:vfYAAOSwKmphggnk If it's genuine and the three items (badge white/blue, handbook with white/blue, newsletter of October 1973 with blue/white) belong together, the second series was in use by 1973 and the sign of the TSOA was either blue/white or white/blue...
  9. Hello Bob, this is an early example, and the badge shown by Ade is a late one (well, an early late one). I have a collection of these TSOA badges (some are shown in the pic), and in my view the pic shows all the different types (casting and/or color) that existed. Main differences are: Smooth surface (early; end of 50ies and 60ies, perhaps 70ies) to rough surface (late 70ies and 80ies until now) MADE IN ENGLAND on foot: without: early, black/red (up to January 1959). Black/red badges (not repainted) are ALLWAYS without MADE IN ENGLAND (as far as I know). without:
  10. Hello Malcolm, thank you very much for this information! Yes, obviously it's an add on. As it fits on the TSOA badge perfectly I agree that it's probably made by Fray.
  11. When posting the cover of the Olyslager book (https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/78998-tr3-badged-tr3a/&tab=comments#comment-747779) I noticed that the TR3A on the cover photograph has a TSOA badge on his front bumper. Close examination shows, that this badge is quite unusual with an additional chromed part. The car is VYM 429, TS 38141, a Standart Motor Co. (London) demonstrator car (Piggott, Triumph By Name, p. 272). Because TS38141 is not far away from my TS40###L I bought an original Standart Triumph press department photograph of this car. On this picture
  12. We had this discussion in the German TR Forum (tr-freun.de): The Triumph Guide, Dave Allen/Dick Strome, Modern Sports Car Series, New York 1959 (3. Printing 1960) speaks of a TR-3A (sic!) (page 71-73). And in 1962 (at the latest) the name TR3A came to England (P. Olyslager, Motor Manuals 18; see pic). Both books were written with support from Standard Triumph, so the A became officially approved obviously...
  13. Hallo Oliver, there's a very good radiator service at Lörrach: http://www.british-classic-cars.de/kuehlerbau.htm Kühlerbau Lörrach Salvatore Battaglia Ob der Gass 25 Schlachthofstraße 79540 Lörrach Tel. 07621/915 900 oder 89514 Fax 07621/915 901 oder 84299 Sig. Battaglia has done two radiators for my cars (Alfa Spider and MGB), both of high quality. Not cheap but worth every €.
  14. Wouldn't it be easier to buy papers (title, customs declaration) of a scrapped car in the States? Be aware of the pre-60000 and after-60000 differences of the bodies, so the VIN in the papers should match body type, because any mismatch here can be seen on first sight...
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