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  1. Hi Laurence,

    Yes I was in the RAN full-time from 1972 until 1998 and then on the Reserves until 2020. Most of my full-time career was in the Fleet Air Arm, flying in Grumman Trackers when we had a carrier and then a couple of years on helicopters off frigates. Then a variety of jobs paying off in 1998 as Commanding Officer of the submarine base in Sydney.

    If you can figure out the cost to package and post to the following we can sort something out.

    15 Henry St

    Leichhardt NSW 2040


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    2. John McCormack

      John McCormack

      Thanks Laurence. Sue and I spent a day in Malvern at the Morgan factory. It was a fun day. Cheers John

    3. Mr Blue Sky

      Mr Blue Sky


      I need your email address and a phone number.  The former is for Aus customs the latter so the courier can let you know of arrival date/time.


    4. Mr Blue Sky

      Mr Blue Sky


      We have missed the window for collection by the  courier for today.  There may be a small window tomorrow, but not certain.  This will slip collection back till Monday 20/6.  Apologies, but away on  a tour of N Ireland with the TR3 + 16 other TR's. 

      Regards, L

  2. John, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but please see attached photos of my heater core. I need to remove the fan motor but hopefully it gives you enough to go on. Let me know whether you want to proceed, no worries if its not up to muster for your immaculate car. Cant compete with your 27y, only did 14y myself. I have a good oppo who was RAN, served on the Vampire's last commission. Hopefully, get to have run ashore again now that he can travel. last Best wishes, Laurence
  3. Hi John, I will get it off the shelf this weekend and take some photos. I know it doesn't leak as it was working when I removed it from the car about 3y ago. Make a donation to the RSL and its yours - I will look into freight options and get back to you. Laurence
  4. I think I have a usable heater/core sat on the shelf. Not sure how you'd get it to Oz for a reasonable price?
  5. I have a regulator (Lucar type) spare - don't know whether it works as I need the screw type fir my car.
  6. Lars, I have just refurbished the gauges on my TR3 - used this company http://www.speedograph-richfield.com/ Great service, reasonable price and turnaround time. Based in Nottingham, UK. Laurence
  7. Hi all, Just a quick update, Clarkson Radiators in Droitwich appear to have ceased trading. I am taking my rad to Steve at Cheltenham Radiators tomorrow to have a new 4 row core fitted to my top/bottom tanks - £185+VAT, which appears reasonable to me. I looked at a new rad but they were not as competitive or had the fitting for my thermo switch in the top tank. As to having a starting handle hole, as I don't have a handle and the fact I'd probably do myself a mischief if I tried to start it by hand, I will give that a swerve. ;-) Regards, Laurence
  8. Thanks everyone for the recommendations, I will get onto it when everyone returns to work. I don't need a starting handle hole so hopefully it should be a relatively simple rebuild. HNY to all.
  9. Hi all, Hope you have all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year? I am looking to repair my TR3's radiator as it has been subjected to numerous repairs in its past. Does anyone have a recommendation for radiator repairs in the Worcester area? Thanks in advance, Laurence.
  10. Hi, this is a reply I gave to a fellow Lockheed axle sufferer - "I bought my bearings and sturdy-sleeves from Simply Bearings, part numbers are 99149 (sleeves 1.497"-1.503") and 6206-2RZ-SKF - part of the issue was that a groove had been worn in the stub and the new seals were not actually sealing as they had nothing to bear against. I removed the inner seal (facing to the diff) but given that these bearings are rated to 12,000rpm I think you could leave both sides in place." I have had no issues with the bearings or oil leaks onto the brakes since 2018. Regards, Laurenc
  11. Thanks to all that commented - I have have had my dizzy rebuilt by Dizzy Dr but I'm still on points. I am considering going to EI but keep a baseplate with points and condenser in the tool bag. I will have a look for a DM2 specific EI. Laurence
  12. Just a quick question on the Pertronix ignition. Is the Pertronix set for a 25D4 compatible with a DM2 dizzy?
  13. Hi All, I will give the diesel a go - need to commandeer one of the better half's spray cleaner bottles. Suspect the diesel will destroy the pump PDQ, but may last long enough to get the captive nuts soaked. Thanks everyone. Laurence
  14. Hi Phil, thanks for the steer - Bromyard is only a short trip so I will give them a call. I need to work out how to get some WD40 on the captive nuts next. I have a long weekend coming up so will take a better look at how I get behind the rubber mud shield. Never let it be said that these cars don't throw up some challenges!! Regards, Laurence
  15. Hi Ian, yes, I have an old "hit it with a lump hammer' impact driver. My batt powered impact driver wouldn't generate enough of an impulse to get them moving. Maybe need to get my hands on of those 24V monsters....... Rgds, Laurence
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