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  1. Hi Brian, What a lovely little car! Looking forward to hearing more updates on its progress. Colour, is beautiful. best wishes, John
  2. Hi all, After purchasing my first TR2, I am looking for a local(ish) garage/ mechanic that is able to recommission my TR2, Getting it up and running, full service, change of all the usual parts. Can anyone suggest a Garage or Mechanic that knows there way around these little cars, preferably in south east London/ Kent ? I am based in Orpington myself. Many thanks, John
  3. Many thanks Stan! Looking forward to finding out more about it, and more importantly, getting behind the wheel! cheers, John
  4. Hi all, many thanks! chassis number is TS 5 5 21 engine no; T S 1 9 3 5 3 E Thanks again
  5. Thanks again David for the info, this is very helpful! Yes, was in auction, Mathew and Sons. Previously owned for many years by a chap that sadly passed away. It was left to his son in law, who apparently never drove it, or even got it out the garage for quite some years until the auction.
  6. Many thanks again David! This is why such groups are superb for knowledge. Sure, here are some photos of the cockpit
  7. Hi David, sure here is a photo of the engine bay. Doesn’t look too bad for something not started in 15/20 years! would these mods be factory or latter added? thanks again, john
  8. Many thanks all for your lovely comments. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it and enjoying it. Any advice you have, or any history/ notable bits / differences / add ons on the car, please let me know; I’m certainly no expert on these little bars, but I’m keen to learn!
  9. Hi all, to introduce myself, I am John and based in Orpington Kent. Today, I became the owner of a very straight 1955 TR2, after wanting one for quite some time. The car hasn’t been started in many years, approx 15-20. It’s remarkably solid, needs a good polish up, but no rust thankfully! since it’s been sitting a long while, I was hoping someone could let me know any local(ish) companies or persons, who could get it all up and running for me, complete service etc ? I am based in Orpington Kent. Looking forward to joining the club and getting involved. Thank
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