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  1. OK, I'll ask for you. Are you interested if it needs a rebuild/servicing ?
  2. Maybe they are not like les dents des poules en France ? See my post above.
  3. Why not post on this forum? http://triumph-club-de-france.forums-free.com/
  4. I assume it was abandoned ? There are weeds growing out of it.
  5. I do agree that the 100 in BN2 form is the best, it just looks beautiful.
  6. My Healey 100 wheels fit the TR so I am pretty sure the ones from a 3000 will too.
  7. I can see there could be some concerns over misrepresentation, but if you reply to an advert and you are happy with the price offered then where is the problem? If the car is resold at a profit, so what, you made the decision to sell at the price you accepted. If there is a scam with regards to collection and payment then that is down to you to make sure all is well before you release the car. As long as this is made completely clear to the purchaser before they arrive with their trailer there should not be any trouble. OK, I am not familiar with this person or the adverts, but just speaking from experience, albeit in France. I sold my Austin Healey 100 through a classic car dealer. We agreed a price that I wanted. When the car sold it sold for €5000 more. But I got the price I wanted. I recently sold my rallye car to a Belgian. He bought it over the phone and came to collect it with a trailer. But, The money was paid in advance and cleared before he came. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Thanks for the pic. Are those pipes just touching the mesh, or pushed inside? I have been trying to find the thread on this subject on the FrenchTR forum. It was suggested that performance was better with the pipes going into the mesh as opposed to led down to the chassis. I can't see what difference it would make. Any thoughts?
  9. I couldn't find any discussion on this subject. If there is a link maybe someone can point me to it ? Anyway, when I bought the car it came with the original air filters although the engine was fitted with short trumpets and foam filters. The overflow pipes (plastic) from the bowls are led down to chassis level. I believe the originals were a right angle pipe (copper?) into the air filter? However there doesn't appear to be any hole to accept that in the filter, only the mesh. So how did it work? At the same time what is the opinion on leaving my system as it is or going back to original.
  10. In the past I have used a blowlamp to burn off oil or brake fluid from the linings. The brakes have been fine afterwards.
  11. Haven't had any photos of recent rallyes. This may be the last one until the spring. In fact the 3A was entered for the Routes des Vosges last weekend, but a leaking diff nose seal became worse so there was a change so as not to miss the event. We have done it for 20 years. Result was not good but we had some fun. Healey Vosges 2018 by john curtis, sur Flickr
  12. it would be nice to see this discussed on open forum. Even if it doesn't concern you directly then it is still interesting. IMO of course.
  13. Hopefully the new owner will keep us up to date with his progress.
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