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  1. After lots of delays the TR is ready to go for a road test. Engine sounding much quieter now.
  2. This may help. Click on the 34 replies
  3. I suppose the question is....where was it made ?
  4. An anecdote. Some years ago when I was racing my Aston Martin DB 2/4 MK1 there were certain circuits stricter than others. I managed to avoid changing the silencers by saying the engine was running in and I didn't want to take it to the required revs for the test. It worked quite well.
  5. I don't know the UK rules so whether or not the spare would be checked for size at the MoT. Personally I wouldn't worry if the spare was 155 instead of 165 as it's just to get you to a tyre station. Would advise against the aerosol tyre repair. Seem to be unreliable and may damage the tyre. I'd rather pump the spare up in the rain.
  6. Well, the pulley is finanally off. Had to make up a puller. I ground off some of the stepped washer so that bolts could go into the puller. It was still a struggle. All became clearer. The end of the crankshaft keyway way was burred on one side of the keyway and the pulley had been forced on. It is buggered. the pulley that is. The chain tensioner was broken in two and the chain is asking to be replaced. That's all for now. Today I had to switch to the Abarth and change the driveshaft boots. That turned out to be straightforward. Not likely to do anymore for a while as a rallye in eastern France beckons next week. A bottle of red and a pizza is calling to me. Thanks for all your ideas and help. More later.
  7. I'm borrowing a larger puller next week.
  8. My puller fits in the groove where the belt goes.
  9. Well, this is exactly what I felt from the start. I just can't believe that an ordinary washer would have resisted my efforts. Surely, as it is a harmonic pulley, heat would not be a good idea?
  10. I have been using the crank bolt as the point to put the puller.
  11. I have tried tapping the washer round anti clockwise and also bent an old screwdriver to get in behind it. Still nothing. have retired for the night now having given all a good soaking with WD40.
  12. This is the Moss kit which was fitted by the previous owner. https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/narrow-belt-conversion-kit.html The washer in the picture seems to be just that. But referring back to my last picture it seems to be stepped?
  13. I can't do that as it is a damped pulley. Has anyone got this Moss conversion to narrow fan belt without the fan ?
  14. Yes, I have but I don't think it is a flat washer or it would have moved by now !
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