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  1. Apart from Richard,above, when they didn't reply, no. I have never bought from them so can't comment personally. I imagine they are a reasonable price but I would be furious to be faced with that potential work to make it fit. But from the posts there are several on here that had the problem. I assume they didn't speak to Phoenix.
  2. Yes, but you shouldn't have had to do that.
  3. Not everyone can weld and in any case surely that is yet another product not fit for purpose? RichardTR3A, what about telephoning? Not so easy to dodge the questions.
  4. Any pics from in the museum, please ?
  5. Thanks for the photo. Lots of work and decisions.
  6. Uniquement au Forum, pas au Club. Donc gratos
  7. Il y a aussi le Forum du Triumph Club de France que je fréquente. https://triumphclubdefrance.forumactif.com/
  8. Salut Stéphane. Moi j'utilise l'additif Wynns et l'essence SP98. Pour la crémaillère c'est vraiment une question de si tu veux garder la voiture comme d'origine. Quand j'ai acheté la mienne elle a été déjà transformé et je suis content avec. C'est ta voiture, fait ce que tu veux (raisonnablement, bien sûr). Je suis loin de toi en Charente Maritime mais un jour, peut être ?
  9. I will have to remove the springs this winter, which compressor would you recommend ?
  10. A bit late to the party, but this is my towing eye. P1000168 by john curtis, sur Flickr P1000170 by john curtis, sur Flickr P1000169 by john curtis, sur Flickr
  11. Ah yes, Les petits meurtres....... . I would think it has been well used; They often are after a long series like that.
  12. Some nice pics. Thanks. Good to see the masques ,but still a few noses poking out ! Loved the Alfa saloon. Where was the meeting ?
  13. I've just ordered this film on Amazon.
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