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  1. When on holiday or parking it away from sight for a while I put a heavy motor cycle chain and lock through the wire wheel and the front suspension which acts as a visual deterent at least, you just got to remember to take it off.. Phil..
  2. Hi All Heading towards 67 (s--t am I really) I have started to notice that everything to do with movement and awkward positions is getting slower, I do however have a mechanic brother who is 6yrs older so at least we can help each other up, luckily we are still good friends with a local garage where he used to work so after its mot he leaves us to use the ramp etc to work on the 4, very useful Phil..
  3. Hi I let the mot date pass on purpose and then renewed the tax on line with no problem just to see if it would work, then of course had an mot done to ensure the safety of the car, I had heard of someone who went to the post office with the registration form only to be told it wasn't needed as it was on the system as exempt already, I think perhaps that any tax exempt vehicle automatically complies.. Phil..
  4. There are various ways of bleeding brakes, bleed front and rear together with bottles on each, always lock off the bleed screws with the pedal held down, also is there a non return valve on the tee to the front circuit it could be faulty.. Phil..
  5. lynchpin

    surrey top

    You can (if the wife is with you and trained) get the canvas surrey on the front and back frame in a few minutes and get back in the rest is possible from inside but awkward, we carry a square tr brolly which you can put up and shelter under if only a passing shower.. Its a pity you can't trust the weather forecasting.. Phil...
  6. Hi Mark I bought a not too expensive motorbike chain lock, the type with a cloth cover over the chain and a plunger type lock with the yale type keyhole in the end, I put the chain through a front wire wheel and through the chassis/suspension making sure it is visible at the front of the car if it is going to be left unattended for a while, I normally use a stoplock thing on the steering wheel as well if its being left for a long time,overnight for instance, you can obviously remove the rotor arm and a good trick is to fit a tap in the fuel line somewhere so if it is driven away it will stop when the carbs empty.. Phil..
  7. Thanks for all the replies better get the wd40 ready... Phil..
  8. HI I wondered about the inlet manifold supporting itself if a sports 4 branch was fitted which appears to have no support brackets, also if the 4a manifold is fitted would a single exit 4a sport exhaust fit to a 4 as the standard exhaust is under the axle anyway and all the exhausts pass the the centre section in the chassis? Phil..
  9. Hi All Looking at upgraded my going rusty standard exhaust and perhaps the manifold, I have noticed that the inlet and exhaust manifolds are bolted together from underneath with 2 bolts going through castings on the exhaust manifold, pictures of after market exhaust sports manifolds do not seem to have these brackets, I realize that 2 alloy su carbs don't weigh very much so is this idea to support the inlet manifold and does it not matter if its left unconnected to its mate, I know that the 4a manifold is different, is that bolted to the inlet as well? Phil..
  10. Had the one on the car fail some years ago when at Le Mans ( on the Mulsane ) as it happens, managed to bypass it to get home. Bought a lockheed identical replacement from I think a Morris minor web site have had no problems with it at all, thats that jinxed then! You will probably get some responses from people who don't think you need one but it is personal choice.. Phil..
  11. lynchpin

    4A catch up

    You probably already know but just in case be shore to use well insulated pliers if you are going to pull off leads with the engine running..Makes you elbow twitch a bit if not.. Phil..
  12. Hi I bought a cheap cover from Halfords had it a few years now and does a reasonable job for the cost, used it when we were in Cornwall for a week a while ago to protect the car overnight parked outside, and used it in Spain to keep the sun off when parked outside the hotel.. Phil..
  13. But did he actually "work there" or just turn up and blow the whistle "every one out"!! Phil..
  14. Again thanks for all your replies will contemplate them all over a couple of beers with my mechanic brother, not sure how many I will need to by him to convince him he really needs another car to work on.. Cheers Phil..
  15. Hi Mick I think already I am leaning away from the 4 branch, will look a bit further into other answers, yours included, as I said my engine came from a 4a but it has the snorkel lower breather not closed system and I assume a 4 manifold, didn't realize they were different will poke about when I have more time.. Thanks to all for now Phil..
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