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  1. 1989 Golf Mk 1 GTI Cabriolet, had it 21 years now and still only 65000 miles.. Phil..
  2. Ordered new floor switch from Moss.so watch this space for quality. I did find suitable lucas type toggle switches (on - on switch as type for E Type Jag dip switch) from holden.co.uk so I still have an alternative choice.. Phil
  3. Thanks as always for the helpful replies, I will have a think, to be honest the car is only out in the dark if away anywhere so might just go for a new floor switch.. PHIL...
  4. Hi All I know this has been covered before but can't find a simple answer, the floor dip switch is play up in that when operated it it initially turns the lights off, could be a bit unnerving, on second push it goes to high beam and the same happens when going back to dip, I believe you can fit an "on-on switch elsewhere without relays etc, any recommends on where to purchase a suitable switch with simple wiring might be found, I thought of fitting one where the panel dimmer is as I have by-passed this as it too wouldn't work properly? Cheers Phil..
  5. Have seen it quite a few times around the garden and on the garage roof, I suppose we might have seen the female at some time will pay more attention next time. we did see one eating a pigeon a pigeon outside on the road a short time ago not a pretty site didn't take a photo that time.. Phil..
  6. Hi All We have a Sparrow Hawk that appears in our garden quite often looking for his next meal, here he is from this morning.. Phil..
  7. Back in 2008 I had to have my tr4 rear bumper reshaped and re chromed after a bump in the back in Le Mans, as a new one wasn't available at the time It was done by Chrome Restoration Services in Sheffield it looked so good when it came back that I sent the front one to them. They still look as good now, no point in quoting you the cost as too many years ago, found them from the NEC Show they might not even be trading now.. PHIL...
  8. Yep just looked and one of my tr4 keys is very near to the 2 previous ones for my mini's... Phil...
  9. Always found it surprising how few keys there appears to be, I remember (I don't now how) that my first car,64 mini had FS 932 my second mini 66, had FS 936, I sold my 64 mini to my cousin and found that as the keys were worn with a little big of wiggling about we could start each others cars,, Phil...
  10. Hi Thanks for all the replies and advice, I will probably go for the standard Moss items as the use and mileage of the car is minimal... Phil..
  11. Just looked again at the moss site, part No-s 208636 standard and TT4016 competition both pictures show the 2nd leaf continuing up around the bush, perhaps a mistake on thier site.. Phil..
  12. I had the originals retempered by ML Welding in Portsmouth who used to be McKinneys spring manufacturers when I bought the car in 2007, they were ok to start with but one side has dropped more than the other and I fitted a small spacer to even them up so I thought that since they have been done once it would be best to renew them as long as I can be sure of the quality of them.. Phil..
  13. Hi Stuart I thought I was looking at the standard springs, will have another look, the difference I picked up was the curve of the spring continuing up and around the front bush on the Moss picture, standard springs will do as the car is only used for normal driving but over the years the back end seems to sunk a bit especially when loaded a little. I assume that the Moss springs are ok.. Cheers Phil..
  14. Hi All Looking for new rear springs for my tr4 Rimmer are out of stock at the moment Moss have them in stock, they look slightly different at the front bush end to the Rimmer picture, any recommends from you guys? Cheers Phil..
  15. Hi Rich I replaced my bullet mirrors with Ital 467 mirrors from Vintage Supplies LTD, (vintage car parts) mainly because the chrome had failed badly on both mirrors, the passenger side however had been useless since fitted, before I through them away I took then apart and found that you would be able to redrill the bullet piece of the mirror and turn it in further to the driver, whether this would look quite correct on the car looking from the front would be personal choice.. Phil...
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