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    Check the two coupling links that join the throttle spindles, they sometimes partially break but look to be complete until you open the throttle wide, at this point one of the carbs shuts down and you get the misfire, ... this happened to me on both my TR and a Triumph 2000 (Stromberg carbs but the same link system). Cheers Rob
  2. Chris Witor of the Triumph 2000/2.5Pi/2500 register has the correct Churchill Tool and knows how to use it, ... I watched him separate and rebuild a couple of hubs for my 2.5Pi saloon some years ago, ..... it's quite exciting when the drive flange and stub axle let go!!. It's worth giving him a ring. Cheers Rob
  3. +1 For this kit of bits, just fitted to my heater unit, .... worth every penny. Cheers Rob
  4. Dave , are you sure it's the diff? ..... my 4A started making a horrible droning noise some time ago and it turned out to be the output bearings in the A type overdrive, I changed them and the noise was gone, .... BTW I had a rebuilt diff with new CW&P from Moss around 5 years ago, it has been perfect. Cheers Rob
  5. Check that the rods are assembled such that the big end bolt heads face the camshaft side of the block, it's possible to have them the other way round. Cheers Rob
  6. Basil Adams, a College Prof in America has set about acquiring the entire Universe's supply of Vandervell VP2 bearings, ..... not cheap, but the real deal, he may have what you require. Google:- Basil Adams Bearings Cheers Rob
  7. I'm lucky, I live outside the proposed wider ULEZ in one of the South London leafy suburbs, however I have begun to notice EV charging cables draped across some of the local pavements, (very few people have cars in their garages these days), can you imagine what it is going to be like when the cramped streets of inner London are full EV's with their cables all over the place like so much spaghetti!! .... yes I know there is the prospect of induction charging, but that will be for the next generation of EV's and the nightmare of infrastructure required. Cheers Rob
  8. Hi, I've got this area in bits at the moment (stripping all the paint from the engine bay {the most horrible job!!}, prior to my full respray, it looks to me as though part of the pedal bracket is missing, ... part No. 39 on the Moss website (106667), ..... there should be 2 of them either end of the pedal pivot and held in place by the 4 bolts, fixed to item 26, that pass through the bulkhead . cheers Rob
  9. Hi, As Roger says, check the the long cable is free, ..... also check that the speedo rotates freely ....... (the head sometimes binds due to lack of lubrication), if all is OK then the angle drive can be repaired with an epoxy glue and give a long service life .... (well my one has been working repaired like that for several years). Cheers Rob
  10. +1, ......... Once you have and Overdrive you never want to be without it, .......... a 5 speed box sounds a nice idea as an alternative, but it's just not the same. Cheers Rob
  11. Hi Andy, Never heard of ACF 50 before, (seems to be a bike thing), but on reading up on the stuff it begs the question, why take it off?!! ....... it's a lubricant, so a mild detergent will clean it up and then just refresh all the vulnerable parts of the bike, ... I'm going to get some to spray around the the suspension brackets etc. Cheers Rob
  12. Leather needs an overnight soak in diff oil before fitting, ....... Chris Witor of the Triumph 2000/2.5Pi,2500 register recommends the leather ones, ..... I had one in my old 2.5Pi for years, never leaked. Cheers Rob
  13. +1, 2 shims under each bracket as a starting point(front and rear), ....... I'm in the same position and working with a brand new CTM chassis, any further alignment will have to wait until the body is back on the chassis and it is fully loaded ready for the road. Cheers Rob
  14. Condenser? ....... even new ones are not necessarily good ones, ...... try a known good one. Cheers Rob
  15. Dry, they should not fall under their own weight, they just need a gentle push. Cheers, Rob
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