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  1. Ah, like all really good toys (E.bikes over 2000Watts, E.scooters, petrol powered skateboards, even Segues) unless you have access to private land there's no where you can use the darn things, I'll bet virtually all the kart tracks in Britain will just laugh at you if you turn up with this!! ... Shame though, would be fun!! Cheers Rob PS. ... just seen someone on the Thames at Molesey on one of those new E.Foil surfboards, I'll bet the River Police will be along soon to spoil the fun.
  2. Early 135BHP 2.5Pi saloons had BW35 auto-boxes without any problems, and my own one ended up with a full CP spec engine, ..... Chris Witor would be a good source(and knowledge) of all the extra bits needed to make the very do-able project work.
  3. Hi Pete, If after all this you are still thinking about a trolly jack then I've just got an SGS 3 Ton low profile one ... less than 4" so will go under the front chassis and a 21" full height lift (oxygen needed by the car at full lift!!) ... solid construction and it weighs a ton!! well around 45Kg, ... so far seems perfect for TR and a good long reach so easy to get under the diff for a rear end lift, all for less than £150. Cheers Rob
  4. Now there's a funny counter intuitive thing about the Lucas Pi system , 'cause it relies on manifold vacuum it will tend to run slightly leaner with a not so clean air filter (not blocked, but just not brand new), so it may be worth putting the old filter back for the emissions test and see if that gets a marginal system through. Cheers Rob
  5. Hi Michael, as your tyres are new you will likely find both a white and a red dot on the wall of the tyre, check that the white dot is adjacent to the valve and this will give the least worst natural balance of the wheel/tyre combination, then the wheel can be finely balanced with a minimum of required lead, I've always found the clip on discrete weights to be successful, although they can be knocked off so may not be suitable for your application. Cheers Rob
  6. How could anyone ruin the look of a nice wheel like that with all those badly suck on weights?, I'll bet the tyre fitter didn't bother to locate and position the balance weight alignment dots located on the tyre. Cheers Rob
  7. If you've got a lathe then it's a simple job to turn the die down to size, I haven't, so I put the die in hand drill and used a sharp file , took about 3 minutes, simple job even this way. Do have a look at the drill attached pop rivet guns on Ebay, you wont be disappointed.
  8. +1 For what Roger said, just had a look at my Surrey, ... metal bar with the 2 thumb screw sockets buried in a fabric pocket plus a hard vinyl strip to go between Surrey and the rear frame.
  9. Been there tried that got fed up with nuts flying round the garage!!, ... no my method really works, ....should have said turn the die down so that it fits into the cup and on top of the rivet.
  10. Pete, you know the die that screws into the gun (comes in different sizes for different pop rivets), take it out and turn the end down so that it fits into the rivet then away you go. I recently got one of the guns that you fit to an electric drill off Ebay, cheap and I was expecting it to be a bit Micky Mouse, but it has been absolutely brilliant (had to turn down the required die, but you get non of the kick back you get from a conventional gun). Cheers Rob
  11. Back in the late 60's Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Titch said "Bend It"!! ... just a little!! I'll get my coat!! Rob
  12. +1 for Synstrip by Starchem followed by simple water clean and dry then Bondarust. cheers Rob
  13. Hi I'll do a photo tomorrow tomorrow and send it by email 'cause I can never get photos uploaded on here. (above my pay grade!!!)
  14. Just out of interest I've been out and measured my car at the same point (remembering, StanPat panel and leaded to meet the boot lid) and :- nearside 3 and 1/4", ,,,, offside 3" don't forget some of the dimension there is dictated by the lamp housing and how it lines up with the outer wing.
  15. If it's any consolation I fitted a Stanpart Labelled one back in 1983( off the shelf from a Triumph main dealer!!), and that required a load of lead on one side and corner to fit with the original boot lid.
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