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  1. Hi, I see you are in Jersey, how are things with Covid 19, I am in St Malo and visit jersey at least one a month, I own numerous Triumphs TR6 PI and Carbs and a TR3A and TR4A, I am have a problem with the 6 on carbs which I bought recently as an unfinished project, the first thing I did was a compression test which showed 110 PSI across the 6 cylinders, some of you will say 110 not a lot, but 110 psi on a stock engine unskimmed head model after 1970 is normal, before 1970 125 psi, of course the fugures rise with a skimmed head. The car is running on Strombergs cylinders 123 plugs normal, 456 black dry soot, I have checked mixture.  At speed the car runs ok but at low speed there is a splutter from the exhaust, the car has electronic ignition, thinking there could be a flat spot I am going back to points tomorow with a new coil.. ( the symptoms are like bad points) Any thoughts anyone 


    1. Tom Fremont

      Tom Fremont

      I would check the float in the rear carb as the plug pattern implicates that one. 5/8" is the setting, but if it sprang a leak it will need replacement. The needle valve is the other possibility; I'd replace these if it were mine. 

      Nice that the compression readings are even.



  2. Hi Rob, thanks for you help sorting out the TR,  The smoking has stopped, there is an intermmitent misfire I have noticed that the pulse on the 5th injector lead is weak, I have actually unscrewed the new injector and I am getting no fuel at all. any ideas..


  3. Hi Rob, done it and thanks:) put the vac tube on and little smoke.. a slight misfire at lower revs but I noticed the HT lead from the dizzy was split, so replaced that and will drive tomorrow.. Thanks again Rob
  4. Hope so, it is the vac that controls the amount of fuel fed into motor..
  5. Living in Brittany France, own a TR3A 1958, a TR6PI CP



  6. Someones a dick head, and forgot to put the vac hose on the metering unit, its midnight and I have just been into the garage and checked, the hose actually fell off. Could well be the problem
  7. I didn't check the fuel pressure the pressure relief valves are apparantly preset but will check tomorrow, I bought an improvement kit for the throttle linkages, all the butterflies are closing, the car is running rich. It could be the PRV will check fuel pressure tomorrow, I thought the compressions weren't too bad. The car pulls well I hope its the PRV fingers crossed. Cheers
  8. Hi peeps, just bought a TR6 PI CP in germany RHD ( I converted to LHD in 4 days) I wasn't really looking but something about this car pleased me, apart from the colour it looks as though somebody has spend some money on the TR in the past, the guy told me he couldn't find a garage capable of starting it.. I got the car home and compression tested 125/130 on all 6,I would have liked 150 but OK for an original engine. I put in a bosche pump, new pressure relief valve, cleaned the tank, new injectors and metering unit. couldn't find a spark with the petronix system so reverted back to good old points and condenser, and bingo a spark, after insisting for about an hour, and bleeding the injectors she started in a plume of grey smoke and no rumblings down below. I rechecked the points, plugs, and static timing 10° BFTDC. And took the car for a drive, great drive above 3000 RPM amazing acceleration but rough running and smoking below 2500, the plugs aren't oily but black. I have driven for about 5 miles at over 80MPH but drop down to 40 and the rough running starts, any ideas guys ???....
  9. Hi peeps.. HELP.. TR4 I have changed the points, condenser, plugs leads, checked timing. Mixture on carbs, starting mixture fully closed and opening 1 full turn (I know it states 2) but two is too rich; Done a compression test seems OK. The TR seems still to be running rich.. If I lean out any further I get a backfire.. Drives OK just occasionally a slight misfire or splutter, carbs are H6 SUs The plugs are dry carbon black, but I have never known a classic any different
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