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  1. Thanks John. I will follow your advice.
  2. I measured the pressure once more. When I crank the engine the pressure "goes" between 6,7 to 7,0 bar. When the engine started the pressure is steady 7,0 bar.
  3. Thanks for the answer, Yes. The choke cable is opening the MU enough. It is not the injector seals but perhaps the non return valve. But the non return valve was new when the MU was returned from PDI. It doesn´t help to run the pump a long time. The pressure at the MU when cranking is 7 bar. Bengt
  4. Hi, I have problem starting my TR5. When the car has been i garage for a week or more I have to crank the engine up to 30 sec before It will start on some of the cylinders. After a minute or so it revs perfect on all cylinders. The MU was rebuilt by PDI for 3 years ago and I have had the problem since the rebuild. When the engine runs it works perfect and I have a Lambda of 0,85-0,9. That is perfect. Before the rebuild it was about 0,72. To fat. If I start the car after 30 min or so it starts perfect. The pressure is 7 bar (ca 102 lbf/in2). I have a rather new Bosch pump and 10
  5. nylen

    Exhaust system

    Ok. Thanks for all the answers. I shall contact Phonenix.
  6. nylen

    Exhaust system

    Someone has the website to Phoenix or email address?
  7. nylen

    Exhaust system

    Do you have the email our websie address to Phoenix? I can ask them for advice. I can not find them on Internet.
  8. nylen

    Exhaust system

    Yes. I have seen that at the TR Shop. Phoenix Manifold, Adaptor with "Duoble SS" Standard rear silencer. $785. That is what I perhaps can change to but how much power will I miss? I think that this system must be a little quieter.
  9. nylen

    Exhaust system

    I have a rather modified TR6 with a 2.7 litre engine and 3xWeber DOCE 45. Gives me about 160 bhp at rear. I use a single pipe exhaust (5,25") with a Phoenix Manifold and one silencer. I used that since 2003 but now I am a little tired about the high level of sound. How much power will I lose if I still have the Phoenix Manifold but use a Standard look Sport silencer? Or, someone have some good I idea what to do?
  10. nylen

    Wheels TR6

    What shall the ET value be on a 6" wheel for a TR6?
  11. Thanks for all the answers.
  12. What is a "air injection system"??
  13. There was to types of water pump for TR6. One had en extra pulley. What was that intended for?
  14. Hi, A member in our club, Triumph TR Club Sweden, asked me if I could help him find someone who has a drawing to make a chassi jig for att TR6. No one has that in Sweden so he like to do one.
  15. Hi, TR6 PI CR1-CR2911 had a head no 218225, (The same as CP75001-CP77718.) TR6PI CR5001-CR6701 ha a head no 219015. Both had ratio 9.5:1 and BHP 124DIN. So why changed Triumph head type and what is the difference?
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