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  1. Could old deposits of brake/clutch fluid contribute to this if drips or smears haven’t been cleaned off ?
  2. Hi Rich I can’t believe the catch would do any good in an accident it’s so flimsy. If that was the purpose of it it’s a terrible design. chris.
  3. Hi Fleegs one of the easiest things to do would be to drain the gear oil, if you have a magnetic plug you should soon see if you have lay shaft/ bearing trouble. mine came out with bits of needle roller and a gear tooth . Chris.
  4. Hi Tim, just had the rheostat apart on my 6 and noticed the same but also noticed the knob was a tight fit on the shaft and the hole in the knob didn’t look symmetrical with a slightly higher cutout where the button goes so that’s where I positioned it again. Chris
  5. I’ve got to say that is one of the best , most comprehensive replies I’ve seen on here. Brilliant and well done Bob.
  6. Hi Rich I am a bit shocked to hear how it went for you, as we are in the same local group I came over to your stand three times to say hello and catch up with you, but gave up due to the amount of people waiting for your attention. I came away thinking well done you convinced you had done a roaring trade. I would say don’t give up it probably takes time for people to make their minds up we all want and need parts for our cars so I’m sure orders will gradually feed through. chris.
  7. ChrisP

    belt trouble

    Hi Waldi just checked mine, new belt measures same as yours but only 5mm clearance between rack and pulley. Job to get in there because of electric fan behind rad. Meeting up with our group tomorrow a few have 6s so can compare state of engine mount. As I already have the new belt it will be fitted the old one looks ok but obviously been on a long time. Chris.
  8. ChrisP

    belt trouble

    A friend down the road with a 6 has put new engine mounts on not long ago sounds like I need to do so as well and reset the engine position accordingly. might have a compare with his to see how much my engine has dropped/ moved forward. Add it to the to do list. Chris
  9. ChrisP

    belt trouble

    Who thought changing a belt could be so involved , moving the engine and gearbox back . If it won’t go by jacking up the engine it will have to wait till later in the year when I investigate the gearbox oil leak. Chris.
  10. ChrisP

    belt trouble

    Thanks for suggestions and tips I will try Pete's idea first could well get enough movement on engine mounts but it will be after the weekend now . I appreciate your help. Chris
  11. ChrisP

    belt trouble

    Exactly Tom There was me thinking it would be an easily done service item but it will have to wait now. Tightened up the old one and will tackle it another day.
  12. ChrisP

    belt trouble

    Hi Tom just managed to get a photo and looking at it I don't think it will go past.
  13. ChrisP

    belt trouble

    Hi guys Thought I would treat the 6 to a new belt bought at the show, silly me thought it would be an easy swop but the crank pulley is really tight to the cross member and steering rack below it, not sure it will come off and new one on without damage to the belt. Anyone know if it will squeeze past before I get physical with it. Thanks Chris.
  14. Would it be better to straight edge off the rim as the tyre must bulge at the bottom I think this would make a big difference to the reading. Chris.
  15. Steve its so clean looks like it just came out off the production line. Very nice. Chris.
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