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  1. Hi This method worked for me http://i952.photobucket.com/albums/ae7/mark50lockley/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_6691_zpspemhginp.jpg~original Telescopic steel posts supported from the floor joists above, this enabled the chassis to be wheeled out and the support leg dropped down. The pivots allowed the body to be rotated. Cheers Mark
  2. My ignition wiring has been altered so the ignition switch only opperates a 100 Amp relay. I have installed a remote fuse board under the passanger footwell, which has also enabled an upgraded power supply to cope with all the additional items fitted to our cars now. Cheers Mark
  3. Dave I posted my solution for repairs if you follow this post. topic/54526-plenum-drain-outlet-pipes/?p=451749 The repair was carried out 5 years ago and is still watertight It was a little drastic and involved cutting two large circular holes to the side of the rusted area and opening the plunum up to be able to sand blast the inside and then lead load the inside to make the outlet leak proof. Hope this might be a solution for you Cheers Mark
  4. For many years now I have had difficulty starting my 6, especjally when it is hot or if it has been unused for a week or so. I always thought it was down to the injectors bleeding back and the excessive cranking was needed to fill the lines again. NOT SO Last week the starter motor sounded noisier and slower then normal so I decided to swap it . What a transformation,instant starting !!!! I suspect that the excessive current draw on the starter may have interupted the ignition system or pump ? Cheers Mark
  5. I know we will never stop the professional thief but I have installed a lock on the bonnet pull cable and a battery imobiliser. A steering lock inside the engine bay could be my next option, has anybody done this? The car is also marked with smartwater. Cheers Mark
  6. Having second thoughts about the wire, looks a smaller diameter then the spring in the injector. Thinking back a few months ago I changed this injector for one I keep as a spare, perhaps the metal was lurking inside and I didnt notice. Its taken quite a long time to find its way to the tip. Think I might fit filters to the injectors
  7. I Have taken the injector apart and it looks like the end of the spring is broken
  8. Went for an early morning run this morning and had an injector fail,inspection has revealed a piece of metal lodged in the tip of the injector Any ideas where could this have come from ? I think it might be time to order a new set from Neil Ferguson Cheers Mark
  9. Bob This DIY approach was just to get the car back on the road after changing the track rods. I have had it checked at the local Kwik Fit and it was ok. Mark
  10. With a tow in of 1mm you can measure a difference of approx 3mm measured 1m in-front of the centerline Hope the attached drawing makes sense Mark Tracking.pdf
  11. Changed the track rod ends recently and had to check the tracking. Armed with a £4-99 lazer level ( Top quality item !!! ) and a small piece of MDF I was able to place the MDF against the tyre and project the lazer approx 1 meter in-front of the car and then behind ,marking the garage floor with a pen. Measurements revealed an 8mm difference - Which I quickly reduced to 3mm by a quarter turn of the track rod.
  12. Can of Worms like this http://i952.photobucket.com/albums/ae7/mark50lockley/Plenum%20Drain%20Tubes/IMG_6764_zpspsjcvewh.jpg~original Plenum opened up and sand blasted http://i952.photobucket.com/albums/ae7/mark50lockley/Plenum%20Drain%20Tubes/IMG_6763_zpsqi8x0hzk.jpg~original Lead Loaded repair http://i952.photobucket.com/albums/ae7/mark50lockley/Plenum%20Drain%20Tubes/IMG_6867_zpsa7czaqop.jpg~original Drain tubes with funnel in place http://i952.photobucket.com/albums/ae7/mark50lockley/Plenum%20Drain%20Tubes/IMG_7266_zpsqirissdm.jpg~original Rubber blanking plates for a
  13. I have the rod type pull with an additional key operated lock. A locked bonnet is an added deterrant.
  14. Had the same issue with the orchestra in the boot and cured it by fitting a 2m long hose from pump to prv. Cheers Mark
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