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My wife and I had booked a couple of days at the ST Enodoc Hotel in Cornwall for our wedding anniversary at the end of March.

Due to CV we had to cancel and initially the hotel said it would not refund my deposit but then this morning I had a telecon from reception to advise me that there had been a misunderstanding and that they would issue a refund after all.

Which almost certainly means we will book for a visit as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

Rgds Ian

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We had a train journey booked to Germany, Switzerland and Italy plus hotels.  Nearly all of it was paid for and non refundable but most of it has been refunded (apart from Eurostar).  People have been very understanding considering that their business's will suffer.


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I had to cancel a car hire reservation, I did so expecting to have a minimum of an admin-fee penalty, but full refund back with me the following day .... I know who I will be using in future when all this settles down.

..... Andy 

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In the depths of a grey rainy January, we booked for the second week of March in sunny Portugal - usual formula, decent hotel, car rental and low cost flight. We cancelled the day our area was declared infected. As I’m a cheapster I had paid up front for the (expensive) room to get a good rate which of course was non-cancellable nor refundable. Under the threat of our arriving to infect their establishment the hotel played ball saying the reservation could be used until the end of the year, the car rental outfit (Europcar) reimbursed within 48 hours.
Guess who said that the flights were non refundable but later relented saying they would reimburse the airport taxes - three weeks later I’m still waiting. Volotea if you want to know.



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I had a hotel booked for the Novice trial mid May.....again non refundable. After a phone call and an email. All refunded. I’ll be using again if and when it’s rearranged. Well done Lions Quays, Oswestry.

It’s  that old adage, “treat people well and they will treat you well.”

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Celebrity cruise line has refunded our excursion and speciality dining, and other extras paid direct. 

What’s not so much good news but perhaps a warning,  as we booked our cruise through Planet Cruise part of the iglu group, despite Celebrity confirmation that we will receive a refund for the cruise portion of the holiday booked by Planet cruise. The refund will be paid to them.

On attempts to contact planet cruise we found that the numbers we originally had contact when booking were no longer available. Having finally tracked down a Planet cruise open line, we had  assurances that they will get the relevant department to contact me urgently,  we have not had any such contact or refund or following up to our initial contact.

Having also booked additional stay in Singapore, Hotel, transfer and upgrade seats. No assurance that any refund will be paid or won’t be.

After our initial booking and final payment I have found Planet cruise aloof, less than efficient at best,  possibly deliberately misleading at worse when asking advice or for help. Would I use them again or recommend them, I leave you to ponder that.

Have I got confidence that we will ever see any money from planet cruise? Not at all.

Sadly,  1000’s of people have paid a much higher price having contracted this virus. 


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