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  1. To add a type J o/d my 4A gearbox I had to use a hybrid mainshaft because the J type has a metric spigot. I think adding a J type to a later TR250 just a standard new J type mainshaft will be required. And the adaptor between the g/b and o/d. Alan.
  2. I removed and refitted the J type o/d on my irs 4a without removing the g/b. Saved a lot of work. Alan.
  3. So have I and still use it but with a replacement rachet. Got it with Embassy cigarette coupons. Alan.
  4. .003" is quite a big clearance. I used a 5/16 - 11/32 expanding reamer, removing a very small amount of material each time until the spindle was a tight fit then used a fine emery paper to finish. Alan
  5. I fitted the oversize spindles from Moss. Worked well. Alan.
  6. Just paid £1.29 for heating oil. Massive increase but can't see it coming down any time soon. Alan.
  7. Looks good. Worth having access hole for the upper starter motor though. Alan.
  8. Can anybody reccomend some driveshaft boots that last? Alan.
  9. O/D makes the TR a much much better all round car. I fitted a J type O/D to my original 4A gearbox using a hybrid mainshaft for Pete Cox. Works well. Alan.
  10. I used to live in Willerby and rode on them regularly. Also remember riding on a type of bus with upper deck aisle running down the side not the center of the deck. Always thought it was a bit weird. Alan.
  11. With the roads dry last night I took the TR out to test the LED headlights for the first time. The difference to the sealed beams is mega. I'm very pleased with them but will pop into the local garage to get them adjusted correctly as they are very bright. Alan.
  12. This is the crud around the rear liner on my 4A. I removed the liners to replace them due to wear not because of any overheating issues. Alan.
  13. Hope it did'nt spray the hyd. fluid over the paintwork. Alan.
  14. Latest LED Headlights H4 Z-ES Chips HiLo Beam 472 475 P43T Excellent Beam Pattern – Classic Car LEDs Ltd Think they are adjusted for UK. Alan
  15. Santa gave me a pair of LED Headlight bulbs for christmas . I therefore need to convert my sealed beam units to H4's. Could anybody recommend some reasonaly priced H4 light units and will the existing light bowls be suitable? Alan.
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