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  1. Just having a punture repair and balance at Savoy Tyres in Howden if you're stuck. Alan.
  2. My 4A came with one of those pumps. Operating lever fell into the sump after 7 years! Have now fitted an original AC pump from Dave Davis and just rebuilt another AC pump as a spare. Aftermarket pumps are pants. Alan.
  3. MGB on Overdrive. 8.50 Tonight on TalkingPictures TV. Freeview Ch 81. Might be worth a look. Alan.
  4. SHORT 2 POST / NARROW WIDTH! IDEAL FOR HOME-USE AND WORKSHOPS WITH RES – LIFTECH Garage Equipment I 've got one of these. Takes up a surprising small amount of room in my standard height double garage and can still get two cars in if necessary. Alan.
  5. www.odspares.com would be worth a try. Alan.
  6. Hi Kev, Sorry I assumed that the Esso 99 RON was also just being introduced as well. Alan.
  7. Would it not state 99 RON on the pump? Alan.
  8. Think I got a replacement from Remington a while ago. Alan.
  9. Have you tried gently pressing on throttle spindle to see if this has any effect? Alan.
  10. I had a similar problem and like yourself changed the worn looking spindles and the butterflies without success. I found that a very light finger press on one of the spindles reduced the tick over although I could not feel any play. So I fitted an oversize spindle. This has completely cured the problem so it would appear you only need a small amount of wear of the spindle bores to effect the tick over. Alan.
  11. These may help. No special tools required. TRTrans02.pdfTRTrans01.pdf Alan.
  12. It's Falcon. Just checked my spare exhaust. Alan.
  13. A hybrid main shaft if you're using a J type o/d. Alan.
  14. I thought that heat from the block may have a detrimental effect on the coil and therefore best to have the spare on the inner wing. Alan.
  15. I've used them twice now. No problems and fast turnaround. Alan.
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