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Alternator Output Too High?

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I recently posted ( 3 weeks ago) how the ballast resistor on my Lumenition ignition had failed & I replaced the coil with a Lucas gold one and did away with the resistor

All was fine until today, when she died. After a bit of diagnostics the lucas coil has failed (It wasn't that old). I'm now thinking that I may have too high an output form the alternator that has burnt out the ballast resistor and now a perfectly good coil.

Any suggestions as to my next step please.

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Hi Paul,

when you say 'your alt out put' are you referring to the voltage or the amps.


The amps should have not effect.

Why not stick another coil on and get it running and then measure the volts on the battery when running.

Should be somewhere about 13.7 - 14.2 ish.


You could also measure the volts on the + of the coil.


If the volts are to high then change the regulator pack on the back of the alt.



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If it was a so called "Lucas Gold" item then they are known to be a bit short lived unlike the originals Im afraid. Talk to Martin Jay (Distributor doctor) and get one of his proven coils http://www.distributordoctor.com/


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If you have Lumenition electronic ignition use a Lumenition coil. Some electronic ignition suppliers (Powerspark) specifically state a sports coil should not be used. Lumenition should recommend the coil resistance.



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