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  1. Update Finally success The door seal rubber was preventing the door closing sufficiently for the second 'clack' By moving the door forward on the hinges it reduced the pressure on the seal & hey presto Thx to all for their comments
  2. Hi All Thx for your input The door alignment is fine. It will close in an acceptable position The issue is that the cog/striker plate won't hold it in that position I'm going to try and get into the rotary lock mechanism and see what I find Paul
  3. Another afternoon spent trying to improve the closing of the door without success Reading Efuentes post he talks about 2 clacks. I can only get one no matter where the striker is positioned There does seem to be some slack in the cog on the door, could this be the reason and is there anything that can be done about it Hers's hoping Paul
  4. Hi Richard This is the n/s but both sides have the same problem Paul
  5. Due to quite a lot of movement in all of them I decided to ream & replace the door pins in all 4 door hinges. This worked very well, Hoorah!! However on refitting the doors I cannot now get them to close sufficiently. (see photos) This applies to both doors The Door Lock Striker is at it's most inboard position. I have also tried them at the most outboard position in the hope that the toothed wheel on the door may click twice, no dice!! I have tried adjusting the hinges in the door & A post but can't get it right Am I missing a trick & if not any suggestio
  6. Update Huge Thx to David Ferry who very kindly was able to send me the front end of a wing that a local welder did a fine job of attaching. Now just need to do some fettling.
  7. As the rest of the wing is in good shape I like David's idea of cutting the front off an existing wing Dave I hope that I have sent you a message through the forum, although I have never one that before so hope you get it
  8. The current situation provides an opportunity to re-visit my 14 year old fibreglass & filler repair to the front of my o/s front wing. It held up really well & I had forgotten how bad the wing was - see photos. Now wanting to do a repair in metal rather than filler. Does anyone make a repair panel for this area & if not has anyone got any suggestions Many Thx in advance Paul
  9. Having got an alternator & thin belt conversion my ammeter is redundant. I would like to convert it into a clock keeping the Jaeger logo to match. Has anyone done this or got any suggestions? I'm happy to scan & print the logo on a black background but not sure where top find a mechanism. Thx
  10. I recently posted ( 3 weeks ago) how the ballast resistor on my Lumenition ignition had failed & I replaced the coil with a Lucas gold one and did away with the resistor All was fine until today, when she died. After a bit of diagnostics the lucas coil has failed (It wasn't that old). I'm now thinking that I may have too high an output form the alternator that has burnt out the ballast resistor and now a perfectly good coil. Any suggestions as to my next step please.
  11. Thx Steve That's what I was hoping to hear Paul
  12. Hi A very nice AA man got me on my way again today by diagnosing that the 1.5 ohm ballast resistor on my magnatronic ignition had failed. I had a spare lucas coil which we fitted, by passing the resistor and all seems fine. I was never a fan of the bloody great resistor anyway so am wondering if anyone has any views on running on the current setup.
  13. As Stuart suggested it was a stuck o/s calliper Managed to free it off but the question is why would it decide to stick halfway through a journey Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!
  14. I'm with Roger on his logic but can't think how changing the rear shoes would affect the front brakes I also agree with Stuart that a seized o/s calliper would explain the results but what would cause a calliper to seize that had been performing perfectly?
  15. Always had quite a lot of travel in the brake pedal so recently replaced the rear shoes. This seemed to make things much better Was out for a run in the sun yesterday when the brake pedal became very firm with very little travel and a huge pull to left when applied. With more pressure applied n/s front would lock up completely. Clearly something has affected the brake balance fairly majorly I was planning on taking the car to our agm tomorrow so only have tonight to sort it. Can anyone give me any suggestions as to where to start Thx Paul
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