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  1. TR 2100

    TR4 in front

    Yes (American Racing Equipment Silverstone) AlanR
  2. TR 2100

    RIP Mike Cook

    RIP Mike and thanks for your huge contribution to the Triumph marque over the decades. Check out this link for youtube bideos of Mike's talk a few years back on Triumph history. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mike+cook+talk+pt1&sm=12 AlanR
  3. TR 2100

    TR5 - Royal Blue / Red Interior

    Red trim is sumptuous. I agree white piping can be a bit stark - so why not offwhite/cream? AlanR
  4. TR 2100

    Surrey top fixing hooks

    David, There IS a popper on my capping - see below. The original was indeed vinyl, white or black with buff inside. AlanR
  5. TR 2100

    comission number and gear box number

    Willie, My mistake. I read your CT 352xx as CT 352x so ignore my comments. Steven, That's the first time I have heard the early short bulge bonnet described as a "performance bonnet" or seen any claim that it either enhanced performance or was later modified to reduce performance to MG speeds. Someone making up stories, methinks. Although my reference to "early features" is not relevant to Willie's car, I was not thinking of the radiator. I was thinking of the boot stay rod, chromed rear cockpit capping and lack of rear boot lid badge. AlanR
  6. TR 2100

    comission number and gear box number

    Willie, Those numbers are very interesting, in that they are consistent with each other yet out of sync with typical numbers/build dates. So, out of interest, does your car have any of the earlier TR4 features (pre-4229 I think) like short bulge bonnet? Looks to me as if it's an early 1962 build that was delayed being recorded until July for some reason. AlanR
  7. TR 2100

    Scam alert

    John, I think that a bank transfer IS revocable in certain situations. I think those situations may involve (falsely?) declaring a mistake in the cheque but a scammer would have that covered. Certainly need to be careful. AlanR
  8. TR 2100

    comission number and gear box number

    CT 14457 would be a 1962 TR4, approx build date September. TS 1875 on the gearbox would be from an early 1954 TR2 with syncro on 2, 3 and 4 only. TR4s have all syncro gearboxes from the start of production, also +ve earth. Not sure when that was changed - may well have been for the TR4A. To explain the "cut hole", TR2/3/3A (up to TS 50,000) starter motors engaged from the front of the gearbox and did not project far into the gearbox casing. The later TR3As (post 50,001) and TR4 engaged from the rear, therefore projected further into the gearbox. Back in the day, if you wanted to fit a later started motor to an earlier box, you could hacksaw off part of the gearbox casing to allow the starter motor to fit, then probably fix a shaped metal can with self tappers to cover the hole. Messy, but it worked. AlanR
  9. TR 2100

    Surrey top fixing hooks

    Yes - only one owner (1962-70) before me, well documented and very original. I took many photos of the car before restoration - too many to post here but I can send you copies if you PM me with your email address. AlanR
  10. TR 2100

    Surrey top fixing hooks

    Hope these photos help. The hook for the surrey top (or hood) was welded on, position not all that critical as the other hook is attached to an elastic strip. The connector on the rear frame was a self-tapper. AlanR
  11. TR 2100

    Looking for 1962 TR4 reg 9067 RW

    Good news that another TR4 with history has come to light. Owners keep their TR4s a long long time! AlanR
  12. TR 2100

    Nuts for K & N Filter Housings

    Tom - and on the Forum as BlueTR3A-5EKT . I'm sure you have seen his significant contribution to the Forum. AlanR
  13. TR 2100

    Something fundamentally wrong here!

    TR2/3 seat squabs : Dzus type windscreen fixing : Soft end to door top roll (and looks like original material) Can't work out if it has raised hinges - I suspect not. All indicate TR3 not 3A AlanR
  14. TR 2100

    Finding original registration

    That does surprise me. I hope it was fitted with a cross drilled crank?! AlanR
  15. TR 2100

    Finding original registration

    Hi Paul, I was guessing/speculating when I wrote my comment, hoping that maybe Stuart would offer the benefit of his experience - but no luck. My impression is that FR numbers were closer to being consecutive than they would have been had the original number been retained(so greater spread of numbers). I think a lot of the FR blocks would have been early TR2 blocks (no camshaft bearings) with camshaft bearings added. I think you live in Blyth? I am in Whitley Bay (and also had my TR4 retored at TR Enterprise. We should get together sometime. Regards AlanR

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