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  1. Build up of crud above the needle valves in the carb float chambers? Need to take needle valve out to really check. As the fuel float level will look fine by the time one takes the top of the float chamber off, because the fuel can slowly seep by. I get this from time to time, despite installing filter and replacing hoses. I am coning to the conclusion that the replacement hoses don't like unleaded petrol. Naturally it usually occurs just as one starts a ten mile section of motorway before the next turn off..... Roly
  2. Roly


    Carb cleaner is so volatile it gives rise to an interesting conflagration. WD40 is a safer option. Roly
  3. That got me looking about. EEK!! in the middle and at the end. Roly
  4. I had a misfire that took me a while to track down. It was dross that had collected above the needle valve in the back carb. It was not until I unscrewed the needle valve that I saw the debris above it. When I had the misfire start I could usually limp home, and by the time I got round to taking the tops of the flat chambers off to check if there was fuel, they were full. Presumably by the time I looked, fuel had seeped into the fuel chamber and all looked OK. After clearing the blockage I had a couple of repeat misfires and had to clear again. This was depsite installing a filter an
  5. Hi Darren Its the thrill of the challenge! Like when I had to gather scrap bits together in order to pull the cylinder liners. One gets such a buzz when one succeeds against adversity. Roly
  6. When I had my MG Midget, I made up a compressor as shown. I was able to hook the circlip out and release the spring. About an hour searching for bits to make the compressor and 30 seconds to change the bendix. Roly
  7. Mine was like that when I first got it. Oil consumption went from slightly enthusiatic to horrendous once I was cruising above 65 mph. At the higher speeds the cabin would sometimes fill with thick burning smoke from where it was deposited on the exhaust. Also there was a whole mess coming out of the dipstick hole. My compressions were between 135 to 155. There was no oil smoke from the exhaust pipe. When I removed the pistons, each and every piston ring was broken. Probable thermal impact. After replacing with new pistons and liners, no probs at all, and compressions are 165.
  8. The real McCoy at £1,000 or more put me off I would have thought that one could view this like a model making project where you buy the basic model and finish off to taste. Nice pieces of stainless steel should be quite easy to fashion, to get an expensive looking finish. Which has given me an idea as I work for a fasteners company which also has a range of marine products, I will go and take a look in our catalogue and ask for some samples. Roly Roly
  9. Yes I am sure there is a lot of scope for making the fixings look much better. I did even wonder if the B post bracket could be arranged to be mounted with the hood sticks still in place. Roly
  10. Tim Rocket science and elegance for fitting it aint! I will get round to elongating the holes where the bolts from the front of the hardtop go through the hardtop itself, You can see the angle where they dont go straight down, the other side is similar. It is necessary to push a screwdriver through the trim where the bolts would pass all the way through the top of the screen. One can feel the hole through the trim just in front of the visor. The B post area is also simple. The supplied bolts were not long enough for the B post clamp, so J bolts were substituted. Tighten s
  11. Today I picked up my hardtop from Honeybourne Mouldings. I am very pleased with it. I got them to fit it for the first time, and it went OK. One can just see some mould imperfections if one looks really hard, but I view this as a functional add on and not a concours object. The inside is good and neat as well. Roly
  12. My late 1964 radiator (filler is on top of radiator) is 13" wide, and the cowl is approx 15" wide internally. Roly
  13. I had my water gallery soaking in caustic soda for a couple of days. Thats not a lot of help to you at this stage..... It will give in the end, lubricant, patience and brutality...... Roly
  14. I made up a top hat shaped mandrel and with threaded rod and spacers wound it all up under tension and gave the mandrel a really good whack from underneath and the liner came loose. Roly
  15. This may be of interest http://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/classic-car-page.php/carno/88353 Roly
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