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  1. If memory serves didn't someone on here start a list of interchangeable parts from different cars that fit TR's a few years ago? If I'm wrong, it would be a great idea if we had one? Cheers, Bill.
  2. Well done, that looks stunning, great shut lines. Now enjoy, I may be coming out to OZ next year to visit my son who lives in Sydney I will try to catch up with you if I can? Cheers, Bill.
  3. Hi Chris, "Flat side" as you put it outermost, item GHS 185 in moss book. Cheers, Bill.
  4. Hi Des, The arm is made by Desmo fitted to a lucas centre mounted mirror all purchased separately from auto jumbles, I still see them occasionally for sale. Cheers, Bill.
  5. Hi Des, My steering wheel is 14 inches diameter and with the steering rack fitted is very light and easily parked, I can turn the wheel with one hand when stationary. I have attached some pics of the mirror, the view rearwards with sidescreens fitted is perfect, the mirror arm is slightly angled forwards so as to clear the sidescreens when opening the door fully. It is held on with one stanchion screw (no drilling required) and over the years has never moved. hope this all helps, Cheers, Bill.
  6. Hi Des, Here are a couple of photo's of my solution, afraid the pics are not too clear but I used a stalk from a Ford Transit (don't laugh), extended the wires so have left and right indicators, (no self cancel) and horn button. No self cancel is not a problem as an extended index finger when returning the wheel to straight ahead easily taps off the switch. Hope this helps, Bill.
  7. On our fire engines we used to use a shovel, the wheel sits in the dish of the blade then a push down on the handle (lots of leaverage) raises the wheel to the correct height. (simples) cheers, Bill.
  8. Hi Kevin, Didn't see him tune or adjust anything? Think those carbs require properly setting up. For a start the throttle spindle clamps need to be loose.
  9. Stuck Thermosat in closed position? Cheers, Bill.
  10. billy l


    Not a dumb question, any help is welcome, yup spring is present, Thanks, Bill.
  11. billy l


    Thanks for all the suggestions, unfortunately for me I have tried all the above previously, Pushrod adjustment is fine, going into 2nd then reverse has no effect (keeping clutch depressed whilst selecting gear). Clutch works perfectly when cold, and for about 20 miles ish, which to me rules out hydraulics or adjustment, have checked clevis pins and holes for elongation, all fine, Start car from cold, straight into reverse no problem. Only when really warmed up after long run it crunches. This brings me back to my first post, when warmed up and due to expansion either the centre plate is binding slightly on the splines of the first motion shaft, it's either sticking slightly to the pressure plate or flywheel, or possibly the spigot bush is binding slightly on the FMS. Any thoughts or previous experience of this welcome. Cheers, Bill.
  12. billy l


    Hi Guys, I'm having problems with the clutch not clearing but only after a good run say half an hour when everything is good and warm, it becomes impossible to select 1st or reverse with engine running (crunching gears), the clutch works perfectly other times (albeit a little heavy). The pushrod is in the middle hole and the clutch is operating smoothly with no juddering. I can select 2nd or any other gear when hot without crunching which means the syncro's are stopping the gears turning. I'm thinking possibly the centre plate binding on the splines of first motion shaft, or the spigot bush in the flywheel binding on the same shaft. I might try a thicker oil as I'm using penrite gearbox oil 30. Any other ideas welcome before I pull the box. Cheers, Bill.
  13. Thanks Hamish, Got it. Cheers, Bill.
  14. Hi Guys, can anyone point me in the direction of the video of Pete cox's gearbox overhaul seminar? Cheers, Bill.
  15. Red car on a red Chassis? looks like a 3B?
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