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  1. Hi Ralph, I use a repco wheel balancer, bought from an autojumble many years ago, it works very well. Cheers, Bill.
  2. Hi Guys, If anyone knows of somebody that's looking for a nice TR3 mine is up for sale due to health reasons, please see my post in TR2/3/3A forum and my ad on Car & Classic web site. Cheers, Bill.
  3. Some more pics,(Wife not incuded in sale)
  4. Hi Guys, Hope this is ok on here, very regretfully due to health reasons my beloved TR3 is up for sale on Car & Classic website, if you know anyone who may be interested please steer them in my direction. The car has won numerous best in show awards and is a past winner of "The Mermaid Trophy" from The Brighton and Hove Motor Club. Salient points and upgrades as follows. Original RHD, Front spot and Fog lamps with flash facility, Halogen headlights with stone guards, Full weather gear, Leather interior and rear seat, Moto lita steering wheel, Steering
  5. Is that a missprint in the price or am I missing something? £25000? I'm selling mine soon what does that make mine worth? Cheers, Bill.
  6. Hi John, you can just make it out in these pics, it is secured under the thermostat housing/top hose connection with a clip on the bottom nut. Cheers, Bill.
  7. I still think that's a bargain, our cars are very undervalued imo. cheers, Bill.
  8. Nice looker, if it goes for the suggested estimate that's a bargain. Cheers, Bill.
  9. Hi Geoff, try to rig up a gravity fed fuel supply and run the engine just off that if it still runs rich the problem is with the carbs , if it runs ok then the problem is in the supply probably too much pressure. Cheers Bill
  10. Hi Ralph, this is my King Dick socket set, i've had it for fifty years, I used it for repairing BMC Mini, 1100 and 1300 auto gearboxes, being quarter drive it gives good feel when using. I don't use it much now but It's good when working on household appliances, hoovers, washing machines etc. Cheers, Bill.
  11. Hi Ghaur, Remove the air filter from the front carb, run the engine holding the throttle open slightly and look into the intake, you should be able to see petrol coming out of the jet and being fed into the inlet manifold, if not happening put the palm of your hand over the carb inlet to check for suction, this should give some idea of what is wrong, either a blockage in the carb or for some reason no vacuum. just a thought' some time ago I replaced the seals around the shouldered bolt that secures the float chamber to the carbs, one of the seals was too long and was blanking off the feed h
  12. Some of the Ex SA, CKD cars are really nice!
  13. Hi Peter, I have a TR3 with a rack fitted and have kept the original fan, the engine is slightly raised on the engine mounts using a couple of shims (just visible in the picture) and this is enough for clearance of the pulley, Cheers, Bill.
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