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  1. No dream, some of my injectors have had smooth ends. Mike
  2. There is an hotel more or less next door, the BMAA used to hold an event ther some years ago. At thyat time the centre car park used to filol up quickly. I don't remember the town centre being very close. Mike
  3. That is an ignition interference shield. There's a chap here in Eastbourne has an untouched TR6, his has one. It was also resprayed when new, apparently the finish was so bad. If you look at the waist seals there is overspray. Mike.
  4. Be wary when you fit the new seals, I found the banjos not symmetrical. Installed the wrong way round I had continuous injection, might be worth marking before removal.
  5. Mine is a TR6 but the fuel system is similar, I spent what felt like years trying to eliminate a petrol smell in the boot. It turned out to be the short length of flexible that connects the MU return to the pipe into the tank, there was never any wet trace. The pipe section changes from 1/4 to 3/16 at that point, hidden on top of the tank left of the filler. Good luck, Mike.
  6. Hi Pete, You've triggered another memory cell, white paint sounds familiar. If I can find what is left of the sheets I printed we'll know what I used. The date on the file is 2013 so I may not still have it. Mike.
  7. Hi Andy, I've found this voltmeter image, if you print it on heavy paper you can see if the size is right. Mike. Volt dial.docx
  8. If it is the flat part of the face I had limited success with scanning and then photoshopping the image before printing on waterslide transfer media. It needs white background media and laser printing. The front section was not very good due to the curvature, I could not persuade the transfer to follow the curves. Somewhere I may have the image files for temperature and volts. Admission, my wife did all the image manipulation, beyond me. Mike.
  9. There is a short wiring loom from the switch to three? bullet connectors above the column, very prone to corrosion and poor contact. Mike.
  10. Mine was very noisy and seemed about to seize, there is very little clearance between the fan blade tips and the casing. There is also enough slack in the motor mountings for it to be off centre, allowing the tips to scrape. Carefull reassembly should give even tip clearance but the motor needs to be run on the bench and the casing flexed to test before refitting. Mike.
  11. Yes, non return valve is part of the banjo bolt, exchange bolts are not very expensive. It makes sense to me to change both as removing the MU is a pain. Mike.
  12. Before you remove the banjo bolts mark the banjo itself so the same face is refitted against the MU body. I found out the hard way that they may not be symmetrical, continuous injection if wrongly fitted. Yes MU has to come off for access. Mike.
  13. Loose and or oily earth connection at the solenoid.
  14. I don't know if all banjos are equal, but,,,, the o ring recesses in mine are not symmetrical, fitting the banjo the in the wrong orientation allows high pressure fuel into the injector line and gave continuous injection. Mike
  15. I've had something like this with a failing alternator, the bus voltage drops with all the loads on at idle. Can you measure the voltage at the pump when hot idling? Ideally with a proper DMM, I don't think the dash voltmeter responds quickly enough or is that accurate. Good luck, Mike.
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