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  1. These part numbers i am looking for--12,19,21,and 30 also roof bars/ John.
  2. Does anyone have parts for TR3 roof back window etc. John.
  3. Thanks for your information. John.
  4. Question the brass hinges on the doors are they painted to the colour off the car or left brass. Thanks John.
  5. Steve Regarding your problem i had the same issue last year,the cause was the alternator it even burnt the wire to the distributor at the fuse box. John.
  6. I have a set off Stanpart static seat belts ,i have one fitting on top off the wheel arch another on the prop shaft tunnel i just dont know where the third goes.can anyone help. John.
  7. PeterTRR


    I have an early 1969 TR 6 ,it has a 28 amp alternator i would like to put a 36 amp in do i need to put a bigger amp meter into it and change any wires. John.
  8. Thank you got all the information i need from the pictures. John.
  9. Hi Bob Can you send a photograph off the side off the grill ,thank you for being so helpful. John
  10. Thank you for your help. John.
  11. In the process off a rebuild TR 3 small mouth, does anyone have photos or measurements as to how far the grill sits away from the chrome around the mouth as the nose is a TR 2 . John
  12. Running on Strombergs CDs now, at the end off the year i am putting SU Carbs on with a new head number 219016 . Thank you John.
  13. My TR6 runs on carburetters when the car gets hot particularly when the weathers hot i get fuel evaporation in the carbs ,i am thinking about changing from manual to electric any recommendations. John.
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