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  1. Mike C

    Peter P

    If you've worked on the pedestal, make sure you haven't jammed the choke lever partially open. Running on can be caused by unburnt fuel vapourising in the inlet manifold when the throttles close- pulling a vacuum.
  2. Mike C

    Stuttering TR6

    On a PI I use NGK BUR6ET plugs. They are expensive but , being a three electrode design, they rarely miss.
  3. Done that, but you need to fix the carpets so that you can easily get at the tunnel cover- no H frame removal needed.
  4. Solenoid pulls in the pinion gear?
  5. Just had a look at mine. It moves 30mm at the C/L of the cable pin from off to full on.
  6. If you do this you need to be careful of the insulator base. After 50 odd years they're pretty brittle.
  7. I'm interested. What does the insulating washer under one bolt head do?
  8. I have a 69 PI car and it doesn't have a hazard light.
  9. Thanks for the support. Have you tried spraying the bulb in its holder with something like WD40 and leaving it for a while to soak in?
  10. OK now, but on the 4th the Euroa fire in Victoria got to within 350 metres of the garage with my TR in it, not to mention the house. Still all's well at the moment. Be careful with the bulb holder when removing the globe, the old plastic insulators that were in these are getting brittle. Last year I broke the plastic insulator base when changing a tacho illumination bulb - had to remove/replace the tacho to solder in a new bulb holder assembly-which is a horrible job in my car as there's a reinforcing plate fitted above the steering which blocks access to the back of the tacho .
  11. I'd go straight for the multimeter. If your battery's getting over 14V at , say, 2500 rpm there's nothing wrong with the charging system. If your not getting this I'd check/change the ignition light bulb. Weird as it sounds today, my '69 PI needs the current through this light to energize the alternator windings.
  12. Mine did the same, the aluminum centre boss protrudes too close to the fixed brass ring.
  13. For wiring generally the spade connectors have got to be more reliable than Lucas bullets.
  14. Mike C

    Fuel Cutout Switch

    Apart from the voltage drop at the pump issue, I was never comfortable having the high current to my Bosch pump flowing through the old dashboard wiring- hence I fitted a direct feed from the battery to a relay in the boot near the pump.
  15. Maybe measure the manifold vacuum at the brake booster connection. This will tell you if you have a leak. With my PI set up and cam the vacuum has to be around 10 inches of Mercury at idle- but this varies from engine to engine.
  16. Iridium plugs? I'm quite happy with a Pertronix Ignitor and NGK BUR 6ET plugs. Don't know whether I'd like the idea of 60, 000 volts circulating through the HT leads
  17. Mike C

    tr6 misfire

    2000 rpm and a trailing/closed throttle (decelerating) ? Mine does that, always has - maybe the cam profile or unburnt fuel in the intake manifold being vaporized by the suddenly closed throttle causing a vacuum.
  18. Mike C

    Brake issues

    Good luck. I'm a firm believer in having the original components rebuilt - too many bad experiences over the years with new reproduction parts.
  19. I was sick of having to clean, regap and time the points every 1000 miles or so which led me to instal a Pertronix Ignitor in 2006. In about 2010 I said on this forum the Ignitor provided diesel like starting- this is still true today.
  20. I can't help you with the prices, but I fitted new carpets a few years ago and they were the type that fitted flush over the tunnel and under the H frame. They looked good and fitted tightly. I've since worked on the O/D cut a number of plugged access ports in the tunnel to access gearbox oil plug, the overdrive solenoid, the speedometer cable drive and the overdrive setting gauge . This will require me to rework the tunnel section of carpet to make it removable-held down with Velcro strips. I fear the carpet won't look so good when its refitted. If you are considering modifying the tunnel for better maintenance access I strongly suggest you consider this when purchasing new carpets- some suppliers can provide carpet sets with a removable tunnel section as standard.
  21. Are there any other mounts on the gearbox/OD besides the one at the back?
  22. Mike C

    Broken stub axle?

    How are the nuts on the driver's side?
  23. I've read about it for diesel 4WD's. I wouldn't do it for a PI - the injectors seem to get along fine with petrol as a lubricant.
  24. I'd do the tacho first- on mine the speedo blocks some access to the back of the tacho. I also extended the wiring connections away from the instrument bodies - it was difficult to access the upper connections of the tacho and speedo with the wiring connector clips in place.
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