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  1. Mike C

    Flasher Unit

    Make sure they check the overdrive lockout switches are functional. Some PO had wired mine to work in all gears including reverse.
  2. Mike C

    Brake pads

    39 degrees C here tomorrow and it's only early December. In weather like this I like to finish any runs the TR before 11am and have it back in its garage my midday. I've only had a serious overheating problem about 20 years ago when I was stuck in a monster traffic jam on the Melbourne freeways in 40 degree heat- for some mysterious reason the clutch burnt out during that episode. Now days the car lives in the rural mountains - when it's on the road it's running at a gallop.
  3. Mike C

    Flasher Unit

    First thing I'd do is check all of the flasher earths.
  4. Mike C

    Brake pads

    Certainly makes life difficult. I'd be up for 3x6month and 2x12 month inspections each year. In Victoria roadworthy inspections are only required when a vehicle changes ownership. Much as I like NZ , I think I'll stay here.
  5. Mike C

    Brake pads

    Crikey ! A roadworthy test every 6 months ! I use the spray on anti squeal - maybe it wasn't invented when Girling originally designed the TR6 brakes using shims.
  6. I would too-in copper, but in Australia that's far more expensive than a new aluminum radiator. I've had too many bad experiences with aluminum and galvanic corrosion in the past to consider it for any application involving possible electrolytes.
  7. Mike C

    Ignition Timing

    I initially set mine at 11 degrees BTDC at around 750 rpm with a timing light. Like most PI's I don't have any vacuum advance. After setting the timing I like to creep it forward until I get light pinging under WOT top gear, then retard it slightly. The timing light also lets me check the centrifugal advance is working smoothly after I set the timing.
  8. Mike C

    Car cover

    But first you have to have a garage. Ernest doesn't have one.
  9. Got to be cheaper than crating/freight/customs duty both ways and there's nothing as good as talking to the bloke that does the work face to face.
  10. Mike C

    Rear axle "oddness"

    OK, you know Triumphs. All I can suggest is what you've probably tried- jacking up one back wheel and looking for play.
  11. Mike C

    Is my hub scrap?

    Personally I'd suspect the new studs are undersized, but they might fit securely in your replacement hub. Hope all goes well.
  12. Mike C

    Is my hub scrap?

    I mean if the old studs were tight in the hub when they were removed, the new ones should also be tight if they were correctly dimensioned.
  13. Mike C

    Rear axle "oddness"

    What's the noise sound like? Does this happen when you are travelling in a straight line or only when cornering?
  14. Mike C

    Is my hub scrap?

    Are you sure the new studs are correctly dimensioned? I have far more problems with new parts that are supposedly equivalent to the originals but aren't than secondhand. Were the original studs tight in the hub when you removed them?
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