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  1. I'd certainly think twice and do a lot of investigation before I tried to import a classic into Australia- there's been a fair bit about the import asbestos ban in the local press and on various classic forums over the past 2-3 years. As you say, to ensure a classic car is really asbestos free is just not economically feasible.
  2. It's putting a lot of people off importing although specialist car importers claim to be know their way through the maze but often its not cheap. The Australian Border Force have an outline of their requirements here: https://www.abf.gov.au/prohibited-goods-subsite/files/fs-asbestos-risk-importing-vehicle.pdf I was involved in the installation of GMH's new HFV6 engine production line at Fishermen's Bend in the early 2000's - Marubeni unfortunately shipped the line out with asbestos gaskets Thousands of man hours went into stripping every item - machinery, piping, electrical equipment, instrumentation - down to components , cleaning and then replacing all gaskets, seals etc before it was certified as meeting Australian OH&S standards.
  3. The current requirement that all cars imported into Australia have to have a certificate guaranteeing they are asbestos free has put me totally off considering any OS imports.
  4. Mike C


    I use 6 glass Vegemite jars .
  5. Long ago I changed the power supply to my Bosch pump to a direct feed from the battery controlled by a relay operated from the existing ignition switch wiring. It avoids the high current in the old wiring behind the dashboard and guarantees the pump gets 12V. One modification I can highly recommend.
  6. Mike C


    Start by checking the fuel filter, then the pump and PRV- in round terms you need 100 psi fuel supply pressure. If the injectors are temporarily blocked you can try and clean them by blowing compressed air through them. But as more than a few injectors are involved it's probably a fuel supply issue.
  7. Mike C

    EWP in a TR6

    Why? The thermostat stops most coolant flow regardless of pump type, unless you plan a coolant/oil heat exchanger with its own circuit. . I don't have a problem with oil warm up time in Australia but things might be different in colder climates.
  8. Mike C

    EWP in a TR6

    The mechanical pump's impeller vanes will try to wind mill due to the water flowing past and put extra head on the electric pump.
  9. Mike C

    EWP in a TR6

    I agree with Alan, I've never seen much point in installing an EWP. Do you plan to totally remove the existing water pump and blank off the block and run a new V belt configuration? Most modern TR6 replacement mechanical water pumps don't look like the impeller can be easily removed and replaced with a spacer.
  10. I get my gearings from my local industrial bearing supplier (CBC). I just take the old one in and ask for alternatives from the world recognized suppliers. Because of the consequences of failure, industrial suppliers around here won't sell rubbish and they're generally cheaper than the retail car parts suppliers. And the blokes behind the counter seem to love the challenge of sourcing parts for old cars.
  11. Beautiful spring day in Australia too, just came back from the Euroa Show & Shine -huge crowd and I'm full of inspiration to finish off the odd jobs on my TR. I'd try the easiest thing first with the cylinder head oil leak- check the torque on the head bolts-you might be lucky and only require a simple fix. All water pumps have a tell tale hole under the shaft to warn of seal leaks- if it's dripping from that it needs a new seal or the pump itself to be replaced. The only water pumps I know can be rebuilt and the seal replaced are the originals that have a grease nipple. I replaced my pump about 7 years ago with one from a local British car parts supplier, I can't find a name on it or any details in my records. Good , rebuildable original water pumps are like hen's teeth. I'm sure you'll get the names of reputable replacement pumps suppliers in later responses to your question. One thing you should be careful of is don't go overboard with fan belt tension- my pump failed after the fan belt was replaced in a country garage and it might have been due to an overtightened belt. Your plugs look good enough for a daily driver - I'm totally satisfied with my own 3 electrode BUR6ET's.
  12. Mike C

    PI Fuel Pressure

    I agree, my Bosch set up works fine. However I guess a pump in the tank would remove any inlet piping restriction problems.
  13. Mike C

    PI Fuel Pressure

    Having the pump submerged in the petrol won't result in cooler fuel- which is the cause of most pump problems. My PRV has been set at 680 kPa (gauge) with air and the PI system has worked perfectly since I had the MU and injectors rebuilt and recalibrated a few years ago. The PRV setting has been unchanged since I bought the car in 1998- it works with my PI system so I see no point in changing it.
  14. Mike C

    Niel Willings

    Roger- this is how the post came through to other forum members. Doesn't interest me but maybe others would be interested.
  15. Are the two glass filters in parallel? Each taking half the pump flow.
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