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  1. Changed my fuel lines to Gates Barricade and installed a loop in the return line to the tank - got rid of the smell and resonance. I set my PRV with compressed air and the PI system operates now correctly.
  2. Over the years I've tried both BP5ES and BP6ES plugs but had problems with fouling and hard starting after a few hundred miles . After a fair bit of research I switched to NGK BUR 6ET triple electrode plugs and the fouling and starting problems have gone away.
  3. You should fare better than most as you run your car every week. I wouldn't use ethanol fuels if I had a choice-which in Australia I still have. Note your MPG on ethanol will be slightly less due to its lower calorific value.
  4. Mike C

    Brake Disc Problem

    Check with your brake pad supplier. You might need to be a bit more aggressive than "careful stops." Mike C
  5. Mike C

    Tr6 tyres

    I'm quite happy with Pirelli 195/65R15 P6 Cinturato's. They perform well and look good. Because they fit many modern cars the price is reasonable- many if not most TR6 tyres should be replaced because of age long before they are worn out, hence for me changeover cost is a factor in tyre selection.
  6. I agree with Bob, its generally the check valves leaking where the injector lines join the MU. Have you tried a burst of revs after starting to clear it ?
  7. I'm happy it works. I did not want to get involved in testing with petrol unless I had to.
  8. Looking at my old notes and rough sketch-I connected a compressed air line to the pump discharge with a needle valve on the compressor supply and the gauge in the line. All CA pipe diameters matched the pump discharge line. The PRV return to the tank was left in place. I then undid the fuel tank cap opened the needle valve and pressurized the pump discharge line by opening the needle valve. I then adjusted the PRV screw to get 680 kPag in the pump discharge with the PRV discharging all surplus air back into the tank. Some might consider 680kPa too low low-but that works for my engine. When the PRV was set I opened and closed the CA supply valve several times to make sure the system stabilized at 680 kPa on the pump discharge for all flows. I also checked to make sure had no possibility of sonic velocity in the throat of the PRV -looked OK with the checks I did at the time.
  9. I've never noticed any leak past the adjuster screw, but I've only set the pressure with air. From the Lucas PI Red Book I get the impression that a fuel leakage of up to 11/2 gph is acceptable past the adjuster screw. A hunting PRV will impose a varying pressure/flow loading on the pump and could cause it in turn to hunt by changing the operating point on the pump curve. Are you sure you don't have a blockage of some sort in your pump suction line - like silicon form the fuel cap/tank joint or similar loose in the tank?
  10. I'd strip, clean, inspect and recalibrate the PRV. I set my PRV opening pressure using a certified pressure gauge and compressed air. The PRV is basically a spring force vs pressure force gadget and I don't like petrol spraying around the garage. I have no problems using this methodology.
  11. Hi Peter, Did you ever solve this? I've just come from a pre layup run through the hills and the same thing has happened to me. Runs fine for an hour. Cuts out on deceleration, then recovers after a few seconds. I'm thinking maybe the distributer advance weights are sticking.
  12. Make sure your fuel is fresh.
  13. Like a lot of owners of older vehicles, I now sadly regret the parts I've thrown over the years during garage clean ups. A lot of the Lucas stuff on sale now makes the old "Prince of Darkness" products of 40-50 years ago look top quality.
  14. I do that as well with the car level, but I've never known how much is needed for a total fill.
  15. Check the filter matches the characteristics that Mocal, or whoever supplied your spin on adaptor recommends. I've blown a filter off on a cold start, 100+ psi in the garage. Just saved the engine because was watching the oil pressure gauge closely. After that experience I modified the adapter to get more thread engagement with the filter and fitted a Ryco Z37 which has the internal bypass and anti drain back valve. I now get 90 psi on a cold start and I'm happy with that.
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