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  1. Mike C

    Her first start

    Hi Waldi, I can't follow the HT leads in the photo too well, but are you sure its wired to fire 153624 with a counterclockwise rotation.
  2. Mike C

    Indicator Switch Quality?

    If it's anew switch the Lucas name does not mean much , the trading name has been bought and sold a few times over the years. Despite what people say, the old Prince of Darkness made pretty good stuff compared to some of the modern copies floating around. Personally I'd prefer to try for a tested second hand switch.
  3. Mike C

    Tyres once again

    Then again, many owners only need a tyre that looks reasonable and will operate safely in road traffic until it reaches its use by date in maybe 5-10 years. When the use by date is reached the tyre may be less than , say, 30% worn , but it should be replaced as the ride and handling of even the highest quality age expired tyre is generally woeful. For these owners, money spent on an expensive, top quality tyre is largely wasted. Horses for courses, as they say.
  4. Mike C

    Her first start

    Did your engine kick at all when you fed it either? If not it's probably ignition as your valve timing seems to be OK.
  5. Mike C

    Zero electrics

    Or try rigging a temporary earth from the negative battery terminal to a large bolt or metallic protrusion on the engine using a jumper lead. Make sure the leads clear of anything that will move when the engine starts.
  6. Mike C

    Tyres once again

    My 195/65's do.
  7. Mike C

    Unburnt Fuel?

    Or at least do a compression check to see if there's anything odd about No 2.
  8. Mike C

    Unburnt Fuel?

    It's so clean it looks like water. Are you losing any coolant?
  9. Mike C

    Tyres once again

    I'm a 195/65 user like Rockie- mine are Pirelli P6's and they give me a great ride with excellent adhesion.
  10. Mike C

    Bosch Pump woe's & Noise

    If you get desperate, judicious use of starting fluid will help you analyse if it's a fuel problem.
  11. Mike C

    Fuel Hose Specification (High Pressure)

    I've used jubilee clips for over 20 years on my PI system , with no problems. They're rated for 203 psi in the smaller sizes we need: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwitjv72werfAhXPbX0KHZI3BSoQFjABegQIBRAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.jubileeclips.co.uk%2Fadvanced-product-search%2F%3Fas-sector19%3DAutomotive%26submit%3DSearch&usg=AOvVaw1NqV10Ock6soheLoOGzxqp For the high pressure lines I use them in pairs, with the screws placed 180 degrees apart.
  12. Mike C

    Her first start

    If you haven't primed the engine PI yet, I do it with the plugs out and the coil LT wire off. I had a small fire trying to clear No5 injector with the engine running a few years ago which made me change my ways.
  13. Mike C

    Her first start

    Sounds good. I'd sit in the cockpit and keep an eye on the oil pressure for the first few minutes . When you first race the engine watch the oil pressure and make sure the relief valve is opening and the pressure levels off. I had an oil filter cartridge blow off once due to a poorly made screw on adaptor- if I wasn't watching the oil pressure like a hawk I would have lost the engine.
  14. Mike C

    PI run on

    Most of the time I've had run on problems it's been carburettor butterflies not closing properly.
  15. Mike C

    Bosch Pump woe's & Noise

    Might have been a blocked fuel tank vent. If the pump is just on the limit of cavitation a long run on a warm day will tip it over. The weather in the UK's colder now so the fuel will be less inclined to boil in the pump suction line . Have you tried the engine out at high speed? A low PRV setting will cause cavitation and high speed fuel starvation.

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