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  1. Mike C

    Tr5 vs tr6 starter

    I thought the starters were the same. Could be an alignment issue. Try loosening the fixing bolts and see if it turns.
  2. Mike C

    Fuel Injector problems

    Most of us have to use 98+ , but don't let the Australian stuff go stale in the tank. I add Stabil if I'm leaving the car unrun for more than a few weeks. Stale fuel will damage O rings and most other elastomers in the system. Hope you've solved the problem.
  3. Mike C

    Fuel Injector problems

    So 5 & 6 rattle , the rest are held closed by fuel pressure? You wouldn't have used any stale Australian high octane recently, it really attacks elastomers like O rings and non return valves .
  4. Mike C

    Overdrive problem

    Look's like the solenoid, Buckeye has a bit to say on testing J type actuation: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&ved=0ahUKEwicsYOTn77eAhWZfH0KHTniD5UQMwg8KAEwAQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.buckeyetriumphs.org%2Ftechnical%2Fjod%2FJOD4%2FJOD4.htm&psig=AOvVaw2SfwjxsXZD5KRyAKMcwRQt&ust=1541541344394394&ictx=3&uact=3
  5. Mike C

    Upgrade costs

    Or look around for a supercharger .
  6. Mike C

    Fuel Injector problems

    You could try removing the banjoes and blowing the non return valves clear with compressed air.
  7. Mike C

    Fuel Injector problems

    Make sure the check valves in the MU nozzles connecting injector lines 5&6 are working.
  8. Mike C

    Blocked injector

    I add Stabil whenever I expect to leave the car stored for more than a month or so, I've had too many bad experiences with stale fuel. I don't see any point in carrying spare injectors.I've experienced a small fire while bleeding an injector with a running engine but never broken one, the fire almost burned through the nylon line which would have caused a major drama. Maybe cross threading the injector line nut could cause a problem on the side of the road. In any case I normally limp home with missing cylinders then try the Lucas air blowback trick before I start bleeding etc.
  9. Mike C

    Blocked injector

    Anything stirred up in the tank should have been caught by the main filter. Do you still have the filter fitted to the MU inlet union? Personally I find that Australian high octane unleaded is becoming increasingly aggressive towards fuel system components-elastomers that were fine 10 years ago (various grades of nitrile etc) are now being attacked, especially by stale fuels.
  10. Mike C

    Screw Size

    I'm surprised metric threads were used in the TR6. Still it's a minor cost to buy a M4 screw locally and try it out.
  11. Mike C

    Not running on all cylinders

    In my experience that's normal for a PI TR6, but often worrisome for people used to modern cars.
  12. Mike C

    Overdrive problem

    I'm assuming you have a type A like mine. If it reset overnight and the electrical components work correctly, the operating valve could have its restrictor blocked. But I'd check everything else before I started working on the innards of the OD.
  13. Mike C

    Overdrive problem

    When the overdrive comes in you should see a drop in the revs on the tachometer. Does this happen when you switch it on and off. If the tacho doesn't change I'd check the solenoids moving and also check the gearbox oil level while I'm under the car. The overdrive in top gear imposes maximum loads on the clutch, so if it's a bit weak this is when it will slip.
  14. Mike C

    Electrical plug - alternator

    After that happens , I normally spray the terminals with WD40 before replacement- for next time.
  15. Mike C

    Not running on all cylinders

    Take a plug out of one of the misfiring cylinders, hold it against the block with an insulated screwdriver and make sure you have a fat , blue spark. If you do you're ignition system is probably OK.