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  1. Before you go deep into things how old is the fuel, this time of year if it’s been left in the tank all winter it will have lost a lot of its bang, mine is on EFI and for the first time this week had a miss fire until a fresh couple of gallons went in. Worth checking. Keith
  2. Hi The other problem with any unknown part is how it has been worked on in the past, I have seen people use heat when removing old ball joints others use excessive force with hammers to remove stuck joints. Keith
  3. Hi Just picking up on an early comment, the angle of the top ball joint I did buy replacement top ball joints a few years ago from one of the TR suppliers at a show when I Fitted them the angle of movement was a lot less then original and did not allow the full travel of the suspension so would have put excessive load on the joints and upright so in the bin they went. Keith
  4. Hi All Just fitted the modified vertical links to my Spitfire JC Midge from Canley Classics a well engineered job with a rose joint instead of the triunnion I have asked them if they would do the same for the TR range but say they don’t have the first call on the TR forging, has any other member looked into this? Keith
  5. Hi Willie Has the master cylinder Been connected the wrong way round the front should be 7/16 and the rear 3/8 uni this could be pushing greater fluid pressure to the rear. Keith
  6. Hi Paul I also use the K&N but to get moe room I have made a 19mm space for the slave cylinder and shortened the push rod to suit this makes access for the longer filter. Keith
  7. Hi All If your in tonight watch Bangers and Cash Ch 25 this is set at Mathewson auction house, it was filmed last summer when they had a TR6 going under the hammer, four of Vale of York group went along for the filming and to give our views about the car along with photos of our cars. Happy viewing! Keith
  8. Hi Steve i had same problem last year, had to get another one this time from TR GB that did the job, the job I don’t like is removing and fitting door card always a pain. Keith
  9. Keith Warren

    Heater fan

    Hi Mark I have one I have only just removed working fine complete with motor fan and resistor will be going to TR / MG show next week end if you still need one? Keith
  10. I got the A Post seals a few years ago from Raewbits4classics they do a good range of parts mainly for the Herald but also suiting the 6.
  11. Yes I had the head machined down to what it should be I got the head from Chris Witor modified with Valves and guides, may put it back on the CP head at some point but having Emerald ECU will need setting up again. Keith
  12. Alan I fitted one of those 2.5S head, changed it from the standard CP Head and got 7 less BHP on the rolling road, so if I had known I would have left alone. Keith
  13. Barry / Neil The two sizes are short and long backed crank I'm sure that Barry's will be the short one to suit the spare I have. Keith
  14. Barry I have a spare bush so if you are at this weeks meeting will bring it along and go through fitting it. Keith
  15. Keith Warren

    Fuel Tank

    I fitted a alloy tank from CTM and found that the 195/65/15 spare wheel would not fit so ended up putting the original tank back in, is this a problem with all alloy tanks? would suit a standard 165 tyre should think with no problem Keith
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