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  1. Hoseshop.net part no. INF64 ???
  2. I think they are doing some illegal trading of parts too. There is a fire damaged Merc. AMG that they are selling parts off. I thought that a fire damaged car was classed Cat A and had to be destroyed in entirety? A mate of mine fell foul of this having bought fire damaged DAX Cobra parts. In his case there was a YouTube clip of it burning at the side of the road. He had all sorts of issues with the insurance company and even plod got involved. He did eventually get his money back!
  3. I think the switch has gone south. Or a cable has pulled off the back of the switch. Bridging the brown and red/ green should bring on the sidelights. Check the brown wire for battery voltage Bridge brown to blue should bring on the headlights If still nothing is working check the bullet connectors under the dashboard Indicators: The supply comes from the white power cable off the back of the ignition switch….. Does the engine run? That cable also feeds the fuel pump! So. Ignition on. Select the indicator left or right. And check for voltage at the indicato
  4. Rather than Kunifer you can use copper brake pipe. Measure the length and make the joints. Heat the tube to cherry red and either quench in water or leave to cool naturally. That will anneal the tube and it will be easy to bend by hand. Try to do the bends in one go as it work hardens quickly, but you can re anneal with no ill effects.
  5. We have a similar issue at work with part numbers for aircraft spares. There is no ‘O’ only a ‘0’ and the same with ‘I’ and ‘1’.
  6. I used double sided tape.
  7. Er…. I’d be more interested in the age of the rear hubs. They do on occasion depart company with the car usually at the most inopportune moment. The best thing I did was to replace the drive shafts with CV jointed shafts. New springs, poly bush the trailing arms, and overhaul the lever arms with slightly uprated valving!
  8. https://youtu.be/5VelSm9gAtU Anyone here own it in the past? crops up a couple of minutes in!
  9. Yes that would have been the same one! He was cruising steady, should have kept going! Clutchless gear changes are easy enough with a balance of revs/speed and not rushing the change. When I broke down the interesting think the recovery couldn’t fit the tow bar because it was so low it may have dug into the road. The chap also said they weren’t to use a tow rope!! I said I was happy…just be mindful no brake assist! Then out came the tow rope and it was really short as some time in the past it had snapped…. Concentration was the order of the day!
  10. Cleaning!…….. Genklene. Unfortunately it’s illegal now. years ago ‘Which’ magazine tested freeing agents and what came out best at the time? ……. 3 in 1 oil.
  11. Was that a white left hooker you saw Roger? Near High Wycombe? If so I saw him pull over as I was giving my new F-Type R a ‘pasting’. As regards breaking down my TR failed me on the M25…. That little escapade prompted me to fit a hazard switch over the winter!
  12. Surely if one wants to keep the smell out of the boot and stop the resonating keep to short runs well supported and outside of the car?
  13. Hi graham sent as a pm dave
  14. As the title refers. Any major pitfalls to importing a car from Europe? The car in question is a classic is 30 years old and is RHD having been exported from the uk in the 80’s or 90’s. It seems a bit of a minefield! Has anyone done it recently? DaveN
  15. A 3/8 drill wound in by hand just to dig into the nylon then a sharp tug will pull it out. As for the injectors with the engine running, one at a time pull them out and give them a sharp whack with a hammer or the edge of a big spanner on the side, will sometimes get them to cheer up! Two types of injector fittings wise. Push fit and screw in. So there is two types of nylon holder, plain and threaded.
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