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    Question is. What size of supercharger pulley should I go for?

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  1. DaveN

    Fuel leak

    There is fuel in there but not much check the cavity spill return line connector. Also check that the return line is not blocked. Disconnect and blow down it. It takes a little effort as it’s only a small bore pipe. One other thing to check is the condition of the small section of rubber hose accessible with the near side rear wheel off. dave had the same issue with the push on hose at the MU, the end had collapsed!
  2. DaveN

    Brake bleed problem

    ‘Pumping”??? Unless you have one of those self bleed kits it’s best with two people. 1) fit the hose and pop the open end in a jar with about half an inch of fluid in it. 2) fill the reservoir 3) get someone to s l o w l y push the pedal down 4) at the same time crack the nipple open and close it off before the pedal reaches the floor. 5) repeat...... but keep an eye on the reservoir contents. 6) work your way around NSR OSR NSF OSF 7) if you’ve managed to introduce a load of air into the fluid allow it to stand overnight. dave
  3. DaveN

    Injection problem?

    Swop it with another cylinder? Also take a looksee in the injector as some may still have the mesh filter.
  4. I use petrol.... scrub it in with a brush..... then set fire to it! Burn it off plenty of black smoke, then finish off with washing up liquid. That’s for concrete or stone... I wouldn’t try it on tarmac! saves buying another product!
  5. Right.... mines a ‘P’ plate.... it has black plates! Registered historic. I did wear ear defenders but now wear expanding plugs that have an excellent attenuation rate as it’s so noisy and the wind buffeting around the ears. We have a hearing test at work luckily I still get the full spectrum but the nurse doing it said most people it’s weaker on the right hand side due to driving with the window open!
  6. A major part of the problem is people not willing to pay for quality. They expect prices that are commensurate with the age of the car. I’d willingly pay for a quality part ..... buy cheap buy twice as they say! And yep I've been caught out with a **** overdrive switch too! The wiper switch after looking at one .... I managed to get an original.... still in its tatty box!
  7. @Jogger321 Halfords do a two part cleaner that’s not too pricey. First bottle is the cleaning agent the second is the neutralising solution. Also definitely pull that plug on the side of the block if you can and do as Roger suggested with a length of old coat hangar.... you may be surprised at what comes out! JfI with mine I pulled the hose off the heater flow and return and stuck a hose on it and flushed it both ways, and stuffed my pressure washer in that block drain...messy!!
  8. Aarrggh you can’t say that Eddie the millennial snowflakes will have palpitations, and will need counselling! Dave
  9. The only real motor bikes there are labelled Triumph and Norton! I really really like the Norton. As a boy helped my father with a couple of nut and bolt rebuilds: Sunbeam S8. Triumph 5ta. BSA goldy 650. BSA gold Star 500 single. Villiers 250 twin. BSA trials bike (I rode that to work for the first year of my apprenticeship! AJS 500 ‘Jam Pot’. And an ex police Triumph thunderbird. The Sunbeam shows as SORN... the Thunderbird when sold is in Holland somewhere. The 5ta has changed hands a few times I saw it in MCN a couple of years ago. The rest just disappeared.
  10. I reckon ‘tis not a good idea to get under there with a welding torch if it’s covered in waxoyl. . However, I think you could either drill and tap to fit a helicoil or drill right through and open it out then fit a loose nut! I can’t remember but is access better with the gearbox cover removed? Someone here will know!
  11. DaveN


    Well. I’ve just spoken to and ordered paint from Ken, what a nice gentleman to deal with! He gave me some detailed instructions and said I could call him anytime if I needed some advice.
  12. DaveN

    Light switch melt

    Wow methinks you were lucky! Yes that cable cover is a good pinch point. When I had mine apart as it goes back together I keep pulling the wires back and forth to make sure they are free. Using modern cables helps a lot too. So get thin wall cable in the colours you require from somewhere like. http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/ Thin wall cable has better abrasion resistance and can carry a higher load!
  13. Teach myself spraying.... it can’t be that difficult.....says he! Found an excellent boot lid on ‘the bay’ that’s cleaning up very nicely!
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