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  1. Thank you all. Purchased a first class Bosch Battery from Tayna including delivery for under £80.
  2. Hi Dave. Ive been on the Halfords site and all the references are HB, or HSB cannot find a 010 640CCA ref?

    Regards, Guy

  3. Hi all. Can somebody please point me in the right direction for a replacement battery? Ideally someone who can deliver it? Much as I like Rimmer Bros, their supplier was a joke and ended up issuing full credits. Would appreciate a description of ratings etc. Many thanks, Guy.
  4. Well, well, the dropping the zipper window down pre fold in really worked. By myself, it took 6 minutes to drop the rear window & fold down the hood in place, fold in the side windows & fit the hood bag! I guess my wife and I will have to practice the Le Mans style, oh sugar its raining, get it back up routine now! Thank you to all!
  5. Thank you to all for your kind help. The video I have already, but the zipping down the rear window is a real help! Only have the new MX5 seats to fit in late April & away we go!
  6. I'm reasonably confident that I know how to fold the hood down, but my problem lies in tucking in the side windows in. I was led to believe that the fold in should be in the mohair between the rear and side to avoid creasing the windows? This is difficult because the Mohair & Velcro are thick. Similarly, are my poppet studs not quite in the right position, thus making the fold very difficult? I just used the old positions.
  7. Just ordered 2 x New Black Leather MX5 Mk2 seats with the headrests for the TR6 from Paul Bishop. Very helpful chap. Not cheap, but a very knowledgable man, who knows his stuff & produces quality items.
  8. Thank you Rich and Andy. Very helpful. How can I contact Paul Bishop? Regards, Guy
  9. Hi Rich. Thank you so much for the reply concerning the seats, very helpful. I'm sure the pictures will help to identify the modifications. Is it possible I can buy all the fixing gear off you? Also how can I contact Paul Bishop in regard to getting some MK2 MX5 seats? My email is:


    Kind regards,


  10. Guy Vinall

    New Seats

    My shoulder tops are about 6 inches over the top of the original seat & the headrest is a backrest! I'm looking at replacing these with MX5 Seats. Can someone please confirm the version of Mazda seat is the removable headrest type etc & what I'm letting myself in for in terms of fitting these in? When I purchase the seats are there any floor fixings I need to make sure I get or are the new seats using the original Triumph ones? Many thanks. Guy
  11. No problems, or noticeable issues with the Off Centre Steering Wheel in terms of parking etc to report.
  12. Hi all. The easiest option, though not the cheapest was to order the 14 inch Moto-Lita MK3 Off Centre Wooden Steering Wheel, which guarantees the additional leg room clearance. Hoping to sell its predecessor to get back half the cost!
  13. Hi Tony, Where did you buy the seals from. Thank you. Guy
  14. Just to confirm that Don Trimming have done a great job, as has the fitter, on my new mohair hood and bag!
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