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  1. Great trip, excellent filming and editing kc
  2. Try swopping a good injector with a bad one. It will then prove if its the injector or the supply kc
  3. Thanks Stuart, i will have a look kc
  4. Hi, I think you will have your work cut out, when I had mine (1973 PI CR model) tested last year, it also failed miserably on emissions. Elclem fiddled with the timing at his workshop and when we got to the CT station it still failed, luckily our tester was very co-operative and after an hour of fiddle fiddle fiddle, the emissions computer went GREEN and we quickly saved the data, at least when your car finally passes you do not have to worry about it for another 5 years IF MY CAR HAD BEEN 6 MONTHS OLDER IT WOULDN'T HAVE NEEDED AN EMISSIONS TEST The other big problem with a Fr
  5. Have you seen this Youtube video KC
  6. There are new rules regarding headlights, see my other post kc
  7. kcsun

    Workshop manual

    I agree with the Brown bible, but I also refer to the Haynes book as well one on ebay here..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR5-250-and-6-Owners-Workshop-Manual-by-Haynes/363193954544?hash=item54900bf0f0:g:NuIAAOSwyjZflIKu kc
  8. I would not take any risk with electric and petrol mixing, get a new pump kc
  9. Hi Ed, I decided to look at your blog and rebuild photos and notes. WOW WOW WOW, that is amazing and so well documented Your skills in all departments are just great Keep up the good work kc
  10. kcsun

    DVLA Inspection

    sorry to hear they have knocked you back, chin up and I am sure it will all turn out good in the end Ding, Ding round 2 kc
  11. kcsun


    Yes thanks for the link to the Lucas doc, excellent electrics bible I replaced the battery about two months ago as it was 7 years old although I now think the alternator may have been the culprit the whole time. Will test it using the document for reference Is it better to replace with the same or a higher output model??? kc
  12. kcsun


    What is the expected voltage from an alternator?? The ignition light goes out on my car and the voltmeter on the dash slowly creeps up to just over 13, checked with a digital meter on the battery terminals and depending on revs the meter only goes up to 13.5 ish volts? kc
  13. I tried two of the "normal" suppliers and both were way off. However my car did have a new heritage shell so maybe they chose a shade lighter when that was sprayed Maybe better to take the car or a body part to a local paint supplier and get them to knock up a can for you kc
  14. Here is the link, very useful kc
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