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  1. I tried two of the "normal" suppliers and both were way off. However my car did have a new heritage shell so maybe they chose a shade lighter when that was sprayed Maybe better to take the car or a body part to a local paint supplier and get them to knock up a can for you kc
  2. Here is the link, very useful kc
  3. Welcome, enjoy your new ride KC
  4. Agree with what has been said, fuel flow and prefilter kc
  5. It is probably the solenoid sticking, It may have just stuck or it could be time for a new starter if it happens repeatedly At least you know the cure. kc
  6. Do you have a separate filter for the Bosch pump, have you replaced that filter recently, I change mine at least twice a year (only £1.50 - £2 each) they always have loads of crud in them from my petrol tank kc
  7. kcsun


    look great, sorry can't help you though, welcome to the forum kc
  8. I know this is a stupid comment but you have checked the bulb is OK and have you checked if you are getting a voltage to the bulb holder?? kc
  9. I had the Gtechiq Ceramic coating applied to my SL63, very pleased with the results and is easy to clean and rinse down now. The actual paint finish must be perfect before the ceramic coating is applied as it will "lock in" any defects. Application was by an authorised detailing company, it is not a DIY job. There are other ceramic coatings that can be applied by a competent DIYer but as I said the original paint has to be perfect with no swirls or marks. kc
  10. Agree it is a bit lean. My car car failed its French MOT the other day with 8.5%!! (but it ran really well) My "Man who does" got it down by adjusting the advance/retard on the distributor and the air - screw on the manifold. Went back for retest and it was still 5.9%, very friendly helpful French MOT man then waited for 40 minutes while minor adjustments made till eventually a reading of 3.5% and a karate kick to the machine to save the data got the result we needed (it is also "under 4.5%" in France) I think that now I have my new MOT valid for5 years it may need tweaking up a litt
  11. kcsun

    PI emissions

    Yes it was at idle kc
  12. kcsun

    PI emissions

    My 1973 TR6 Injection failed its French MOT due to excessive emissions. The injectors were all refurbed about 3 years ago and the car runs and pulls really well. Is there a way of adjusting the emissions, even a temporary fix to get the MOT and then I can "restore" it to normal? kc
  13. Pleased it was easily resolved kc
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