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  1. Does it need an expensive treatment if it is going to be hidden by the leather anyway. Rub it down, use an aluminium primer and then as suggested a thin sheet of foam and then the leather kc
  2. Wow a one owner car, surely that must be the only one???? Unless you know different.......... kc
  3. Excellent, just choked on my cornflakes kc
  4. I did not know there was a servo upgrade kit available, Roger, do you have a link? kc
  5. Perhaps I am just getting old or my left leg/knee is giving up but I changed from a Borg as it was a pain having a heavy clutch in stop/start traffic. The Laycock is significantly lighter on the left leg kc
  6. I got mine from TR Shop last September, maybe worth giving them a phone call kc
  7. Robin, Hamish, are these parts readily available, is it possible to DIY or better to leave it to experts? I suppose using a gearbox specialist would find any other issues at the same time I know its "how long is a piece of string" question but what would the going rate be for a specialist overhaul? kc
  8. No problem with selecting 1st or reverse kc
  9. I have an issue with 2nd gear, changing from 1st to 2nd produces a lovely grating sound every time, it is no better when the car is hot, gearbox oil was changed about 3 months ago when I fitted a new Laycock clutch. It was also grating before the new clutch and the old clutch still had lots of life in it, it was just really heavy to use. However changing down from 3rd to 2nd never seems to produce the grating noises. I assume it maybe a synchro issue unless someone has any better ideas. I have heard that replacement rings are hard to come by, It is a CR model with Overdrive. Any sug
  10. Thanks for the photo, will check mine out at the weekend kc
  11. kcsun

    DDH 950H

    The car you mention is still alive and well according to the MOT checker, lets hope the owner is on here kc
  12. My car does have a Heritage shell, but I cannot check it till later this week. Any chance someone can take a photo to give me a clue what I am looking at kc
  13. kcsun


    Total Head Turners in Epping https://www.totalheadturners.com Have been there in the past and perused their massive stock of cars, not affiliated to and have never bought anything from them kc
  14. kcsun

    Boot size

    Cut the boot tub off a TR4 scrapper and convert it to a matching trailer?? kc
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