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  1. kcsun

    Fuel Pump Woes

    I would take the fuel filter out and check it, it only takes 10 minutes. When I fitted my new pump I was collecting loads of debris from the inside of the tank even though I had thoroughly cleaned it out. kc
  2. Just read this about Meguiars No7 Meguiar’s #7 Show Car Glaze is a true high-yield polish with no protective qualities. Be certain to follow application with a coat of top-quality wax such as Meguiar’s Premium Paint Protection or Meguiar’s Hi-Tech Paste Wax #26. The rich emollients and nourishing oils in #7 Show Car Glaze produce a very deep, heavy mirror-gloss shine. #7 is safe to use on all paints and clear coats. FYI kc
  3. kcsun

    Selling TR6

    Thats it, I can see it now. Good luck and hope it sells quickly for you kc
  4. kcsun

    Selling TR6

    Well I tried to look at your photos but I could not get rid of all adverts popping up in front of the photos. I am not in the market for purchasing your car but I thought i would let you know in case someone who is interested gives up, due to all the advertising on your weblink kc
  5. YAY thanks for the tips, I cut a "C" shape in a thin piece of ply and used the insulation off of a piece of wire to hold the pin to get it started, then a quick shove with a long allen key and hey presto all done!! Another satisfied forum user!!! kc
  6. How do people put those pesky retaining pins in the handles??? Any tips or tricks appreciated? kc
  7. agree with the above, mine is like a drum when I finally wrestle it into position. My capping has also suffered with the dragging of the catches kc
  8. 98 octane petrol is also a lot less likely to go stale and improve your chances of a quick start in the spring kc
  9. I note that some of you are saying that insurers won't pay out if you have old tyres???? Is there an actual law that states you cannot drive on tyres that are older than.......... Is it an MOT failure to have tyres that are just too old but meet all the other checks??? (before you flame me, I am driving all my cars on newish tyres, I understand that tyres deteriorate and are useless after 20ish years etc etc) kc
  10. Not a 6 but..... Seen at Pau Historic KC
  11. I know a good french windscreen fitter if you need one lol kc
  12. thanks Wayne, not me then, I can now have a little poke around hehe kc
  13. Trying to have a look through the forum but can only see the top 4 threads, why are all the older ones hidden? how do I find them?? All the other forums appear to be OK KC
  14. Always remember Jay There is nothing that cannot be fixed with money!!!! kc
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