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  1. just to add to the confusion? evidently smiths instruments, sometime in the early seventies switches to metric threads,in their wisdom they kept the same part numbers. so you could get a mixture, in my case the speedo and rev counter are m4 threads, but all the small gauges are 3ba. clear as mud. so you had better check your nuts carefully?????
  2. i have just bought new aluminium thumb nuts for all my instruments on my car(1973 tr6) they fit on the speedo and rev counter but will not fit any of the small gauges. i have been told they are 3ba so that is what i ordered, so what is the thread on the small gauges? the studs are 4mm diameter. ian
  3. hi does anybody know where i can get some replacement clamp strips for the speedometer and rev counter for a tr6 they are the shaped strips that fit the threaded bar on the rear of the instruments. i require them (if possible) to be longer than standard
  4.  do you still have any spare dashboards for sale.i appreciate its an old thread but i have just come across it.

    i am after a later tr6 dashboard in any condition,could you help?






    1. openroad


      Is a wooden one that you need ?

  5. Hi there are lots of pics on tr6 forum page 3 at this moment regards kel

  6. thanks every one. i think i will try in the spring when i have enough(dutch)courage. re: siezed clutch the method i have used in the past. jack the rear end up(securely) so the tyres are clear of the ground start the engine(and yes the rear wheels will rotate) wait till the engine warms up and keep pressing the clutch pedal i have have found that it will free. it did for me.
  7. hello. i bought my tr6 in 1978 from swanmore garage in bournemouth. the registration was NUF 289M does anybody know who the original owner was? thanks
  8. hello

    have you any pics of your cars interior?

  9. thanks for the info. also found(via another member) a company called speedy cables.
  10. re wide tyres. ihave had my six on xj6 tyres (dunlop sp sport er70vr15) since 1978 with out any problems
  11. i would like to try to start the cars engine after it has been stood for a long time (8 years) so i am asking for advice as regards preparation/safeguards that i should do beforehand. thans for any advice.
  12. does anyone have any knowledge or experience of the availablity of black on white dashboard instruments. for the cr series tr6. thanks.
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