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  1. I have those on my A35s 1 1/4s. I have no issues, but then again these days there is a lot less heat and a lot more air under my (her) bonnet/hood 🙁
  2. Apparently his wife wont let him buy it back
  3. I may have an unused ken low controller / probe - will check sat the w/e
  4. We fitted a smallish 10" electric pusher fan with manual override switch and I have to say that it removed a great deal of potential angst when sitting in traffic, especially after / during a hot run. Immediately after switching on, even with a reconditioned good quality rad' the temps visibly dropped as soon as the fan came on. The purists may not prefer them, but I would strongly recommend, esp' if you encounter slow moving traffic.
  5. Pleased to see that my old role is in safe hands ! D, when will you be round to show me how to use my EzeeBleed ?
  6. I also used some of this - still have loads left - and a very expensive Raceytorations 2-part tunnel
  7. can you not get a second sim on your mobile contract, most of which seem to have un-limited texts
  8. I will shortly be bringing an un-used Raceytorations two-part tunnel to the market if anyone requires ? http://www.racetorations.co.uk/triumphs-c56/tr2-c3/tr2-interior-and-trim-c38/racetorations-split-gearbox-tunnel-tr2-3a-p201
  9. I have for sale a disclock steering wheel lock that will fit up to 15"
  10. i have free inlet outlet gaskets for high port, plus bonus HS6 to inlet - all in grey paper like substance
  11. Pssssssst want 4 silver painted wheels (only 48 spoke tho)
  12. I have around a dozen TR3A models kits (un-made) that I need to move in order to make way for my Wallace and Grommit wind up A30 toaster - does anyone collect ?
  13. I am about to put onto the buy and sell an alpine stereo with 4 speakers and a mount that sits on top of the (side screen) tunnel. Has bluetooth for music USB connection, handsfree mic, radio if you have an aerial
  14. £18 from Merlin https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p/trs-wire-tow-loop-ma615-000?utm_source=MailingList&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=6+Feb+17+-+New+in+stock+-+Quality+Race+%26+Rally+Parts&vat=on
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