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  1. boxofbits

    Tr6 hardtop

    I agree with Andrew that the wires and twin exhaust do not suit a TR6, but the Surrey backlight looks good to me and better than the square looking one-piece hardtop many are fitted with. I also think the hood looks out of place on a TR6 from the rear/side view. Kevin
  2. boxofbits

    New Seat Belts

    I don’t think you are being thick! I suggested rivets simply to hold the plate in place to make it easier to remove/ refit a bolt without the plate falling off. Most seat belt plates are either in a cage assembly made of sheet steel or spot welded. If the wheel arch popped out as well when you hit something then you’d be bloody unlucky! Four holes in the plate for location purposes filled with stainless rivets or even bolts are unlikely to cause an issue in my opinion. You could also fit an additional plate on the inside for added strength if you were concerned about it. Kevin
  3. boxofbits

    New Seat Belts

    I would have thought using 3/16" or 1/4" flange head stainless rivets would be the better option, and would be concealed beneath the trim. I wouldn't want to trust adhesives where road salt or water spray might degrade it over time personally. Kevin
  4. boxofbits

    TR6 Road Wheel Changes

    Thanks for confirming that Derek. Regards Kevin
  5. boxofbits

    TR6 Road Wheel Changes

    Hi Chris Thanks for the info..looks like the later wheels will be a better option. As Mike has suggested I wonder if CP50001 was the change point from 5 1/2 to 6J also? Regards Kevin
  6. boxofbits

    TR6 Road Wheel Changes

    Thanks Pete Time to put OCD purism to one side then in that case perhaps! Funnily enough I'm not keen on wires on the TR6 even though I have and like them on my TR4a, and on all other TR's (except the 7), so I'll probably go for a compromise and settle on the 1970 spec.It's near enough! Kevin
  7. boxofbits

    TR6 Road Wheel Changes

    Hi Mike Thanks for the info, I believe I have the correct centres ( as photo) and if the change point wasn’t until ‘73 I’ve got a good chance of picking up a set of 5 1/2 J wheels. I would assume the black centres will fit 6J rims also? Did they not update the font on the TR6 logo? I wasn’t a great fan of the Rostyle trims on the TR’s even though I appreciate they are a rare item in good condition. They were better suited to the PI saloons I thought. Regards Kevin
  8. boxofbits

    TR6 Road Wheel Changes

    Hi All I have a March 1969 TR6 with 72 spoke wires, but am looking to replace with standard steel rims for the restoration. I believe there was a change point for the road wheel but not sure of the chassis number involved. If there was a change how can the differences be identified visually, and are the earlier rims ( if my information is correct) a decent option? Did the early TR6 have rostyle trims, and are the centre embellishers the same throughout the range or did they change also? Many thanks for any info.. Regards Kevin
  9. boxofbits

    TR4a 3rd Gear Issue

    Thanks Rich, it'll be interesting to hear his comments. Regards Kevin
  10. boxofbits

    TR4a 3rd Gear Issue

    Hi Rich Sounds like it's a known issue then though perhaps not a common one? I'll try Mick's option, but failing that it looks like box overhaul. Do you have any experience of reproduction gears, and do they work properly and last? Your Stag box conversion is an interesting one. Kevin
  11. boxofbits

    TR4a 3rd Gear Issue

    Thanks Mick You had me worried there for a minute ! - I thought that was a new technique I hadn't come across!! ..but yes good point I'd forgotten there were two gaiters and that could well be worth a try and quite possible it's not seated properly. I'll give that a go over the weekend and report back. regards Kevin
  12. boxofbits

    TR4a 3rd Gear Issue

    Evening All Has anyone had experience of jumping out of third gear under acceleration on a TR4a. I wouldn’t have thought 3rd gear would’ve worn enough to jump out especially as the synchromesh seems fine. When I reinstalled the gear lever and spring after having the box out I noticed how it was not quite so notchy and stiff to engage as previously but noticed the issue on the next trip now and again (RBRR where something like this might show up) where it would jump out. I took the opportunity of blaming my co-driver for resting his hand on it, but it has since done this a couple of times when I’ve been driving, so belated apologies! The lever does clear the alloy console housing when engaged and I can’t imagine removing and replacing the gear lever alone would have any effect on gear selection. Any one have experience of this ? Regards Kevin
  13. boxofbits

    Front suspension and track width

    I wonder if you are checking track width across the bottom of the tyres instead of the rims, so including the bulge in the tyre? Also, as previously mentioned if you have spoked or non-standard rims that would account for some of the width. Tracking, if it’s toeing out too much could also make a difference if measured across the front? Kevin
  14. boxofbits

    Speedo reading wrong

    Would it not 'slip back' again though Roger? It could read 90 mph next time! Maybe as Ian says it is more about ratios? Kevin
  15. boxofbits

    free tax?

    Hi Peter Well done on your restoration. That works out to about £35k at a modest £35 per hour, so worth it in the end. The best way forward regarding taxing it is to go on-line and try it on the .gov site. I would imagine it would be free of charge. Regards Kevin

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