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  1. I assume you didn’t get around to changing the cover seal, which might be just as well bearing in mind the quality of some of them available! Ive now obtained a new seal from Moss, but look at the difference between the Rimmer part and the Moss part. Same part number, NO comparison! Kevin
  2. In conjunction with EV, 2020 was a year sTRuck by Coronavirus and it’s resultant lockdowns. I would think that played a significant part in the slide in 2020 figures. Kevin
  3. John Not sure whether your first paragraph is actually intended to be duplicitous or comical? You admit then that LT is within his rights to make a suggestion based upon his statement which you quoted to me, then wanted me to take ownership of, and defend it? But even IF he’ possessed a box of matches that would not necessarily mean he is dangerous. If he struck a match it would still not mean he is dangerous, it could be for a cigarette, and if he set the stadium alight and shouted ‘fire’ he would still not be dangerous for shouting ‘fire’, but merely warning the crowd the stadium w
  4. Great pity. With Williams we probably witnessed some of the greatest F1 races possibly of all time with Senna, Mansell and Prost back in the early ‘90’s. Rest in peace Frank. Kevin
  5. John For fear of repeating myself I have stated that I have not studied Le Tissier at all. I merely stated that if he wishes to draw attention to an issue where players are collapsing on the pitch then his view on that, in isolation, has to be respected and investigated. He is within his rights to do so but not according to you. In that light it does not mean I knew anything about his politics on vaccines, adopt them or endorse them, which I didn’t. According to you I’m an anti-vaxxer presumably by way of your self-fabricated association between myself and Le Tissier, a product of yo
  6. I think you’ve been hoist by your own petard. You’ve failed to prove that I endorse Le Tissier’s views, specifically that ‘I might be injecting a substance which could kill me’ I would not have had an injection, twice, and months apart, that I thought could kill me and I never believed it would do. That is a complete contradiction to Le Tissier’s views. So I need indisputable proof from you John that I supported those views? Do you believe then John, democratically speaking, that only those who support ‘your own’ views, those of John R Davies, should be the only views treated with
  7. No surprise of course Roger, that John has suddenly announced that he ‘respects’ the D3 school, though do I remember him banging on about D3 Evangelism some time ago ( classic ferret scenario springs to mind). I’m damned if I can see where I’ve proclaimed that I endorsed Matt Le Tissiers views even though John states that I ‘ respect those views’? (What views? I never sought his views or mentioned them). Well if the burden of proof lies with the proponent of a theory as John claims, then I’m still waiting for that definitive proof that I expressly respected Le Tissier’s views as o
  8. Like I said John it was Mick’s article that he posted from the Telegraph that made an allusion to Matt Le Tissier. Just in case it didn’t sink in I’ll repeat to you once more, I don’t know anything about Le Tissier’s views or what he has said in the media , Twitter or otherwise, I have not studied anything by Le Tissier or quoted him other than knowing by way of a 3rd party (Mick’s article) that he had raised the subject. The last time I looked up Le Tissier he was playing for Southampton. I didn’t also say I treated his views with respect as I don’t have a clue what they are other than, as I
  9. John I’ve not seen, endorsed or indeed even mentioned Matt Le Tissier’s Twitter post, and furthermore have not endorsed or reflected his views in detail, in particular on whether we should be given a choice over the vaccine or that it can potentially kill. If I thought I was being injected with something that was potentially lethal I wouldn’t have taken up the jab in the first place. All I am saying is that they have raised an issue, and the foundation of their concerns deserve to be taken on board and listened to just like any others. If I may say so your own reactions appear t
  10. Mere scientific enquiry John more than anything, and certainly not spreading hysteria. In fact last night I was arguing your point precisely that historically it’s not unknown for athletes to collapse with cardiomyopathy. However, what would make former players/athletes want to question recent events when they haven’t done so before? I am not an anti-vaxer btw and have been double jabbed, so I am happy as it stands with the likelihood that on balance the vaccine is the best option. I do however think those concerns of Le Tissier for example should be treated with due respect. Kev
  11. I would agree with Mick and Rod, the jury is out, and that a conclusion cannot be reached until further investigation is made, the problem being that both the virus and its vaccine are very new. Formerly, the coronavirus itself was the single most plausible cause of severe illness not previously witnessed, but now of course we have the added dimension of the vaccine to muddy the waters. As Rod says, could it be exposure, perhaps which has gone undetected, to the virus itself, which when the body is under prolonged or extreme exertion an issue with the heart arises? Hence my reference
  12. There has been a number of instances recently where high profile sports people, most notably footballers,who are collapsing during training or matches. It has to be recognised that these are extraordinarily fit individuals on controlled diets and in their 20’s or early 30’s. First it was Christian Ericsson, then unbelievabley Sergio Aquero, the Manchester City player. I believe both have been forced to take early retirement. A couple of days ago it was John Flack who collapsed on the pitch during a match under almost copycat circumstances, and today Wigan striker Charlie Wyke collapsed du
  13. Hi Pete It appears the Overdrive was fixed to the adaptor plate with ‘half nuts’ all bar the two on the longer studs which are standard size 5/16” unf. This will partly explain why your studs appeared to be too short. These would have been the factory fitted nuts ( reason not entirely sure apart from the studs being short). They are available in 5/16” UNF if you want it to be as per factory. Kevin
  14. I was going to fit a 1st motion shaft cover seal last night until I noticed what a piece of sxxx it was. I would recommend you change yours but NOT from Rimmers. It’s about as thick as a chocolate button! So I’ve just ordered one from Moss which is much deeper, cost £2.50 plus post. Who did the box rebuild last time Monkeyworld? Looks like they just wound in metric bolts everywhere. Good luck with it Pete you’re getting there! Kevin This is the old Moss seal casing against the Rimmers version. Same part number too.
  15. As far as I know and I stand to be corrected a bolt, ie with a blank shoulder, will also act as a dowel of the exact dimension, whereas a threaded ‘ screw’ will not do this. Also the tensile strength is often higher on a bolt than a screw. Kevin
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