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  1. Hi Rob I think even factory panels did not fit that well, considering the amount of lead they used to load into panel joins, especially up around the screen and door pillars. If you look at some old videos, there is a CKD BMC factory video in an Irish assembly plant showing them leading the joints. Kevin
  2. Yes always seems to be the tight curved areas which go first. When I visited BMH they were producing E Type bonnets, and using the original tooling, the curves around the 'mouth' creased. They had two ex-Longbridge panel beaters on hand to sort them out. Kevin
  3. Afternoon all Not TR motorsport action but I think I’ve posted races of National Hot Rod racing before featuring 306 George Polley, probably the best driver I’ve come across certainly on the 1/4 mile oval. You might be interested to watch him in this NHRPA Championship race in 1986 held at Foxhall Heath raceway, Ipswich. George starts the race way down the grid..... Maybe we could have a TR oval championship?? Enjoy!
  4. Interesting story Mick. I think Burlen Fuel Systems started a project to re-introduce the DU6 in 2016 and the latest news is that it will happen and likely to be re-launched at a trade show next year. Kevin
  5. Thanks Mike that would hopefully mean I could use the existing 3 position pull switch with a relay, and as you say 1 and 3 would probably be enough. Kevin
  6. Hi Ian thanks for the info. I have contacted them and the kit RTR 1396-1K is £461.66 inc vat but does give 30% extra oomph and is supplied with improved matrix and fan, relay, wiring and a new 4 position switch which unfortunately is not the same as the original and you have to open the hole out to fit it which I am not that keen on. I wonder if it’s possible to use the existing switch just on fan speeds 1/3 on the original switch with a relay fitted? Kevin
  7. Hi Charlie My only reservation would be the possibility of the heating element inside a hair dryer being subject to overheating and possibly catching alight, especially as it would work in a confined space and for longer periods than drying a barnet. (Especially as many of us only need a 10 second burst from a hair dryer these days !) Kevin
  8. I agree Tim, I think it might be a fairly recent introduction but a much needed product in the classic car fraternity I would’ve thought! I think for 35 quid I’ll give it a whirl and see how it performs. As you say the de-misted area is quite wide too. Kevin
  9. Thanks for the replies and good to see photos of some TR's out in wet/ winter weather action! I'll see if I can upload a segment of GoPro in my recent run in storm force conditions. The car surprised me how stable it was in high winds through bends/ turns etc. This is one rear screen demister product that's come onto the market from Holden, and seems along the lines of Tim's Smiths product from a few years ago. I might invest in one of these as not too costly at £35. https://www.holden.co.uk/p/screen_heater_12_volt There is also another from the states which can be cut to size. https://www.frostfighter.com/clear-view-defrosters-about.htm Ive not looked into shipping costs from the states or if it's actually Frosts, the classic car product supplier who sells it. I'll have a look round the NEC show this coming Friday. That's a great photo Deggers, was it taken in Cornwall and how good are the tyres ? Rainex and as Tim says the Holts anti-mist spray look good choices. Pity Moss or Revington haven't come up with an upgraded heater/ demister unit package for the TR's. Be interesting to know how you get on with the computer fans Roger. My body shop is going to quote me to spray chassis / inside and out and underside of body sections/sills with dinitrol or similar to get some extra wet weather protection. I also gave the chrome work a good dowsing of WD40 when I returned, so bring on the rain! Kevin
  10. Hi all With the lack of dry sunny weather of late I’ve developed something of a wet weather fetish for TR’ing in the rain ! It is slightly boring only to take our cars out on warm sunny days or just simply to park them up in showgrounds all day, highly polished but sitting doing nothing. So on Saturday I took my 4a out in a heavy storm and I can only say how enjoyable it was. Surprisingly the Surrey let no water in albeit a few drops between the top of the windows and the canvass. I GoPro’d the whole run up over Beachy Head and parked up on the seafront for a coffee in near storm force winds with no leakage. It was an enjoyable experience! The only drawback is the fairly inefficient venting and de-misting and the rear screen misting. Anyone got any good wet weather TR driving tips like Rainex, uprated blowers / de-misters etc, and anyone else got out do do some serious wet weather TR’ing!!? Kevin
  11. Splendid man from what I can gather. I met him once at Gaydon prior to the last RBRR and he signed a copy of the RBRR book for me. Maybe the next RBRR will be something of a special tribute to him. Kevin
  12. Yes Pete, not sure what was shaking the most..the camera or the engine! Andrew , he is fortunate to have two synchrometers but it still seemed to be running like a sack of at the end! They look like new carbs to me but I would have thought he would be best to tune the mixture with the filters in place. Kevin
  13. Sounds like the door got caught by a gust of wind or similar to do that damage? Only positive outcome is to remove door and strip and have it re-welded and painted. I don’t think it’s a part which is bolted in but spot welded. Kevin
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