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  1. Huge pile of slicks and treaded tyres in the background .Does it have a registration number? Kevin
  2. Some seals are better than others. Mine was from Moss and the problem was getting the rubber even around the top. Eventually I pre-tightened the top with just enough gap to get the rubber over the lip of the top and eased it in with rubber grease and an old credit card so as not to scratch the paint .
  3. The chamfer should be on the meshing side of the starter motor, to help the gears to mesh. It’s possible it was fitted back to front and I have seen this before. I’d imagine most of the TR specialists are likely to supply the same gear tbh and should be reasonable to good quality. Kevin
  4. Hi Graeme Pair available here on Ebay for £45 plus postage. https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/232762786066?chn=ps&ul_ref=https%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F1%2F710-134428-41853-0%2F2%3Fmpre%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.ebay.co.uk%252Fi%252F232762786066%253Fchn%253Dps%26itemid%3D232762786066%26targetid%3D594043260670%26device%3Dt%26adtype%3Dpla%26googleloc%3D9045157%26poi%3D%26campaignid%3D1700608957%26adgroupid%3D65571256039%26rlsatarget%3Dpla-594043260670%26abcId%3D1140486%26merchantid%3D7294384%26gclid%3DCj0KCQiAtvPjBRDPARIsAJfZz0qjKVsUG1zQBm5t_X_BzHawhSxhstU37IYBXVkLgj2MJ5cVSunntZIaAmBvEALw_wcB%26srcrot%3D710-134428-41853-0%26rvr_id%3D1881277864553%26rvr_ts%3D47d0905b1690a9cb61b6b4f6fff4433e Kevin
  5. I would say the used item as it's probably OEM, if it can be guaranteed as good or the replacement bronze one. Is your old one worn? Kevin
  6. That's a lucky find Roger, and in its way more valuable than the manual it was left in. Workshop manuals can give quite a lot away about previous owners. I have a BMC manual where someone has made notes on when the car was serviced and mileage etc, clear fingerprints where someone has turned the pages, an owner who might now be long gone and calculations in pencil using long division. Remember that? And can you still do it?..and the reverse with multiplication, all things we were taught at school but regrettably rarely use these days. The letter reflects the warmth, sincerity and simplicity of the day, much like receiving a bag of tea as a perk to top up your wage...nice touches that you don't often get these days unfortunately. Kevin
  7. To be pedantic pity they didn't tab 'Gross Laden Weight' just slightly to the left so as it lines up with the type above as per original. I did obtain a plate from a well known TR source specifically for my March '69 TR6, but it has only Triumph Motor Co Ltd on it which I think is incorrect. Kevin
  8. Okay yes slightly different in shape , but believe they were common to other Standard Triumph vehicles like the Vanguard for instance and other manufacturers so likely it would have been fitted fairly shortly after its manufacture as it would seem not unique to the early TR2. Kevin
  9. Hi Rod Lucas wiper motors normally seem dated around 1 month prior to the car being on the assembly line. I'm not sure what motor you have (DR3)? but this model would probably have been used on other vehicles such as the Vanguard or 8/10, and indeed other manufacturers, so stock production and rotation would have almost certainly been faster than a 6-7 month period, so not a likely scenario - in my opinion. Kevin Kevin
  10. Hi Dave Most TR's are a basket case to start with, but depends on your philosophy and approach to rebuilding old cars. For instance, some buy an old Mini or MGB and just go out and buy a new bodyshell from Heritage. Is that a restoration? The best approach is look at what HAS survived as opposed to what hasn't; much of it will be re-usable such as bulkhead, toe board, diff floor, bonnet, boot door frames and skins maybe etc, and as John said repair is much more therapeutic and satisfying With many repair sections, floor panels and sill sections available. Good luck with it! Kevin
  11. Hi Andy The dipping process does remove lead though much of it was used for filling out joints at the factory rather than repairs. Kevin
  12. It may be the starter motor itself, or a duff solenoid, and sometimes the solenoid can burn out or wiring gets hot due to a high resistance in the starter motor. A good clean internally of the starter motor, commutator, degunk of field magnets etc can transform it. Kevin
  13. Hi Chris Have you checked the stainless spring clip on the wiper arm? It’s supposed to engage over the bottom edge of the spline assembly to lock the arm in place. I have a 4a but don’t have issues with it coming off so worth looking at that perhaps. You can screw it down but if there is wear and the spline is turning even slightly inside the arm, it won’t be long before it strips the splines on both. Only issue with a roll pin is it’s going to be a fiddly job to get it dead straight through in situ, and if off the car you might need to adjust the arm fore or aft after refitting it all and you won’t be able to. There is also Tim’s bolt option but again no adjustment. TEX are a pretty decent make and there is a pair of wiper arms on ebay but you might need to change the wheelboxes as well as a worn arm will eventually damage the mating splines. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR4-TR4A-TR5-TR250-Genuine-TEX-Windscreen-Wiper-Arms-RHD-/272265753146 Kevin
  14. Great shots Hamish.. and you obviously had the confidence that none of the boulders would suddenly shift whilst parked there! Kevin
  15. Hi Tim Yes either that or a roll pin may be which pins both sides of the arm knuckle to the splines, but my only reservation with a split pin was that it would eventually wear the hole, and similarly I wonder if a set screw might soon come loose and open up the hole with the constant forward/ reverse action of the wiper arm? However, not seen set screwing of the assembly done so don't have any experience of this. Regards Kevin
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