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  1. I think it’s fine that Roger has posted the news. We all know the whole world knows but think it’s only right that we are at liberty to comment or mark Prince Phillip’s death in our own words on this forum or any other if we so choose. I am not a staunch monarchist but do know many people benefited greatly from the Duke Of Edinburgh Award and his presence. I thought he was a strong and resolute character for the monarchy, and our nation through difficult times, which many of us perhaps never witnessed, and personally all the way through my life and my children’s lives. Res
  2. Hi Greg Yes I can see the part you mean now. As Roger said I thought you meant someone had fitted an aluminium trim under the backlight. Roger’s post explains where to obtain the alternative seal. Kevin
  3. Hi Greg Have a look at this link. To my knowledge there is no bright aluminium part that the deck sits on. Are you thinking of the screen capping ? There is a rubber that locates between rear of backlight and deck. The rubber supplied by Moss is really awkward to fit where it pulls up round the lip of the backlight. I think Stuart gave me the part number/ supplier of a better rubber to obtain. https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/surrey-top-fittings-tr4-4a-1961-67.html Regards Kevin
  4. Happy birthday John and to the 8 others on the birthday board. As Roger says enjoy what is left of the day - 8 minutes by my watch, but no reason you can’t extend it over Easter! Kevin
  5. Hi Charlie The registration looks reasonably saleable so surprised there is no record of it, as it seems quite plausible it could’ve been sold and transferred to another vehicle. Do you know the commission number of the car by any chance? This might be another way of tracing it? Kevin
  6. That’s a nice vice Roger. My vice will swivel in a horizontal plane but not vertically, and can be TRicky when needing to turn something up at an angle to cut/ grind etc. I currently use bodywork clamps gripped in the vice to achieve an angle on a workpiece. Kevin
  7. True, if it’s going to be rechromed anyway.
  8. I think you might struggle getting that out properly. The overriders are 16 or 17swg steel so are pretty tough especially in that ‘egg’ shape, so might need some effort and luck to pull it out properly . Might be easier to look for another overrider David? Kevin
  9. Hi Some might be interested in this Supermarine Spitfire found quite recently on a mountainside in Norway. It was a very early photo-reconnaissance example flown ( and crashed) by Alistair Gunn, and is being restored back to airworthiness. https://www.secretspitfires.com/a-secret-spitfire-found-from-one-of-the-secret-factories/ There is also a FB link and Website. They’ve managed to obtain many NOS parts during the rebuild campaign, but if you have a spare NOS outside temperature gauge for a Spitire in your garage I think they’re looking for one... interesting story.
  10. If you’ve got the wings offer them up to the bonnet and that is the line you are looking for. You can adjust it an 1/8” or so either way but the most important thing is that it matches the profile of your wings when fitted. Kevin
  11. As far as I’m aware kit from R-Tech is made in China. I bought a new MIG this week ( have a TIG from them also) as my 33 year old Eland 130 was giving up the ghost. I looked at GYS which is a French manufacturer and for a similar 180 amp single phase they are cheaper by about £90. However, GYS only offered a 2 year warranty against 3 years from R-Tech, and although R-Tech may not manufacture they do repair, AND down to PCB component level, not a new board. Their customer service and delivery is also excellent. If a welder lasts 10 years or longer what’s £90 extra to worry about?
  12. The best way is to take pictures, then email them to yourself which reduces the file size dramatically . Then save and use those to upload. Kevin
  13. Hi John A fair amount of ambiguity... The MOT appears to state that Halogen lamps, presumably fitted as original equipment, cannot be converted to HID or LED. Since no TRs and very few classic cars had Halogen fitted as standard, apart from a few examples like the Mk3 GXL Cortina, does that rule apply? Secondly, I think the concern centres around bulbs ‘not fit for purpose’ which do not comply with the ECE 128 Directive, and many non-compliant bulbs are available in the market. Then, on top of that it’s down to the discretion of the tester? What kind of regulation is that! Kevin
  14. Thanks Gents it seems the circular type is the popular choice, and as Stuart says the triangular one is more likely to go out of shape. Ian the tags can have a tendency to pull out, though once I’ve got the ring in place I remove the carpet section and firmly tap the tags down with a small drift to make sure it locks the retainer. I think if they are not really flattened firmly they might pull through. The factory parts manual states A/R for these parts but does list a longer stud and screw for when underfelt is used, so assume they used these from the factory ( items 7 @ 8 ) ?
  15. Hi All Seems there are generally two types of carpet ring retainer available, so is there one type better than the other? I notice in the triangular version, the fixing has a cut in it to allow it to expand when Fitting or removing. The circular version doesn’t have this cut and therefore potentially harder to remove, and make even pull the dot stud out of its fixing. What did the factory use? I notice in the latest TR Action I think it was, a concourse competition was decided on a split decision over how clean the engine oil was. Perhaps the correct position and type of fa
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