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  1. Hi Jochem If you’re not sorted by now let me know by PM and I’ll sort it. Kevin
  2. We were going to Kew Gardens but no dogs allowed. So we’ve decided to go to St.James’s Park on the Thursday-no tickets just a stroll round there and Hyde Park, and hoping to see the RAF fly past later in the day. That leaves the weekend for a bit of TR’ing. Good luck with the clutch swap. I hope he’s a strong lad as those boxes are heavy! It might well be a weekend he can’t forget… Kevin
  3. Any Platinum Jubilee TR events over the extended bank holiday 2/3/4/5th June? There’s a sTReet party where I am but an organised event would be good. Kevin
  4. I’ve thought about your theory Bob, is that right? What happens when you drive downhill? So if you had a long line of say 20 carburettors, and the line slanted consistently upwards, you would keep lowering the float level setting in each to effectively create a relatively level fuel line. I would’ve thought that by continuing that compensation, you would lead eventually to no fuel in the float chamber on the forward-most float chamber? Surely the volume of fuel, at a tilted angle or not, is pre-determined by the float chamber setting as a whole assembly (though would need to be set pr
  5. Brilliant Tim, glad it sorted the issue. Regards Kevin
  6. I recently overhauled my TR4@ box which slipped out of 3rd on the over-run. I changed all synchro rings obtained from Chris Witor, and re-shimmed the main shaft. It seems fine and the selection between gears is reduced due to the cones not having to throw so far. I think the selector shaft was at least partly or maybe mostly to blame. You will need to use a spring balance or similar with the selector housing removed to test the release poundage of each selector shaft and adjust accordingly with small BA washers. It fixed mine. I’m also based in Eastbourne btw. Kevin
  7. This is a similar list to Mike’s and from the same site, which shows the Triumph TR5 just outperforming the Jaguar E-Type 4.2 litre by 0.1 of a second at 8.8 secs. Sub 10 seconds was something to behold in the late 60’s early 70’s. When I was with Caffyns a fellow mechanic bought a Ford Escort Mexico and we were impressed when in town traffic, how easily he could spin the wheels up. However, in my TR4a, a lot of initial power from standstill seems to be taken up in the rear suspension. Trouble is our mind is continually referencing today with the past with these cars when w
  8. Thanks Paul that’s helpful. Kevin
  9. Hi Paul I did see this model yesterday afternoon when I was looking around but didn’t know much about it. I believe it’s also got an inbuilt timer for different thickness metals also. Would you say this is a good quality machine? I don’t even know whether Sealey make their own equipment, as often it’s the same as Clarke but a different colour. I wonder now if each manufacturer just holds different colour pots of paint on their factory floor, as much of it seems generic..! Kevin
  10. I did re-dress them and filed them pencil point style to about 5mm but didn’t make any difference. I’m sure it used to glow cherry red before, but even holding it for several seconds I couldn’t reproduce this. Kevin
  11. That’s a generous offer John much appreciated. But I’ll have to replace it as I have an entire van to do in addition to a TR6 in waiting, so I’ll need one. I actually know of a Morris van restorer in Devon who says he never uses one! MIG is great but very time consuming. Yes it’s brush on weld through primer from Ken and Lynn paints, good quality and works really well. Mick, very similar machine to mine. Was great for many years and last time I used it, but I could twist two scrap pieces of 20swg apart with pliers this time, which I couldn’t do before, despite filing tips to about 5mm and
  12. Ah yes. BUT, unlike mine, yours is not buy one get one free is it. Kevin
  13. Hi all As can be seen in the photo, my spot welder ( Spotmatic) has seen better days… I’ve got a feeling it must be about 30+ years old. The output is weak and the welds can be twisted apart. I recently made a panel ( can anyone identify it) and need to spot weld the strengthener plate onto it, before welding it in the vehicle. MIG would be too cumbersome, time consuming and untidy. Any recommendations please? Thanks Kevin
  14. This product ‘might’ be what you’re looking for Tim. Looks like it was made available in 2020, and has an ID of 65mm. It has similar de-bossed decals on the cap to the original, but made of polypropylene. At £4.95 from Amazon it might well be on your doormat by the crack of dawn, delivery free! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Upgrade-Motorsport-GIRLING-Brake-Reservoir/dp/B08P3MMXVV Kevin
  15. I can’t recall Standard Triumph using a green logo either. I have the same key ring but cannot remember where I acquired it- maybe at a show. I do wonder if they’ve ever sold any at £95 though. Like yours mine is going for a discount price, but I’ll do 20% instead of 10%! Kevin
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