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  1. boxofbits


    I fully understand your point of view Mick and agree that it is YouTube ‘trivia’ intended for click bait, especially as the vlogger himself advertises his many videoes at the end! A friend and I were talking about it a couple of weeks ago which made me look it up again. Save for its ease of control and tight turning I wonder if Daimler Benz had a better sorted engine/plane in some areas with the Bosch fuel injection, and interestly the Messerschmitt DB605 109 engine was installed upside down. Was that to help keep coolant flow around the cylinder heads by gravity I wonder should it get low on glycol ( though this might not protect the cylinder jackets) ? It was obviously dry sump, so was it something to do with weight distribution, to help ground crews service the plane or a lower engine cowling hence an improved line of sight/ better gun sighting for the pilot? Kevin
  2. boxofbits


    Mick The videos were posted as a light hearted celebration on VE Day and were not intended as a critical appraisal of the plane or early Merlin engine, especially the Fatal Flaw video which is really only a superficial overview of the engine. I doubt too it was ‘fatal’ as such though it was a flaw in as much as Supermarine had overlooked the issue. Most are familiar with the problem which affected the early Merlin engines fitted to Hurricanes, Spitfires and Mosquitoes etc. I do imagine though it must have been a heart stopping and stressful moment for many a pilot when, in the heat of a battle, you were being chased down with a Messerschmidt right behind you and being fired upon, and then to have your engine splutter with clouds of black smoke might surely trigger a fleeting moment of intense panic when you could feel the planes power drop off while trying every move in the book to avoid being shot down and killed. Those few precious seconds lost when your engine spluttered could well have led to a momentary but ‘fatal’ loss, in that context, of logical integrity and, concentration and on top of that the Luftwaffe pilots were acutely aware of the issue too so we’re trying to force the advantage! There were obviously numerous other causes of fatality where pilot error was concerned including flying to low, forgetting to lower the undercarriage etc. Kevin
  3. boxofbits


    To celebrate VE Day 75 years a couple of good quality Spitfire videos. One features the cutting out problem which dogged many early planes, partially resolved as a stop-gap measure by engineer Beatrice Shilling, which became affectionately known as Shilling’s Orifice.... The other video shows a thrilling start up and display by the Spitfire.....at what could be a German Airshow! Kevin
  4. That's definitely it Rob.. Nailed! At a glance it could easily be mistaken for a Standard Vanguard Estate or Ford Zephyr Estate. Strange it's only a two door? Kevin
  5. Tend to agree Ian. The Vanguard also has a housing for number plate light, maybe tailgate lock in the centre of the boot? And as you point it’s lower tailgate section is hinged at the bottom and has a pull handle for the top half..quite different.
  6. Well done all, and the biggest culprit finally identied by Rob. Surprising just how many iconic manufacturers and models of the era that unfortunately get forgotten about such as the Dauphine and Simca Aronde. Bit of fun, and good to improve our knowledge at the same time! Kevin
  7. You did well there Pete to work out the location! And Ian's suggestion is getting a bit more European maybe? The expert says the car behind the Herald is a Simca Aronde, ( I can see where the Rover P6 comes from across the roof) and the Estate is supposedly an Opel Caravan? ..I'm not that convinced myself really. My other guess was a Ford Zephyr Estate, but I'm only 50/50 on the Opel. I can't see the chrome boot lock in the photo for one thing.
  8. Hi Rob If you mean the one behind the bus with brake lights on I’m sure it’s a Herald??
  9. That’s a very comprehensive answer Cew especially on the Marks and a well noticed piece of detail by Peejay which I did not know. I agree with your answers but thought maybe the car right at the back was another Mk1 Consul Cortina though it could well be another HA Viva. I think the Farina is an Austin Cambridge A55 and agree the bus s/d looks like a Bristol. I’m not sure on the manufacturer of the other buses. Others are a Renault Dauphine ( rarely see these even at shows) a Morris Traveller and an Austin Minivan. Now, the two behind the Herald are.. I thought the back one was a Standard Vanguard Estate, but I’ve noted the Vanguard does appear to have a rear light housing on the tailgate but very similar. This doesn’t . But still ‘nil pois’for the one in front but not a P6! An eagle eyed and very knowledgable expert managed to identify both so I’ll post later unless someone beats me to it! Kevin
  10. I’m certain the one behind the bus is a Herald saloon. I originally thought the vehicle at the back of the queue was a Standard Vanguard Estate, but apparently it isn’t. A rather nice Renault Dauphine to the left- don’t often see those ! Clue is they are both foreign?
  11. This is an interesting but typical street scene dating from around 1963. Can you identify the models in the photo, but most importantly and for the real boffins can you identify the two mystery vehicles going away from the camera behind the bus and the Triumph Herald? Kevin
  12. Says make an offer though, so you never know... ! Kevin
  13. Hi Tim There's a new Stanpart NOS front wing n/s on Ebay. Quite pricey BUT I've heard that the profile of all repro wings is not as good as factory, and no work necessary on this one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CLASSIC-TRIUMPH-TR4-TR4A-TR5-NEW-OLD-STOCK-STANPART-FRONT-N-S-WING/254022910769?hash=item3b24f20331:g:-UsAAOSwUWtb6v3B Kevin
  14. Thanks Stuart I’ll try that and hopefully that will do the trick. regards Kevin
  15. I think mine was a Moss rubber which generally fitted well, except for a slight crease in the lower offside corner on the sharp internal bend. The n/s is fine. Any ideas if and how to eliminate this? Kevin
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