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  1. Hi Roger I think you are right. I have a Mk1 Cooper S and it just would not start after a few months layup. I checked all the usual suspects. I didn’t have a can of ( start-u-basxxxx) handy, so in the end I soaked the fuel from the float chambers, and filled them both manually with fresh petrol. It started straight away. It seems to lose its volatility but the next question is why? Kevin
  2. Okay... makes mine look rather subdued...!
  3. Many thanks for that Wayne. I’ll drop Jo an email on Monday. Regards Kevin
  4. Thanks Roger, hopefully it’ll drop through my box in the next couple of days!? Cheers Kevin
  5. Hi all Can anyone tell me the number of the latest edition of TR Action please? Membership lapsed, rejoined just over a week ago, but still no TR Action and still Registered User...? So if you don’t get out much now, here’s something to rock around the living room and loosen those joints up with tonight! Kevin
  6. With regard to MIG gas, I found my local Calor Gas supplier had MIG gas of the correct mix available, and at a reasonable price. No contract, pay-as-you-go and collection when you need it. I also use an R-Tech auto dimming mask. KEVIN
  7. Does your exhaust run under the starter Marco? Otherwise I can’t think why it won’t work.
  8. I would think Gert could retain the car from the insurers (assuming you can in the Netherlands) and use the insurance money to rebuild it. Problem with fire is distortion of panels which is often worse than accident damage, but being a convertible there is no roof and pillars to distort, though I should think the bonnet and front panel are gone. Great pity Gert and hope you’re okay. Kevin
  9. That is truly sad to see a TR go this way, not least for the anguish to the owner. I would second John on not opening the bonnet. I had such an experience on the way back from Bath. On the A27 near Fishbourne I was driving a V6 Renault Espace back from holiday with all my family on board when all the dash lights went out, the engine cut and there was a strong smell of burning wiring and plastic inside the vehicle. I pulled up on the grass on a roundabout and the vehicle was soon in flames. People were very helpful, but I lost count of the number offering to open the bonnet and put the fir
  10. Very reasonable. Wouldn’t think the cost of a RHD conversion would do it any injustice ? Kevin
  11. Very difficult Bob I’d imagine without stripping it unfortunately. The fact the noise can be manually controlled with the pressure relief valve does point in that direction, but hopefully not too much trouble to correct. Kevin
  12. I’d suggest maybe it’s in the oil pump drive somewhere, either the shaft, gears or pump itself. When you reduce the pressure to 30psi the pump is not having to work so hard so the oscillations of the pump pulling and pushing are less pronounced, and hence the noise goes away. While the oil is cold, again the pump is having to work harder causing chatter. Maybe blocking the breather has a similar effect by causing back pressure in the system and restricts some movement in the pump components. Kevin
  13. Hi Andrew Thanks for the heads up. I only bought it as a mate of mine during my apprenticeship had a new red and silver J reg Suzuki T200, and we often used to go buzzing around town on it during our lunch breaks. My mate Neil died of cancer at 37, and I saw this blue and silver T200 one day hanging on a wall in a West London motorcycle shop. It had been there for about 10 years so I negotiated with the owner and bought it off him as it reminded me of Neil and those fun days! It has Posi-Lube oil feed which is a bit of a pain to set up and needs doing as they often over-oil wor
  14. Are you sure the banjo is tight enough? If you have used a torque wrench setting and there is some binding on the thread then the banjo bolt may not be going all the way in? Take the pipe off and just screw in the bolt and make sure it goes in as far as the threads allow.
  15. Probably the same method Tim, an invoice / bill of sale with a zero amount. As long as a document shows that a transaction has taken place, for x car, on x date, and for x value, be that nothing , 1 penny or £1000, the amount is irrelevant as long as the text of the document clearly shows that transfer of title to the vehicle has taken place, and is signed by both parties. You can always Lodge a copy with your solicitor. If you can find your original bill of sale, frame it as it’s worth a lot more than a log book (V5C) which is merely a DVLA record of changes of keeper and any changes to
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