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Chassis T Shirt bolt attachments?

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Evening all

I remounted the tub today for a final check of the panel gaps with the engine/box. All the mounting points matched up which I was pleased with given the amount of welding that's gone into the chassis and tub. Hopefully the panels will all bolt up as before!

However unfortunately I've no reference pics for the four T shirt bolts/mounts as they were removed when I got the car and despite a search on the web I can't find any picture of what I want to see.

The Moss/Rimmers diagrams show;

1) The rear pair as having just two rubber washers between the floor pan/chassis - What bolts into here? 

2) The front pair have a Ali spacer between the floor pan/chassis and a reinforcement plate - Does the reinforcement plate go on top of the floor pan or below and does anything else attach here?  






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Hi Andy

I think you will find the rear ones are for the seat belt and the front ones the plate is on the top. Nothing attaches to it. Your Tr looking good.




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I suspect Roger is correct. Here's a photo courtesy of Bullfire which shows the inner seat belt in his 'Some "Before" pics'.  Unfortunately mostly hidden under the carpet but clear enough when you see the length of seat belt stem removed (he has a later section on refurbishing those) and the orientation of its bolt-down eye. Clearly it wasn't mounted into the side of the tunnel. 

It used to be common practice to use a special size and thread of bolt and with low profile head, only for seat-belts, so people couldn't easily change them for ones with less strength. The captive nut in the chassis, for those rearmost holes, should only take that size of bolts. 


Bullfire's TR6 "before"

And here another restorer's TR6 chassis showing the rubber washers under those body fastenings, moments after the body was lifted.  Hopefully the contact patch impressions will help you determine what was there (on that particular car).


Hope that helps,


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Yes front bolts are 5/16 unf and f you are fitting MX5 seats I would suggest a washer same as the other floor pan ones. Otherwise the normal plate. The rear ones are 7/16unf  bolts for the seatbelt underneath should be shimmed as required so you keep the floor pan nice and flat. I do this as the final shimming from underneath. 


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Thanks all for the information.

Planning on fitting MX5 seats with brackets so the two rubber washers need to be replaced with appropriate shims to take the seat belt strokes. That said from memory MX5 MK1 seats and perhaps MK2 had the seat belt stork integral with the seat do these need to be removed to fit the TR6?


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1 minute ago, Kevo_6 said:

Hi Andy, the MX5 seat belt stalks should be removed. Therefore use the existing TR seat belt mounts.

Thanks Kev

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Hi Andy, I’ve nothing to add over what’s already been noted but just wanted to say you have the car looking good and clearly there was a lot of work. I’m in the early stages right now of a lot of welding and fabrication and just was interested in your comment about a lot of welding. What did you have to do, if you don’t mind sharing?

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